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I have finally done it. Back in 1983 I was accepted to Purdue University to go to college. But, it just wasn't my time. Well here I am at 52 graduating from college with my Bachelor of Fine Arts and a teaching certification all while working too. I will be graduating May 11, 2018. After working so hard non-stop for over a year I am ready to go on vacation to see my daughter in Vancouver BC to celebrate. Here are a few things that could help me on my journey..
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Thank You for visiting my trip registry and personal website. This trip registry allows me to pre plan all the wonderful things I want to do on my vacation.If you have any questions about how my trip gift registry works, please contact a gift registry specialist at 858-433-1506. Again, Thank You so much for using my trip registry and personal website. Most of all, thank you for helping me have the vacation of my dreams.

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