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Oh, Baby!

8 Fun Baby Shower Activities That Work No Matter the Theme

Looking for fun activities to do at your upcoming baby showers. Use our guide to pick out some of the most popular activities.

By Hannah Purvis

Choosing a baby shower theme can be tricky sometimes, as there are an endless amount of adorable shower ideas to pick from. However, regardless of the theme you end up choosing for the event, you can also plan unique baby shower activities to accompany it that will make the day memorable.

A unique way to make the event even more memorable is when the guests arrive to have them fill out advice cards.

Below, we've highlighted some fun baby shower game ideas and a few laid-back activities that will keep your guests entertained and leave the new parents with some handmade keepsakes for the baby!

baby theme cookies

Let's Play!

One of the most common activities at baby showers includes a diaper raffle where family members and friends bring diapers and receive raffle tickets for each pack of diapers they bring. The winner of the raffle ticket that is chosen will win a prize. The most common prize is usually gift cards.

1. Onesie or Bib Decorating

This crafty baby shower idea gives each guest the chance to make a custom onesie or bib for the new baby! Watching your friends unleash their artistic sides can give everyone a good laugh and will prepare the soon-to-be parents with a supply of baby clothes designed with love by their closest friends and family!

baby onesies and accessories
Photo by Mediamodifier on Unsplash

2. Planting Succulents/Painting Pots

While this activity isn't directly related to the baby, it symbolizes new life and growth and makes for a great keepsake for each of your party guests. For supplies, make sure to have a wide range of succulents and air plants for everyone to choose from, as well as decorative items such as crystals, small pebbles, and more. If you're going for terrariums, check Amazon for affordable glassware or thrift some unique dishes to plant in. If you want to take the personalization up a notch, visit your local Home Depot or Lowes plant section and get an inexpensive terracotta pot for each person to paint.

succulent plants
Photo by Angèle Kamp on Unsplash

3. Baby’s First Alphabet Book

Prep the book pages prior to the shower, by cutting out 26 equally sized sheets of cardstock. If you want to bind the book yourself, check out DIY tutorials on Pinterest, or use a binding kit from Amazon.

On the day of your baby shower, have each shower guest choose 1-2 letters of the alphabet and design a unique page for the book. By the end of the activity, this baby shower gift for the family may just be their favorite one of all!

plastic alphabet letters
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

4. Printable Baby Shower Games

Test your guest’s knowledge of basic baby items with easy printable baby shower games, like baby shower bingo!

Or, if you'd prefer a little magic at the shower, try your hand at the Disney Babies matching game! To do this, split your guests into teams and have them race to match the Disney babies to their parents by name. Better yet, turn it into a game show and have teams buzz in to compete for points! This activity is simple but can get lively and bring out your friends' competitive spirits!

group of women at baby shower

5. Silly Party Games

You've seen them before and we couldn't share baby shower ideas without highlighting some of the wackiest baby games that can evoke hours of laughter. Whether it be the baby bottle race drinking game for a more rowdy adults-only activity, or the 'guess the baby food' blindfolded taste test, these silly games will make everyone laugh, gag, and pretty much everything in between.

Another silly take on a baby shower game could be a lifesize children's board game such as Hungry Hungry Hippos or Candyland. Judge the participation of these games by who you plan on inviting because they can definitely get wild quickly!

baby food game

6. Write Words of Encouragement on Diapers

This activity is more of a quick and passive one that will definitely leave a lasting impression on the new parents. Split up a pack of diapers between the guests and have each of them write words of encouragement. This will be a source of comfort for the first few weeks with the baby as you navigate the changes of becoming parents. This simple but impactful activity will remind you of the support you have from your network of loved ones.

baby with diaper on head

7. Pass the Paint

Another great activity for unleashing a little creativity is pass-the-paint! All you need for this is a pack of white canvases, acrylic paint, and paintbrushes! Pick a color palette and set a timer, giving each guest 3-4 minutes to add something within the theme onto the canvas. Once the time is up, pass the painting to the right and continue adding your own flair to each painting until you end up with your own again. We love this activity because you end the activity with a piece of everyone’s painting, making for a completely one-of-a-kind keepsake to take home!

paint swatches on the wall
Photo by Ashley West Edwards on Unsplash

8. Decorate the Nursery

Kick tradition to the curb and instead of hosting a lavish baby shower, invite your loved ones over for some snacks and cake while helping you decorate your baby's nursery. If you aren't completely tied to a specific look or theme, have your guests suit up and prepare to get messy while painting a mural over one of the walls! Turn to Pinterest for some art inspiration and let your friends take their best shot at creating a unique masterpiece!

Baby nursery.jpeg
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

There's No Wrong Way to Celebrate

No matter what activity you choose to do during your baby shower, we know that your guests will absolutely love showering you with love and support as you get ready to embark on this new journey of parenthood.

Be sure to set up a gift registry to ensure you have everything you need when the baby arrives. Not sure what to add to your baby registry? Use our Baby Registry Must-have Guide to help get you started.

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