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Pauletta Blueitt & Odis Blueitt's Celebration

Odis & Pauletta spent their honeymoon 40 years ago in Hawai’i. Like many couples in the 80s, they bought a timeshare during one of those presentations and, unfortunately, have never returned to the Islands. Pauletta speaks of it often as two of her three daughters used the time share for their own honeymoons and nothing more. We would LOVE nothing more than to send them back to where their marriage kicked off all those years ago to spark old romantic memories and create vivid new ones. Remember, this is all a surprise! Once the celebration is revealed, the registry will be turned over to them to plan their (re)honeymoon dates.

  • 14/20
    Total Amount $400.00
    Trip Contribution
  • 4/10
    Total Amount $250.00
    Couples Massage on the Beach
  • 2/4
    Total Amount $160.00
    A Night on the Town
  • 1/5
    Total Amount $500.00
  • purchased
    Total Amount $100.00
    Reserve Time Share
    10 purchased
  • 0/6
    Total Amount $120.00
    Breakfast in Bed
  • 0/14
    Total Amount $700.00
    Helicopter Tour
  • 0/5
    Total Amount $300.00
    Sunset Cruise
  • 0/8
    Total Amount $240.00
    Limousine Service
  • 0/7
    Total Amount $420.00
    Rental Car
  • purchased
    Total Amount $75.00
    Great Way to Start the Vacation
    5 purchased
  • 2/8
    Total Amount $400.00
    Polynesian Cultural Center & Luau
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