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LOIS RETIREMENT GIFT: Round Trip to Paris for Two

Round Trip to Paris for Two

What better way to give Lois a send off than with the gift of travel? Together we can send her on a grand adventure to Paris with her hubby, Steve. Whether you contribute a dollar or much more, you'll be giving wings to a dream escape as a way of letting Lois know we love her.

$20.00 each

19 of 100 available.

Russ Reid Loves Lois Travel Fund

Russ Reid Loves Lois Travel Fund

Money for Lois to spend on her flight to Paris.

Sold Out

"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“Leave him at home and take me!”
- Josh
“You will be so missed. Thanks for all you've done and will continue to do. Love, scott s.”
- Scott selsor.
“The best is yet to come my friend. :)”
- Jacqui
“Enjoy your new adventure. May health and happiness always be at your door. Have fun!”
- Francine
“Couldn't find a photo with a squid. Love you. Miss you already. Go conquer the world.”
- David
“Where to start? That you were there at the beginning of my career and taught me how to work well with creative minds? That you mentored me on the most satisfying aspects of my professional life? Yes, that's probably the place. Thank you, Lois.”
- Lisa
“Lois, relax and enjoy Paris. When you embark upon your next adventure, remember that you have a wealth of life experience to offer to others. I know you'll be a success wherever you go. Good luck to you.”
- Loretta Myers
“My dear Lois, Thank you so much for friendship, advice and pure partnership over the years. I wish you all the success and happiness in the future. You'll always be a friend and I'll miss working with you. Love always...”
- Steve
“You are an amazing lady and you've taught me a lot. Thank you for everything. I truly enjoyed working with you. I am going to miss you! Love lots,”
- Bernie
“You've travelled the world getting the most touching stories from the most impoverished areas. Now it's time to relax and enjoy a croissant in Paris!”
- Rudi Samonte
“Kathy and I are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, as always. Thank you for your ifriendship over all these years. We know the best is yet to come and can 't wait to hear what happens next!”
- Dave &Kathy
“I pledge 30 camels! No. Never mind. You won't need camels in Paris. Lois, you are a delight. One of a kind. Creative, strategic, relational. A joy to work with. May the next season in your life be richly rewarding! Bon voyage!”
- Tom and Lori
“Best wishes for a fun, happy and memorable adventure.”
- xo, Erin Scherfenberg
“Lois, You've been an amazing creative leader, and our clients and creatives will miss you dearly. I know you'll find an up and coming agency that will be thrilled to learn from your knowledge and experience. Love you...”
- Robbin
“Enjoy your trip!”
- Donna Johnston
“May your heart be filled with the joy of doing great work and knowing you have changed the lives of many...”
- XO Lynn O'Connell
“Wishing you joy and adventure on the next step of your incredible journey.”
- Lots of Love from Lori
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Thank You for visiting my trip registry and personal website. This trip registry allows me to pre plan all the wonderful things I want to do on my vacation.If you have any questions about how my trip gift registry works, please contact a gift registry specialist at 800-801-3493. Again, Thank You so much for using my trip registry and personal website. Most of all, thank you for helping me have the vacation of my dreams.

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