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20 Best Birthday Gifts For Travelers

Find 10 of the best birthday gifts for the traveler in your life! We've compiled a list of the most popular travel items making it easy for you to find the perfect gift!

By Hannah Purvis

If you have an avid explorer in your life, travel gifts are the perfect gift idea to make their birthday extra special. We've scoured the internet to round up some of the most popular travel items on the market right now to add to your gift list. Some are specific gifts, such as a subscription to National Geographic, while others are more generic and can easily be customized to the person!

Gifting your loved one a travel gift allows you to be with them on every adventure. Whoever you’re shopping for, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect gift for them within this list!

Shop the Perfect Gifts for Travelers

1. Passport Holder

A passport holder makes a great gift for anyone traveling abroad frequently. Look for one that showcases their personality, whether it be through a fun pattern, color, or even monogrammed initials!

Passport holder that says bon voyage
Photo by WanderLabs on Unsplash

2. New Luggage

Gifting a new luggage set is an incredibly valuable way to contribute to their love of adventure! Having a sturdy, well-made set of luggage will help secure their personal belongings while traveling. Customize it more by stuffing the front pocket with fun little accessories such as a travel journal, Lonely Planet book, or luggage tag.

Person carrying two suitcases
Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash

3. National Geographic Subscription

Inspire your loved one with a National Geographic subscription! Let them add to their travel bucket list places to visit while flipping through incredible stories of places in South America, Asia, and more. Stunning images from world-renowned travel photographers will surely make them want to book their next trip!

 Image of the mountains
Photo by Janis Wolf on Unsplash

4. Collapsible Water Bottle

A quality collapsible water bottle is a staple for long haul flights and makes for a great travel gift! Buying bottles of water at airports can get expensive and wasteful over time, so this gift will help them save money and doesn't take up much space when it comes to packing.

Blue collapsible water bottle
Photo Credit: Amazon

5. Packing Cubes

This practical gift will make the travel lover in your life smile. There's nothing more satisfying than an organized suitcase and knowing exactly where everything is when you unzip your bag! Pair a quality packing cube set with a matching toiletry bag and you'll be set with a perfect gift for the traveler seeking a bit more organization.

Calpak packing cubes
Photo Credit: Nordstrom Calpak

6. Cadence Capsules

Bringing wellness products, such as shampoo, facewash, vitamins, and more can create a sense of routine that aids with peace of mind when traveling away from home. Cadence Capsules have become a must-have item for frequent travelers, topping gift guides as one of the best gifts for travelers this year.

The sleek design and use of mostly recycled materials provide users the comfort of knowing they're investing in a sustainable and durable product. Not only can you bring everything you want, but it’ll still be compact and travel friendly!

6 different colored Cadence Capsules
Photo Credit: Cadence

7. Travel Journal

Likely found on every gift guide, (and for good reason) is a high-quality travel journal! As an activity they can do on a long flight and a keepsake that they can reflect on for a lifetime, gifting a travel journal is giving your loved one an intimate and detailed window to some of their most beloved travel memories, long after they're over. You can find different styles to match your travelers personality and preferences.

Travel journal on a table with coffee, glasses and a plant
Photo by That's Her Business on Unsplash

8. Noise Canceling Headphones

I swear by noise-canceling headphones and think that this may be the most helpful out of all travel accessories one might bring on a trip. Noise-canceling headphones double as a great source of entertainment and an absolute savior if you happen to get the seat next to a crying baby on a long flight. They can also be the difference between a night of tossing-and-turning or blissful sleep, should you stay somewhere with thin walls!

Women using headphones
Photo by Samuel Rios on Unsplash

9. e-Reader

For those who enjoy a travel book, or really any type of reading material while away from home, an e-reader would make a great gift that continues to give for years to come! Its compact design makes it great for travel, especially compared to the clunkiness of bringing multiple books in your bag. Make the gift more personal by pre-loading a few books from their reading list, so they have some reading material lined up for their next adventure.

Person using a reader on the beach
Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

10. Travel map scratch-off

A scratch off travel mapis an affordable and fun gift for the travel lover in your life. As cliche as this gift can appear, it's also a fun and visual way to commemorate a person's travels. They'll reflect on their adventures with each new place they scratch off and think of you when they do!

 Travel map scratch off
Photo Credit: Etsy

11. Crossbody Bag

A crossbody sling bag is great for exploring, as it can hold a good amount of daily necessities while also being secure and easily accessible around your front to avoid pick-pocketing. This particular sling bag is affordable, lightweight and comes in a variety of colors. It also has multiple pockets, making it easy to carry anything you need during your day!

black sling bag
Photo Credit: Amazon

12. Apple Airtag

An Apple Airtag is a must-have for seasoned travelers these days. They give you the ability to track your luggage, so you can see where any misplaced baggage ends up when flying. It also easily pairs to other Apple devices you own, such as an iPhone or iPad, to easily track among friends and family!

apple AirTag
Photo Credit: Amazon

13. Universal Travel Adapter

Another item that will make all the difference to someone who travels regularly is a Universal travel adapter. Even if they already have one, having a few can come in handy when you need to charge multiple devices overnight. These adapters are created to fit multiple outlet types, so you don’t need to invest in a new one each time you visit a different region.

travel adapter
Photo Credit: Amazon

14. Luggage Travel Cup Holder

While some may think a travel-inspired cup holder is a silly thing to gift, us coffee-lovers have to disagree! Being able to easily wheel around multiple drinks all in an adjustable, waterproof holder will make all the difference during a long stint in the airport. These travel holders slip right over your luggage handle and offer a snug and secure fit for your drinks. It even provides an additional pocket to keep items like your passport or phone charger handy!

purple travel cup holder for suitcases
Photo Credit: Amazon

15. Foldable Steamer

Looking your best while traveling will help you feel your best, which is why a foldable steamer is a great gift for the traveler looking to pack light and strategically. Dealing with old irons in hotels can be stressful and unreliable, but with a miniature steamer, you’ll be looking sharp everywhere you go!

portable clothing steamer
Photo Credit: Amazon

16. White Noise Machine

When traveling, you never know just what to expect. No matter what type of accommodations you’ve booked – from upscale hotels to a cramped hostel bunk – you can’t always control the noise of your neighbors or the surrounding city. That’s why having a portable white noise machine can make all the difference in you getting a good night’s sleep. After all, you want to feel well rested while traveling, so you’re alert and energized for whatever the day may bring!

white noise machine
Photo Credit: Amazon

17. Airplane Footrest

Elevate your travel experience. No – literally! With this sling-style footrest, your flight experience will surely be better. What’s the most common quam of air-travel? The cramped seats with little legroom. Especially on international flights! This affordable footrest loops around your tray table and stores away easily when you reach your destination!

airplane foot rest
Photo Credit: Amazon

18. Beis Weekender Bag

Beis bags are all the hype right now and we completely understand why. The Beis Weekender Bag comes in a variety of colors and can hold quite a bit of stuff, thanks to its unique design . The top compartment is easily accessible with a zipper pounch underneath to store shoes or toiletries. The bag also adapts to additional roller luggage and sits easily on top for a hands-free approach!

tan Beis weekender bag for travel
Photo Credit: Beis

19. AirBNB Gift Card

A gift card that can aid in travel expenses is always a great gift idea! If your loved one enjoys staying in unique Airbnbs vs. traditional hotel lodging on travel, consider gifting them an AirBNB gift card. They will surely appreciate you contributing to their adventure!

airbnb gift card
Photo Credit: Airbnb

20. International Snack Subscription Box

If you’re trying to gift something fun and unique to the travel lover in your life, consider an International snack subscription box! Our favorite is Bokksu – authentic Japanese snacks delivered straight to your door each month! These boxes include a wide variety of snacks and small dish items which vary each month.

red snack subscription box
Photo Credit: Bokksu

How to Make a Gift Registry

We hope this list of unique and practical travel gift ideas inspired you! If you're looking to make this birthday even more memorable for your loved one, create a birthday gift registry for them today. By doing this, you can add both physical gifts and travel experiences for people to choose from that will help you shower them with meaningful gifts personalized to their interests! Visit our homepage to get started today.

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