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12 Unique & Personal Valentine’s Day Gifts

Not sure what to get your loved one this Valentine's Day? Here are some unique and personal gift ideas that they will never forget.

By Hannah Purvis

While every day of the year is the perfect time to celebrate those you love, for some Valentine’s Day can hold extra pressure. That’s why our team at Celebration Wishes is here to make sure this sweet holiday is completely stress-free and to give you some unique gift inspiration.

We also know it isn’t always the gift itself that matters, so much as the thoughtfulness that goes into it. These personalized gifts will be perfect for anyone you may be celebrating and will absolutely make them feel the love.

happy couple smiling
Photo by Carly Rae Hobbins on Unsplash

Treat Your Sweetheart with a Customized Gift This Valentine’s Day

Customized Valentine's Day gifts are a unique way to show that extra care and thought went into it. It is sure to make your significant other feel extra special.

1. Wallet With Handwritten Note

I’ve gifted this exact thing to my boyfriend at the time, now husband and over the years it’s been battered and worn down but never thrown away. There’s something about having a note written in your loved one’s handwriting to carry with you everywhere you go that provides comfort. Or at least that’s what my husband tells me! Plus, this gift is highly practical and is something that will get used on the daily!

custom wallet with special note
Photo Credit: Golden Horn Wallet

2. 'Our Song' Custom Vinyl Art

If you and your special someone have a song that’s meaningful to your relationship, memorializing that love with a custom piece of art can be a cool way to enjoy it every day whenever you see it on your wall. Lime & Lou gives shoppers a variety of options for customization and the finished product is something that will fit seamlessly into any home design style!

custom vinyl record with song lyrics
Photo Credit: Lime & Lou

3. T-Shirt Quilt From Your Favorite Places

If you don’t already have old t-shirts ready for this project, this gift can be a bit pricey! But stick with us – it’s worth it! Spend time collecting t-shirts from your loved ones favorite places, then head to the fabric store and supplement the quilt squares with pieces of fabric in their favorite colors/patterns. There are various people that make these types of quilts, so you can shop around on Etsy or check out one of our favorites – Meg’s Quilted Memories.

personalized quilt made of t-shirts
Photo Credit: Meg’s Quilted Memories

4. Personalized 'Story of Us' Book

These fun personalized storybooks will not only share all the reasons why you love your partner, but tell the story of your relationship. They will be a great chance for you and your partner to reflect on your love and reminisce on special experiences you’ve had together. Who knows, this may just end up being a longtime family keepsake!

Story of Us book
Photo Credit: Book of Us

5. Custom Couples Painting

Another great gift that I’ve given to my husband in the past was a custom piece of art! While I opted for a custom digital painting, there are a variety of mediums and artists out there who can make a really beautiful piece of art that you and your partner will treasure! Search Etsy until you find a style that you like or reach out to local artists for commissions. You’ll be getting something completely unique to your relationship and be supporting a small business as well!

custom couple painting
Photo Credit: Nibiru Custom Design

6. Shutterfly Album

We can’t make a list of personalized gift suggestions without mentioning Shutterfly! Truly nothing compares to the gift of seeing and reliving your own special memories in a tangible way. Gather up your favorite photos together in a random assortment or a timeline of your relationship, and have them printed out in an album.

Shutterfly album
Photo Credit: Shutterfly

7. Coupon Book With Local Date Ideas

Remember those coupon books you made as kids to gift to your parents? The ones that said, ‘will wash the car’ or ‘good for one hug?’ Well, you can still include the hug idea, but we want to elevate the coupon book concept a little bit.

Consider making a book of gift cards with small denominations so you and your loved one can enjoy a few small local dates! Either lean towards restaurants and activities you’ve never tried before or choose all your favorite places for a more cozy and familiar date day.

present with ribbon
Photo Credit: Jess Bailey

8. Special Location Wall Art

If you and your loved one have a specific location that is meaningful to the relationship – the city where you met, the first place you traveled together, etc. – this gift idea might be perfect for you.
You can choose between a map-style minimalist print or photo options which give a little bit of context to the city. It makes for a great piece of home decor that will make you both smile every time you pass by.

map of Toronto Canada
Photo Credit: Nbourhood

9. Mix and Match Face/Pet Socks

Are you and your partner on the silly side? This cheeky gift idea is equal parts hilarious and practical! I mean really, can you ever have too many pairs of socks and underwear?
Choose photos of you and your partner and get mix-and-match sets for a good laugh. If you share a pet, consider an extra pair for both of you with your furry friend front and center. This is really a gift for everyone!

custom socks
Photo Credit: Super Socks

10. Custom Paint-By-Numbers

Another way to turn your favorite photos into art is to order a custom paint-by-numbers set for your partner! The whole painting process can make for a great date activity that encourages quality time and creativity! Once finished the painting can be something you can hang up and enjoy.

paint by numbers
Photo Credit: Paint Your Numbers

11. Memory Journal

This idea involves a little pre-planning and time to complete, so make sure you start early! Buy a nice journal and simply start creating entries reflecting on your relationship, how you feel about your partner, and documenting special activities and time you spent together. The earlier you start, the more of a story you’ll have to give your partner.

Consider even starting right after Valentine’s day and gifting it the following year so you can look back over your last year together. We have no doubt, this meaningful gift will be incredibly special to your loved one.

memory journal
Photo Credit: Jess Bailey

12. Digital Desk Frame, Preloaded With Photos

This one is pretty straightforward, but again, nothing beats photos of your relationship. Pick a few of your favorite pictures together and invest in a nice digital photo frame that your partner can put on their desk at work or their nightstand where they’ll see it each and every day. Every time they see it, we guarantee it will make them smile.

digital picture frame
Photo Credit: Nixplay

Looking for More Gift Inspiration?

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