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20th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Shopping for the perfect anniversary gift? Check out our gift recommendations to celebrate 20 years of being together and show him how special he is to you.

By Hannah Purvis

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary! This exciting milestone is definitely a cause for celebration and we want to help.

You clearly know how to build a happy and successful relationship. But if you’ve landed on this page, you may be looking for help picking out that perfect anniversary gift for your partner. Traditionally, the decided gift for a 20th anniversary is ‘China’ but we’ve included some additional personalized 20th anniversary gifts he’ll enjoy.

But, whether you prefer to stick to tradition or would rather pave a new path for your anniversary gift, we’ve sourced some ideas that your partner is sure to love – including some modern takes on ‘China.’ Read on for a little inspiration to find the best 20 year anniversary gift for him, and be careful, you may just want to shop all of these ideas!

couple hugging at sunset
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20th Anniversary Gifting — A Mix of Traditional and Modern Ideas

1. New Dishes

New dishes can be a chance to refresh your kitchen from old and potentially mismatched kitchenware you may have accumulated over the course of your marriage. Perhaps you were gifted an initial set of China at your wedding and your taste has changed since. Gifting a new set of dishes with both of your tastes in mind can be a fresh start you’ve both been waiting for and may inspire a new love of cooking!

pink and green plates
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2. Champagne Bucket & Champagne

Toast your 20th anniversary with a gift of top-shelf champagne in a classy ice bucket. Pair this with a nice dinner, either at your favorite restaurant or homemade, featuring a family favorite recipe. Nothing truly beats quality time and meaningful conversations with one another. So, doing so over a drink to celebrate will make an already special time together all the more memorable.

champagne on ice
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

3. Chinese Dumpling Making Kit

Gift a fun twist on the traditional ‘China’ 20th-anniversary gift with a dumpling-making kit! Or better yet, grab your coats and head to a local cooking school and spend quality time learning how to make traditional Chinese dumplings together. Once you master the technique, you can make them together at home and eat them by candlelight. While this idea may seem a bit silly, think of it as a great opportunity to learn something new together. Bonds are made and strengthened through fun and memorable moments of quality time, which this will surely be. Plus, cooking dumplings together can turn into a new hobby and can be an easy weekly meal for you to both enjoy together!

person making dumplings
Photo by Frank Zhang on Unsplash

4. Porcelain Bathroom or Kitchen Renovation

Looking for porcelain gifts for him? While this gift leans toward the pricier side of the spectrum, gifting a home renovation project can be a meaningful way to start a new decade together. Stick to the tradition of ‘china’ and do a renovation featuring porcelain or tile work.

For many couples, a 20-year anniversary can look like an empty nest and a fresh start. Working together to create a vision board for how you’d like your home to look moving into this new chapter can be a meaningful gift that you can both contribute to and cherish for years to come.

Kitchen with plants and dishes
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5. Nice Mug With Warmer

Let’s face it, a mug is a perfect gift no matter the occasion. After all, we all enjoy a warm beverage every now and then. Support a small artisan specializing in ceramics for this special anniversary and get a custom-engraved mug. Or opt for a unique mug depicting something meaningful to your partner, such as their favorite animal or place. Pair this with a mug warmer that can be used by your partner daily to keep their coffee, tea, or cocoa nice and warm.

coffee mug
Photo by Haley Truong on Unsplash

6. Weekend Getaway

Opt out of traditional gifting and into a weekend getaway with quality time as the main focus. Choose a destination that you’ve both wanted to go to and spend time exploring and making new memories together. There are so many amazing places for couples to visit, no matter what they enjoy doing on vacation. Head to our blog to get a little bit of destination inspiration and get started planning your adventure today!

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7. Decanter Set

Does your partner enjoy a nice beverage? Gift him a quality decanter set with matching glasses and pair it with the ingredients needed to make his drink of choice. Pour a glass for each of you and spend some time reminiscing about the last 20 years together and write down plans for the future!

decanter set
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8. Whiskey Tasting Tour

Whether he prefers wine or whiskey, gifting a tour is a great way to spend quality time together while learning more about your favorite drink. A lot of tasting tours offer shuttles between stops and some even have lodging options included, so you can make a whole weekend of it!

whiskey tasting
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9. A Handmade Scrapbook

If your partner appreciates a sentimental gift, work on crafting a handmade scrapbook. Print all the photos you want to include from Shutterfly and assemble pages adorned with meaningful remnants of your relationship, such as ticket stubs, wristbands, programs, and postcards. He is sure to feel choked up receiving such a thoughtful gift made with loving intention. Plus, you can base an entire series of dates around it for your 20th year. Spend time reflecting on your favorite places and activities featured in your scrapbook, then make plans to do them again within your 20th year together!

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10. A 1-Year Subscription Box

A subscription box can be packed with meaning — both literally and figuratively. After spending so many years with your partner, you’re sure to know exactly what he does and doesn’t like. He’ll be excited to receive a curated box of things he enjoys each and every month. Plus, this can range from things more serious, like a coffee or book subscription to downright comical, like a bacon subscription! At the least, it will make for a fun conversation starter each month while you both gather to open it.

subscription box
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He's Sure to Love Your Thoughtful Gift

Did any of these gifts inspire you? We sure love them and hope your partner will too. If you’re looking to plan a bigger celebration for your 20th anniversary, we want to help! Start by creating an online registry website with registry items meaningful to the celebration or a trip you’d both like to take together. Once you create this, you can share it with friends and family, so they can be a part of this special celebration for you and your love.

Follow along with our blog for more anniversary inspiration, travel ideas including destinations and tips, as well as celebration guides to help you navigate any and every celebration you encounter! From our family here at Celebration Wishes, we’re wishing you both a happy 20th anniversary full of love and laughter. Cheers to you!

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