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Bachelorette Party

10 Unique Bachelorette Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

If you're unsure how to celebrate your bachelorette party, we've got a few unique ideas for you; from themed slumber parties to luxurious spa days.

By Hannah Purvis

If you're unsure how to celebrate your bachelorette party, we've got a few fun ideas for you! While long weekend getaways to exotic destinations have risen in popularity lately, sometimes the best adventures can be had in your own backyard. That's why we've scouted budget-friendly, yet incredibly memorable fun bachelorette ideas. From themed slumber parties to luxurious spa days, read on for a little inspiration!

1. Camp (or Glamp) for a Mindfulness Retreat

For the bride who wants to get in touch with nature while tuning into herself, a camping or glamping mindfulness weekend could be exactly what she's looking for. Depending on who's attending and how comfortable everyone is outdoors, choose from either a rustic campground or a nearby yurt/cabin glamping experience.

Plan activities based on mindfulness, relaxation, and appreciating the natural surroundings. This could include a short hike, morning yoga and meditation, cooking a meal together outdoors, painting or making flower crowns, and more. If you're looking for a more structured mindfulness weekend, look for a local yoga retreat that offers group rates!
This is definitely a more eclectic bachelorette party idea, but it will likely leave the whole bridal party feeling more bonded and coming out of the weekend relaxed and recharged.

glamping next to a lake
Photo by Lucija Ros on Unsplash

2. Booze Cruise on a Hired Boat

A more classic, yet undeniably fun bachelorette party idea is to gather the bride tribe for a booze cruise! Hire a boat and captain to drive your group around the water for an upbeat day in the sun. Pack picnic lunches, play music, make refreshing cocktails and frozen boozy popsicles and soak in hours of fresh air and salt water! Enjoy one last sail before the veil!

picnic on a boat
Photo by Mohamed Masaau on Unsplash

3. Pole Dancing Class

Get down and dirty with this spicy bachelorette party activity! Book a private pole dancing class for your group and learn a dance together. Not only is pole dancing a great physical workout but you'll leave the day feeling empowered and confident after leaning into your more sensual side! We promise that at the least, this will be a memorable bachelorette party for everyone involved.

If you and your friends enjoy the structured environment of classes, but want something a little more PG, consider a pottery or cooking class!

woman wearing gold heels
Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

4. Afternoon Tea

Maybe pole dancing isn't for you and your group would prefer a more posh occasion. Consider planning an afternoon tea! Choose between hosting your tea at a traditional teahouse or throwing the party in your own home with lavish decorations. Amp up the fun by encouraging all guests attending to dress in their best tea-party garb.

Cater your lunch or head to Pinterest for some easy-to-make finger foods that will impress your company. A great way to make this party even more budget-friendly is to thrift your tea party dish ware! Thrift stores notoriously have an overflow of glassware and teapots and you can find incredibly unique items if you're up for the hunt! Better yet, lean into the quirky mismatched theme and source each guest their own unique dishes that they can keep as a party favor!

tea party table setting
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

5. Spa Day

Wedding planning can exhaust even the most detail-oriented people and some may be looking forward to their bachelorette weekend as a few days of downtime. Plan your bachelorette party as a halfway point to the wedding and book the group a spa day! Nothing quite pampers you like getting a massage, facial, or even a simple pedicure!

If a traditional spa isn't within the budget, source your own equipment and host an at-home spa day! Or, team up with other members of the group to rent an Airbnb or a few hotel rooms in a relaxing and scenic location. Host the at-home spa day there with matching robes and the comfort and quiet of being in a private space!

woman getting a massage at a spa

6. Rent out a Theater or Host an at-Home Movie Night & Slumber Party

Out of all the unique bachelorette party ideas, this one may be our favorite due to its simplicity! Everyone loves a movie night and there are so many ways to make this activity personalized to the bride and fun for the whole group. Check with your local theaters and see if any offer rental deals.

Some theaters allow you to rent the space and screen your movie of choice. Some even take it a step further and allow you to share a personalized message on the marquee or the adjoining theater poster!

If the coziness of an at-home movie night sounds more appealing, surprise the bride with thoughtful DIY elements such as a printed screening guide showcasing her favorite flicks, a snack bar full of her favorite foods, matching PJ's for the group, and more. There are endless ways to elevate a simple movie night into a memorable bachelorette bash if you really get creative! End the night with a slumber party and throw the group an at-home brunch in the morning to end the festivities!

popcorn in a bowl
Photo by Alex Munsell on Unsplash

7. Karaoke Night

In the words of the fabulous Shania Twain - LET’S GO GIRLS. Unleash your inner pop star during a night of wild karaoke. Jump online and order a karaoke machine to your house to host a pajama party filled with pizza, drinks and hilarious solo’s. If you and your ladies would prefer a livelier night of singing, hit up a local Karaoke bar and rent out a private room for you to belt out your favorite songs late into the night!

Photo Credit: Unsplash

8. Rent a Beach House

Renting a beach house can be a great option for large groups celebrating a bachelorette! It will give your group a chance to getaway and split costs reasonably while enjoying what will feel like a giant nostalgic slumber party. Plus, a beach house has the added perk of built-in entertainment, as you can spend your days on the beach, grill out on the porch in the evening and have a front row seat to a stunning sunset surrounded by your closest friends. We think that sounds like magic!

beach house
Photo by Deric on Unsplash

9. Throw a Pool Party

Pool parties have always been a great option for some affordable fun in the sun. Encourage guests to bring themed bites in a potluck style, so there is an assortment of foods to try and make a signature poolside drink for everyone to enjoy while they splash around and soak in some vitamin D.

pool party
Photo Credit: Unsplash

10. Wine Tasting Tour

Signing your group up for a wine tasting tour is not only fun for those who fancy themselves wine connoisseurs. Everyone is sure to have a blast if you go into it ready for a laid back day of socializing with the group while enjoying flavors of the region. Pool together to rent a local airbnb and hire a shuttle between the wineries so you can turn the tour into an all day adventure!

wine tasting
Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash

Say Goodbye to an Old Chapter and Hello to a New

No matter how you choose to celebrate your bachelorette party, the truly amazing thing about it is the milestone you've reached. You're about to say goodbye to a chapter of your life and walk into a new one with your partner by your side. Take time to reflect on and celebrate this with those you love most in the way that feels best for you. We're wishing you the perfect bachelorette party and an even more wonderful wedding ahead!

To prepare for your bachelorette party, set up a registry today so your friends and family can help buy drinks, snacks and contribute to your festivities! Learn how to get started today.

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