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What Is the Average Cost and Length of a Honeymoon?

Discover expert insights on the average cost and length of a traditional honeymoon. Plan a trip that works around your budget and schedule. Learn more.

By Enrique Aguilar

As you set your sights on celebrating the perfect honeymoon, you may wonder, “How much does a honeymoon cost?” and “What will it take to plan one?” When you and your partner consider all the ways you may spend this wonderful vacation together, it might get tricky sorting out all the details. Luckily, we’ve created the ultimate guide that will help you set a budget and create a schedule that fits your needs. We will be discussing:

  • Average honeymoon cost
  • Average honeymoon length
  • Paying for your honeymoon
  • Planning your honeymoon

Average Cost of a Honeymoon

How much does an average honeymoon cost?

Whether you want to splurge on your honeymoon or stick to a tight budget, it's useful to know what to expect. The average honeymoon price for a trip is around $4,800. If you are planning to go abroad, rates might vary depending on how much is on your list of "must-dos." 

If you and your partner have a luxury honeymoon in mind, costs can start to add up. However, if a low-key honeymoon is more your style, you could opt to stay within your area and save on travel expenses.

Because of this, it's crucial to do some preliminary research to make sure that your top options are within your budget. Some notable expenses include:

  • Airfare
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Entertainment/Activities

Start by getting an idea of how much you’ll be spending in these categories in order to get a close estimate of your cost.

Who pays for the honeymoon?

These days, traditions come and go. Historically, we would see the family of the groom cover the cost of the honeymoon. Things look a little different, however, as loved ones now contribute what they can and what they’re comfortable with. This goes for both the wedding and gifts that are given to the couple. 

Oftentimes, couples who already live together have no need for traditional wedding registry items. If you are one of those couples, sign up and create a dedicated honeymoon registry. Celebration Wishes is a great resource for additional funding for your dream honeymoon.

Similar to a traditional wedding registry, loved ones are able to gift experiences, as well as accommodation upgrades, towards your honeymoon. This way, you and your partner are able to enjoy the best possible getaway. Even if you decide to pay yourselves, setting up a registry may help alleviate the total cost of your honeymoon and give you more opportunities to create the perfect trip.

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Average Length of a Honeymoon

How long should a honeymoon be?

This actually may vary on your personal schedule and budget. In general, honeymoons should never feel rushed or put under a time constraint. This way, you and your partner can participate in all your exciting adventures and excursions. We recommend planning in advance to ensure you can accommodate any work schedules or other commitments.

How to start planning your honeymoon

Planning and budgeting for your dream getaway can take some time in order to ensure the best experience. After all, there are many things that are needed to ensure you have everything checked off. We recommend preparing for a honeymoon one year prior to your wedding. This way, you’re able to make multiple decisions with time to spare, including:

  • Dates
  • Location
  • Booking activities

Your honeymoon should be as enchanting as your wedding, if not more. Discuss your preferences with your partner to determine a mutually agreeable honeymoon destination. Strive for a destination that fits both of your interests, and decide afterward how it can fit both of your schedules.

Once a decision has been made, [create your Honeymoon registry]( and list all the adventures and activities you’ll want to experience at your dream destination. The possibilities are all up to you and your partner!

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