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Jenn Garrett's Honeymoon Registry

Jenn Garrett's Registry


Thank you so much for helping make this journey a success! Chris and I are thrilled to be able to start a new chapter of our lives out in Georgia, and to be able to travel along Interstate 10 all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, seeing many of our country's historical and natural sites along the way. Each contribution helps us make this dream a reality, and we will be sharing our trip on Facebook every step of the way. If you like, we can even give you a shout out when something you paid for gets to happen. Since I have never asked for gifts for my birthday, graduation, or going away / housewarming, this registry kind of serves as a catch-all for any part that my friends and family would like to contribute to.

Unique Ideas

Moving Truck

Moving Truck

Rather than risking our belongings on our week-long trip in a U-Haul or having to pay for actual movers, we decided to go with a shipping company called "U-Pack" who will send our belongings in a commercial trailer. Plus, I got a military discount, so this option was the best all around :) The actual cost was more than what I'm registering, this is just to help offset the costs some.

$20.00 each

46 of 50 available.

Trip Contribution

Trip Contribution

Thanks to you, the trip will be planned and booked ahead of time! rnWith learning opportunities and fun experiences like Cabazon Dinosaurs in California, the Houston Rodeo, and a swamp tour in Louisiana, we will be able to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences that I can share with my students and Chris can remember for the rest of his life.

$10.00 each

39 of 40 available.


National Parks

National Parks

Chris and I plan on going to as many national parks as we can while traveling to Interstate 10 from coast to coast. Your donation here would pay for entry to any of the parks on our list or any park that you want to specify.rnSome parks on our list include Joshua Tree, Casa Grande Ruins, Saguaro, Sonora Caverns, Fort Davis, and the Gulf Islands.

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Each donation will pay for roughly 100 miles of our trip across the US. I will post a picture on Facebook of where your generosity allowed us to travel to along the way :)

$10.00 each

27 of 30 available.




We have been lucky that so many friends have offered to let us stay at their houses along our trip, but some nights we will still need to get a hotel.rnWe plan on stopping in Sonora and Houston, Baton Rouge, and Pensacola.

$50.00 each

4 of 4 available.


Casual Eating

Casual Lunch

What's a cross-country road trip without some cross-country eateries? We have some ideas of where we will probably stop for lunch or dinner along the way. Nothing fancy, just some good old American food with local twists.

$15.00 each

5 of 10 available.

Fancy Food

Steak House

Once or twice along the way, if time and energy permit, we might splurge on a steak in Texas or crab in Louisiana.

$40.00 each

2 of 2 available.

"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“Best of luck to you and Chris on starting your new lives in Georgia!”
- Leah and Maddy
“I hope your move is smooth and eventful for all of the right reasons. If you have a chance, swing by Lambert's Cafe in Missouri on I-70. Throwed rolls and the molasses are so worth it. :)”
- Christine
“Go do the things”
- Becca obv
“We hope you have a great adventure on this trip and in your new home! You will be in our prayers for travel mercies. xoxo”
- Z &Michael
“I wish I got to know you better but I’m glad I met you at Elite. The love you have for your son is inspiring. Good luck in your journey.”
- Thi Grinwald
“Best of luck on your journey and exploring the new chapter in your lives.”
- Ken
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Thank You for visiting my trip registry and personal website. This trip registry allows me to pre plan all the wonderful things I want to do on my vacation.If you have any questions about how my trip gift registry works, please contact a gift registry specialist at 800-801-3493. Again, Thank You so much for using my trip registry and personal website. Most of all, thank you for helping me have the vacation of my dreams.

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