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Bachelorette Party

12 Bachelorette Party Gifts for Bridesmaids

Show your bridal party how much you appreciate them!

By Hannah Purvis

Being a bridesmaid is a big responsibility! Not only are they there to provide love and support on the big day, but they are often part of the crew that ensures things are running smoothly over the course of the wedding planning process. For all that they do to help the bride during this milestone, it can be special to get them a sentimental gift as a thank you!

Below are some nice gift ideas that your bridal party will appreciate and use for longer than just the bachelorette party!

Bridesmaids Gifts They'll Love

1. Monogrammed Pajama Sets

Surprise your bridal crew with comfortable monogrammed pajama sets for your bachelorette getaway! Make sure you gather everyone’s sizes and initials ahead of time for monogramming. Some stores will even do personalizations in-house! Consider making the maid of honor set slightly different or with an additional monogram!

Four girls sitting in pajama sets
Photo Credit: Velvet Rose Designs Co

2. Stanley Cups

Stanley cups have been gaining popularity recently and for good reason! These awesome cups have handles, keep drinks hot or cold and hold a LOT of liquid. They can be used to stay hydrated throughout the bach weekend or supply lots of coffee the morning of the wedding!

Light pink Stanley Cup
Photo Credit: Stanley 1913

3. Earrings to Wear on Your Wedding Day

Gift the bridesmaids something they’ll use on your wedding day! Instead of setting a jewelry requirement that everyone has to buy, treat your ladies to the perfect accessory. We’ve found some beautiful and affordable earring options that your group will surely love.

Long pearl earrings
Photo Credit: Lynns Crafty Wonders

4. Being Frenshe Body Lotion & Fragrance

Treat your favorite ladies to some body care items from the famous and affordable new Being Frenshe line at Target! There are a variety of scents, so you can mix or match them based on your friends’ preferences or you can give a uniform scent and mix and match the products gifted!

Someone opening the Being Frenshe products
Photo Credit: Target (Being Frenshe)

5. Gold Zodiac Necklaces

Gold Zodiac necklaces are a trendy gift that everyone will like! Matching necklaces will remind everyone of the fun had on the bachelorette weekend being part of your special moment. However, they’re personalized to each girl, which will make everyone feel extra special.

A girl wearing a gold zodiac necklace
Photo Credit: Gorjana

6. Fuzzy Slippers

After a day of bachelorette fun, your girls may be a little tired. Gifting everyone fuzzy slippers to put on when they get back to the hotel or Airbnb will be a pleasant surprise! You can get everyone matching pairs or choose a unique pair for each girl based on her likes and personality!

White fuzzy slippers with birds embroidered on them
Photo Credit: Nordstrom

7. Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras are making a comeback! Gift each person a camera and a $15 CVS gift card, so they can fill the roll with memories and pay for the development of the photos after the weekend is over. It will be fun to see what everyone captures during your weekend of quality time and is a great follow-up hangout for the whole group. Order simple scrapbooks on Amazon and host a wine night to share photos and reminisce!

Disposable camera
Photo by bady abbas on Unsplash

8. Sugarfina Candies

This is an easy gift that is sure to be a hit. After all, who doesn’t love candy? Sugarfina has a variety of little candy boxes to choose from, so you can gift each bridesmaid a different flavor.

Sugarfina candy bottles
Photo Credit: Sugarfina

9. Mini Cocktail Kits

Having received a mini cocktail kit as a bridesmaid in the past, I can confirm that this is a great gift! Ask each bridesmaid their favorite spirit, pick out mini bottles, and pair with fancy tonic water or soda. Create a goodie bag with a nice glass from Anthropologie to add a little upscale flare and there you have it – a gift that will be used right away for girls night and remembered forever!

Anthropologie glass cups
Photo Credit: Anthropologie

10. Whimsical Candles

Candles are a great gift for anyone on any occasion. Think outside the box and give them a uniquely whimsical candle that makes for a decorative home piece. We’ve found some fun ones below that we think you’ll like!

Four swirled candles in different colors
Photo Credit: Soy Candle NYC

11. Custom Sugar Cookies

Support a local cookie artist and get customized bachelorette weekend sugar cookies made for your group! Send the artist a design, inspiration, or let them use their imagination to create a fun custom cookie set for the weekend’s festivities.

Bachelorette theme decorated sugar cookies
Photo Credit: KmbCookieco

12. Little Words Project Bracelet

Instead of something generic like ‘bridesmaid,’ gift your friends each a special Little Words Project bracelet with a word that you associate with them. This meaningful gift is meant to connect friends and strangers. The Little Words Project was started with the guiding principle that one word can change things for the better. The company describes their simple jewelry pieces as something meant to be worn and eventually passed on to someone else, “paying kindness forward, one bracelet at a time.”

Homemade bead bracelets
Photo Credit: Little Words Project

Let Them Know How Much They Mean to You

Your bridesmaids love you dearly. That’s why they are there to walk with you through this insanely special season! But it doesn’t hurt to show them how much it means to you to have them there.
If they aren’t big fans of receiving gifts, tap into their primary love language to do something special. Write them all notes or letters sharing what they mean to you, or plan a picnic dedicated to all of them. No matter what you choose to do, they will surely feel all the love!

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