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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Custom Wedding Hashtag

Discover how to create a custom hashtag for your wedding website. Follow our 5 simple steps for crafting the perfect hashtag for the big day!

We all know how necessary a wedding website is for your big day. It’s the easiest way to communicate with your guests, tell your story, post photos, describe memories, share hotel blocks, maps and venues, introduce your bridal party and link to your registry.

Wedding websites come in thousands of customizable templates, which ensure your website will rock in style and coordinate with your color scheme. Adding a custom hashtag can take it to the next level. Keep reading for tips on how to create your best wedding hashtag and best incorporate it into your website!

In this article we'll cover:

  • Why Have A Hashtag For Your Wedding Website?
  • Where To Put Your Hashtag On The Website?
  • What Is A Wedding Hashtag?
  • 5 Tips How To Create Your Wedding Hashtag

Why Have a Hashtag for Your Wedding Website?

It’s no question, social media platforms like Instagram have elevated wedding photography. Instead of simply relying on a professional for iconic shots, you now have a whole room full of potential photographers snapping away on their smartphones, sharing and posting about your special day.

If you’re looking to create some social media buzz around your big day, creating a beautiful wedding website is definitely the first step. Then, quickly follow it up by selecting a wedding hashtag that best represents you and your significant other. By including a hashtag on your wedding website, you’re helping your guests become familiar with your unique slogan before the big day arrives. This will increase the chance of them using your hashtag when posting about it.

Where to Put Your Hashtag on the Website?

There are many places you can sprinkle the hashtag across your website. Your standard wedding website will usually include sections like “Our Story,” as well as important dates and times like rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. There are often venue details, things to do in the area, an RSVP section, a photo album of the couple, bridal party details and, of course, the registry. Your wedding hashtag can practically go on any page. It is, after all, your own unique tagline.

You might consider putting it at the header of your wedding website so it shows up on every page, or maybe you want to overlay it on some photos, in the RSVP section, in your wedding website invitation email or maybe even in your story. The sky's the limit!

What is a Wedding Hashtag?

What is a wedding hashtag, anyway, and why are they so popular? Wedding hashtags are custom taglines or phrases you and your partner choose for your special day.

Guests use your hashtag in their social media captions, which tags photos taken on your big day. This makes it super easy for you to find and see all the photos taken at your wedding in one searchable location on social media. It also takes away the pain of having to hunt down and ask your guests for all the photos from your wedding. Now they’re available for you to look back on whenever you want!

5 Tips How to Create Your Wedding Hashtag

Now, how to create your one-of-a-kind wedding hashtag. While there are many ways to come up with #TheOne, the wedding hashtag suggestions and ideas below make it easy.

1. The Professionals

It doesn’t get any better than using a professional. Look no further than Wedding Hashers — a writing service that creates custom hashtags for couples written by professional writers. Wedding Hashers even guarantees that no other couple will share that same hashtag.

If you use a generic hashtag there’s a chance many other couples have used it, too, and the photos from your wedding will be mixed together. Using a professional writing service such as Wedding Hashers is the best way to prevent this from happening.

Wedding Hashers is super easy, too! All you have to do is fill out a quick form answering a few questions about you and your partner with optional details about where you met, what you like to do and wedding info like date, theme and location. Once Wedding Hashers receives your form, its professional writers will create some clever, customized hashtags that are sure to wow anyone. Then, they’ll be delivered by email the next business day.

2. The Wedding Hashtag Generators

If you’re hoping to find your perfect wedding hashtag for free, a wedding hashtag generator is your next best bet. There are multiple wedding hashtag generators to choose from — they'll ask you to put in both you and your partner’s names and any possible nicknames. Then, within moments, a few hashtag options will be generated for you.

Some Wedding Hashtag Generators to check out include: Wedding Hashers Generator, Wedding Wire Wedding Hashtag Generator and eWedding Hashtag Generator.

This method is definitely the quickest and cheapest way to create your hashtag. Just remember the downside, however, is the lack of originality and the risk of sharing the hashtag with other couples.

3. The Last Name Game

If you want to create your hashtag on your own without the help of a service or generator, your last names are a great place to start. Remember that puns and play on words work wonders, and if you can play off a famous phrase or saying, even better!

Take the names Sarah Knowle and Jake Gerino, for example: #WhenYouKnowleYouGerino. Or, Alex Weiss and Brittany Tay: #ItsANiceTayForAWeissWedding.

4. The Hobbies

If you’re looking to come up with something more unique and personal to you and your significant other, consider riffing on your shared hobbies and passions.

For example, if you both love sailing and being on the water, here are a few #Fintastic ideas: #ItsABoatToGoDown, #SheCanSeaMyHeart #KnotSingleAnymore, and #ShellabrateGoodTimes. It’s all about having fun with it!

5. The Hashtag Quiz

Quizzes are definitely the best way to make decisions while still having fun. There are plenty available to help steer you towards creating the perfect wedding hashtag.

Custom Wedding Hashtags

Check out Wedding Hashers Quiz. You’ll be asked a few questions like the kind of venue you’ll be getting married in, the size of your wedding, your color scheme, your ideal date night, how you met your significant other and more. Your answers will guide you towards creating the most fitting wedding hashtag.

At the end of the day, there isn’t a one size fits all way to come up with your perfect wedding hashtag. What’s most important is that if you want one, you find the right one. It doesn’t matter which road you take to get there, as long as you’re in love with The One in the end.

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