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Love Language Gift Ideas for Your Anniversary

Pick a special gift based on your partner's love language for your next anniversary. Use our list as a guide.

By Hannah Purvis

The 1992 book, The Five Love Languages has made a popular comeback in recent years, leading people to take the online quiz in order to see which ‘love languages’ they most closely align with. The characteristics of each language are different and everyone likely shows a bit of each by the end of the quiz. However, the higher-ranking languages are the ones you likely relate to the most.

While not everyone may have ‘receiving gifts’ as their top love language, there are great gifts for each category that you can surprise your partner with for your anniversary! We’ve come up with a few meaningful ideas that are sure to be a hit!

What are the 5 different types of love languages?

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Quality Time
  3. Physical Touch
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Receiving Gifts

Gifts Perfect for Everyone

Whether it is your first anniversary or your thirtieth, choose a special gift that suits your partner’s love language.

1. Words of Affirmation

If your partner values words of affirmation, create a scrapbook with photos and written accounts of your fondest memories together. Fill the pages with things you love about your partner, create a custom list of songs that remind you of them, and write out journal entries about your first year together for you both to read and reminisce! Leave blank pages at the end of the book for you both to fill in together over the next year.

Highlighting the things that draw you to your partner and affirming how you feel about them will surely leave them feeling extra special!

Polaroid photos
Photo by Rirri on Unsplash

2. Quality Time

Surprise your partner who loves quality time with a hand-packed picnic of their favorite foods! Buy a cute basket and either grocery shop and prepare a meal to go or order takeout from their favorite restaurant.

With your basket packed, plan a picnic in the park or at the beach and bring games like UNO and checkers. Not into board games? Pack a frisbee or football to keep the date activities going after you eat. Tuck a disposable camera into the basket as an additional thoughtful surprise to capture fun candids of the date. Extend the quality time and take a trip to the local Walgreens to get the film developed together once you finish the roll!

Fruit and cheese board
Photo by Kateryna Hliznitsova on Unsplash

3. Physical Touch

If your partner enjoys physical touch, book a couples massage at a local spa. Make a whole day of it and combine quality time with touch through various spa treatments like massages, facials, and even a soak in a luxurious hot tub.

Keep the good times rolling and turn a spa day into an overnight. Book a room for the two of you to enjoy a staycation!

Rosemary candle and massage
Photo by Susan Wilkinson on Unsplash

4. Acts of Service

Ask your partner's family for a meaningful childhood recipe, or look online for a recipe to make their favorite dish. Spend time cooking a delicious meal and eat together by candlelight, reminiscing on your first year together.

Continue with the acts of service by cleaning up after dinner while your partner takes some personal time to relax. Help out by doing whatever they have a need for around the time of your anniversary!

Dinner with steak
Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash

5. Receiving Gifts

What’s a great gift for someone who loves receiving gifts? How about a gift that just keeps on giving – a subscription service!

Gone are the days when a subscription was only for a magazine in the mail. These days, you can sign up for a subscription service geared toward just about anything you want! Whether that be clothes, games, food, wine – you name it! Below are some of our favorite unique subscription services that are easy to sign up for.

spa gift box
Photo by BATCH by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific on Unsplash

Which Gift Would Be on Your List?

There are countless ways to honor your partner’s love languages each and every day and we hope these gift ideas are just a starting point to inspire many more creative surprises for one another! Stay up to date with our blog for more celebration inspiration.

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