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Top 10 ACOTAR Bachelorette Party Ideas

Discover 10 fantasy-centered ideas for your bachelorette party. Inspire your creativity with themed decorations, costumes, DIY crafts, book discussions, & more.

By Hannah Purvis

If you’ve found yourself deep in the world of Prythian after reading the ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ series, you’re in good company. The popular Sarah J. Maas's fantasy series is absolutely mesmerizing and has a way of transporting readers into the realms of magic, romance, and adventure with every turned page.

So what better way to celebrate your love for the series and lean into an otherworldly theme than to throw the ultimate bachelorette bash inspired by the ACOTAR books? Whether you're a die-hard ACOTAR fan or just looking for some whimsical party inspo, you've come to the right place. Get ready to unleash your inner High Lady as we unveil the top 10 ACOTAR bachelorette party ideas that'll have everyone swooning faster than you can say "Night Court."

ACOTAR Bachelorette Party Inspo

1. Themed Decorations

Transform the party venue into the world of Prythian with decorations inspired by the book series. Use fairy lights along the ceiling and walls to mimic stars. After all, a nod to the book’s top quote ‘to the stars that listen’ is a must.

Set the scene by draping long banquet tables with luxurious fabrics in shades of twilight. Use thrifted candelabras for added light and detail, and scatter crystals throughout the space, mirroring the treasures found in the Court of Nightmares.

And don't forget the finishing touches: a custom-made banner with iconic quotes from the series, and maybe even a life-size cutout of Rhysand himself to watch over the festivities. Who wouldn’t want that (wink).

woman in white dress standing on brown soil
Photo by Mimipic Photography on Unsplash

2. Costume Party

Encourage guests to dress up as their favorite characters from the series. Whether you're feeling fierce like Feyre, suave like Rhysand, or perhaps you want to lean into your inner villain like Amarantha.

For the Spring Court, encourage ethereal dresses adorned with floral crowns and earth-colored wings, while the Night Court calls for dark and mysterious ensembles with glitter and sparkle. Don't forget about the vibrant colors of the Summer Court or the icy elegance of the Winter Court; there's a look to suit every Court's taste.

Turning your soiree into a costume party adds an extra layer of fun and immersion to the event that will make guests feel comfortable to lean into their own inner fantasy, and it also adds another element of play.

3. Fantasy Feast or Yulemas Celebration

If you’ve made it through the full ACOTAR series, you’re probably familiar with the short winter-themed novella ‘A Court of Frost and Starlight.’ Many consider this book ‘the holiday special’ as it focuses on the winter solstice celebration, also known in the book as Yulemas! If your bachelorette party is in the winter, consider hosting a Yulemas feast for your girl gang.

variety of fruits
Photo by Rebecca on Unsplash

Start by decorating your tables with lush greenery and twinkling lights, evoking the ambiance of the Night Court's Winter Solstice festivities. Serve up drinks and food such as:

  • Spiced wine reminiscent of the Winter Court's icy elegance
  • Savory dishes inspired by the hearty fare of the Autumn Court
  • Delicate pastries infused with floral flavors worthy of the Spring Court

Raise your goblets, toast to friendship, and let the Yulemas merriment begin!

4. Book Discussion

This is for the hardcore fans who look for any opportunity to geek out together over their favorite plot twists and character arcs (cough cough, I can relate). Plan a book discussion session where guests can share their favorite moments, characters, and theories from the series.

For those feeling extra creative, why not whip up a PowerPoint presentation exploring the intricate world-building, character arcs, or fan theories? Rank the characters, vote for team Rhys or team Tamlin (yikes), and settle in to bond over your love for the books.

macro photo of five assorted books
Photo by Syd Wachs on Unsplash

5. DIY Craft Station

Set up a DIY craft station where guests can create their own themed crafts, such as custom DIY:

  • Bookmarks
  • Fairy jars
  • Flower crowns reminiscent of the Spring Court

You could also set up canvases and easels and have a paint party where everyone can paint their own interpretation of a favorite character or court in the series! At the end, take time to present each art piece and the story behind it.

6. Tarot Card Readings

Picture this: a mystical corner of your party venue adorned with flickering candles and velvet drapes, where a mysterious figure awaits to reveal the secrets of the cards. Hiring a tarot card reader adds an extra layer of enchantment to your celebration, offering insights and guidance inspired by the mystical world of Sarah J. Maas's series.

Whether you're seeking answers about love or an exciting adventure ahead, a tarot card reading is sure to captivate and intrigue your guests, transporting them to a realm of the unseen where any and everything is possible.

gray cloth torch
Photo by Kayla Maurais on Unsplash

7. Themed Games and Activities

Plan games and activities inspired by key elements of the books, such as a scavenger hunt for hidden artifacts or book bingo! Test your knowledge of Prythian with trivia quizzes and order book-related swag to give away as prizes for the winners.

Or, if your guests want something more physically challenging, channel your inner warrior with an archery contest. You can even gather up the girls and leave the bach house for an outing at a local axe-throwing spot! We guarantee everyone will be feeling like a fierce fae queen by the end of it.

8. Fairy Hair or Nail Tech

Get ready to sparkle and shine like a fae queen, because we're talking about getting fairy hair done for your bachelorette with an ACOTAR party theme! Having recently grown in popularity, fairy hair is the perfect way to add a little magic to your party look.

So, what exactly is fairy hair? It’s thin sparkly strands of tinsel that are woven into your hair to create an enchanting, ethereal effect. The best part? Fairy hair is temporary, so you can shimmer and shine all night long at your bachelorette bash and then return to your mortal self when the festivities are over, if you’re ready to go back to “reality.”

Additionally, consider hiring a nail technician to come to your bach bash and treat everyone to a manicure! Create a few simple nail art designs, like crescent moons and starry skies, for the girls to pick from. At the end of the activity, your nails will be the talk of the Court. So gather your Inner Circle and indulge in some pampering!

person holding brown woven basket
Photo by allison christine on Unsplash

9. Fantasy Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth with themed props, such as fae ears,Illyrian wings, and backdrops mirroring the different courts. Take silly selfies highlighting your fairy hair and fresh manis, and epic group photos worthy of a tale spun by the Suriel.

10. Magical Souvenirs

Let’s talk goodie bags for your ACOTAR bachelorette party. It’s common to do some sort of gifting for your gal pals to thank them for not only coming to your celebration, but for being a part of the bigger journey to your special day.

There are so many adorable themed ideas you can gift for ACOTAR lovers, from comfy sweatshirts with embroidered quotes, to hand poured candles named after the various courts. We recommend checking out Etsy for stickers, t-shirts, and any other customized fandom items you may be searching for!

assorted stones
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Next Stop, Velaris

Whether you're sipping themed cocktails, dressing up as your favorite characters, or crafting the night away, one thing's for sure: this bachelorette bash is bound to be a tale for the ages. Head to our blog for more bachelorette party and wedding inspo today!

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