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Bachelorette Party

A Guide to Planning a Charleston, SC Bachelorette

Charleston, South Carolina has become a top destination for bachelorette parties. Learn what makes Charleston special and how to plan your upcoming trip.

By Hannah Purvis

Charleston South Carolina is a stunning, colorful town with a rich cultural history. Many believe the area to be haunted, but its old homes and French Quarter-style architecture just lend to its southern charm and insta-worthy photo spots! This destination is popular for girls’ trips and bachelorette parties due to its variety of fun outdoor activities and amazing dining options!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should an average bachelorette party cost?

Costs for bachelorette parties can range from a couple of grand to upwards of 10,000 dollars depending on the type of activities you choose, the location and the length of your stay.

Dividing costs between the bridal party is common to avoid any one person taking on too much financial burden. However, since many couples get married young and may not have a bridal party that can take on these types of financial obligations, we recommend the bride and groom saving a bit of money to help offset costs, if they want a more expensive party. Maybe as the bride, you can alleviate costs of simple things like matching shirts/pajamas, food, etc. Even simple expenses can go a long way and can show your bridal party how much you appreciate them and their contribution to your special day!

Who usually plans the bachelorette party?

This can differ depending on the bride and the specific situation, so truly there's no right or wrong option. If you’re like me and tend to be a bride leaning in the direction of ‘control freak’ then you may want to handle some of the details yourself to ensure you’ll have a good time. If you’re like my best friend and prefer a hands-off approach, you can pass off planning duties to your wedding party.

Traditionally, the Maid of Honor has held the planning responsibility, as they are likely the one who knows the bride and her interests the best. But there's no rule to these things and we encourage you to talk openly with your bridal party about how you’d like the weekend to go, so everyone has the best time possible!

Pink House
Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

How to Plan a Bachelorette Weekend in Charleston, SC

If you’ve never been to Charleston, you’ll quickly understand its appeal. Popular for a wide variety of getaways, with Bachelorette parties just scratching the surface, this city captivates any and all who visit.

If you’re the maid of honor or the chosen person whom the hefty responsibilities of planning have fallen on, rest assured that you’ve picked the right place. Planning a bachelorette weekend here is a piece of cake, as the popular eateries and activities in the area seem to be built with this very occasion in mind! From shopping, drinks, fitness and beach activities, you won’t run out of options, no matter the interests of the bride or her tribe.

Start with deciding when you want to go and where you want to stay and build your plans from there! Don’t worry, we’ve got suggestions for each and every thing you have to book, just keep reading.

When is the Best Time to Go?

If you’re looking to spend time outside, avoid the cooler months of winter and opt for a spring or fall bachelorette. If you decide to book your trip during the months of May to August, expect large crowds and sweltering heat, in line with most East Coast Destinations during the summer time.

bachelorette party in Charleston, South Carolina
Photo Credit: Charleston Bride Tribe

Things To Do

There are all sorts of fun things to experience on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. You can take advantage of the historical tours and museums, focus your attention on a foodie checklist, or spend your afternoons on the water soaking up the sun. Below are some activities that would be great for a group!

Bride Vibe Beach Yoga
Photo Credit: Bride Vibe Beach Yoga

Where to Stay in Charleston, SC

Whether you decide to split your group among rooms at a boutique hotel, or prefer the ease of a larger rental, Charleston has great options! Below are a few that we personally think would provide a great backdrop for you and your gal pals!

Rent out the Boho Rosa House in Charleston, South Carolina
Photo Credit: The Boho Rosa House


There is no shortage of incredible dining in Charleston. With bold southern cuisine and rich flavors in every dish, you will absolutely not want to leave this foodie hub! These restaurants are popular among visitors to the area and for good reason. With menus ranging from tasty simple staples to incredibly innovative, you’ll be able to find something for every single palette in your group when you walk into these restaurants.

Frannie & The Fox
This trendy restaurant sits within the Hotel Emeline and oozes ‘moody charm.’ With eclectic art, modern decor and an open air courtyard, you and your girls will easily spend hours here. The menu serves Italian cuisine and the incredible wood-fired pizza is not to be missed!

Park & Grove
A great stop for brunch to kick off the morning, Park and Grove offers dishes made with locally sourced ingredients with a seasonally rotating menu. You can choose between the modern, yet cozy dining room or the outdoor porch if the weather is nice.

Poogan’s Porch
If you’re looking for good southern cuisine, head to Poogan’s Porch for a hearty serving of bbq! This restaurant is housed in an old victorian house – giving you a front row seat to the classic architecture of the area.

O-Ku Sushi
You can’t go wrong with a sushi dinner on your bachelorette. O-Ku Sushi is a bustling sushi restaurant with a unique menu focusing on experimental dishes and presentation styles.

Park & Grove in Charleston South Carolina
Photo Credit: Park & Grove


If you want a drink coupled with a good atmosphere, then you’ll like these trendy picks. Or, use our suggestions to map out a bachelorette bar crawl to kick things up a notch. Groups also enjoy signing up for an organized Charleston tasting tour. Whether you prefer beer or spirits, there’s a tour to fit your needs!

The Sweet Grass Lounge
The Sweet Grass Lounge prides themselves on serving cocktails and food dishes featuring elevated flavors. This lounge also hosts cocktail classes, which could make for a great activity for your bridal party to participate in!

The Cocktail Club
If you and your girls want to get dressed up for a lively night out, head to The Cocktail Club. This lounge gives off the energy of an upscale speakeasy, with whimsical and colorful cocktails for their customers to enjoy!

Another bar and restaurant inspired by the 1920’s speakeasy era, Prohibition offers bold award-winning cocktails with unique flavor combinations. This spot is definitely a must-visit on your Charleston bachelorette.

Stars Rooftop Bar
Lastly, we want to highlight the Stars Rooftop Bar, which offers guests a delicious drink with a stunning view. In the heart of Charleston's Entertainment District, this drink spot has been highly rated as one of the best rooftop bars in the city!

Prohibition Bar in Charleston South Carolina
Photo Credit: Prohibition

Ready to Book Your Charleston Bachelorette?
If you’re planning your own bachelorette getaway, or are the maid of honor looking for a little inspo, you’re in the right place. Here at Celebration Wishes, we want to help you plan your perfect celebration with ease.

Consider using our registry tool to set up a bride fund for your trip! Easily share it with friends and family to help fund your drinks and dining during your stay.

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