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14 Divorce Party Themes to Make You Laugh

Throwing a divorce party to celebrate the next chapter? Here are some great divorce party themes that are sure to keep the party going.

No one plans to get divorced when they say, “I do,” but life has a funny way of making the unexpected happen. If you want to get the last laugh on the curveball that life has thrown at you, a themed divorce party is the perfect way to turn one of life’s lemons into lemonade.

We're going to give you 14 divorce party ideas that everyone will be sure to love.

How to Throw a Divorce Party: Starting With 14 Divorced Theme Party Ideas

1. Death Due Us Part

If you ended your divorce on bad terms, this is a theme that you may like. You can ask guests to wear all black, have a black divorce cake and even wear your wedding dress (if you’re the bride) to celebrate the death of your marriage.

This is a dark theme, but it’s perfect for many divorcees who want to tap into the dark humor of their divorce.

2. Cocktail Party

A cocktail party is a reason to dress up, order catering and drink to your heart’s content. You can choose the classic black-and-white theme or go for something different, such as a theme based on the Great Gatsby or something out of the 70s.

friends cheers with cocktails
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

3. Jailbreak Party

Divorced theme parties sometimes signify that you’re “free” and have broken out of “jail.” You can have everyone wear black and white outfits and put fake bars on the door or windows to celebrate your big escape.

Some orange balloons would also go well with this theme.

4. Non-Wedding Party

One of the divorce party ideas for her that is very popular is the “non-wedding party.” You’ll find every theme is a bit different, but it will often include:

  • Just the girls – sorry, guys
  • Beautiful dresses

A non-wedding party allows you to dress up and feel beautiful again with your close friends around you.

5. Cleansing Theme

Cleansing parties are a lot of fun. They often include the burning of sage or incense and everyone relaxing as they cleanse the bad energy away. This is the perfect theme for anyone who lives a more bohemian way and can include lots of greenery, plants, crystals, and good laughs.
The idea is to cleanse the past away to start enjoying the life you have ahead of you.

bowl with sage
Photo by Karly Jones on Unsplash

6. Pick Up the Pieces

If you want to make light of this bad situation, this is the theme for you. You can ask friends and family to bring a puzzle, have a puzzle cake, and then throw the puzzle on the floor (not the cake). As you pick up the pieces, it will signify your strength in transitioning back into life as an unmarried person.

7. Comedy Theme

Do you want to laugh? A comedy theme including clown costumes, comedy hour, and jokes will do the trick. If you want to make jokes, you can reminisce about all of the silly things your ex did, or if you’re still on good terms, you can keep the jokes a little lighter.

A divorce themed party that makes you laugh is always a good idea.

8. Wreck-the-Dress Party

This is a savage party idea, but it’s one that is making its rounds across social media. The concept involves wrecking your dress. Of course, if the dress is a family heirloom, you’ll want to refrain from using this dress.

However, many divorce party ideas for her that include a wreck-the-dress concept are opting to:

  • Use paintballs to destroy the dress
  • Cut the dress up
  • Etc.

hand holding stack of books
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

9. Next Chapter – Book Theme

A book-themed divorce party is a good idea because you’re starting a new chapter in life. This theme is a lot of fun because you can have everyone dress as a character from their favorite book.

10. Champagne Theme

Here’s a theme that’s high-class and elegant. You may want to have a party that rivals your wedding and celebrates single life. A champagne theme is perfect and can include everyone dressed to the nines, just like they were at your wedding.

11. Self-Care Theme

Divorces take a toll on your mental health, and a self-care theme is a great party idea. Hire a massage therapist, and add in aromatherapy, meditation, and anything else that you like. If you want to invite just the girls, you can even make it a spa day to sleepover.

self care items

12. Star Wars – Seriously

“May Divorce Be With You.” This hilarious theme is perfect for anyone who loves Star Wars and wants to use wordplay on “May the Force Be With You.”

13. Candy Theme

A sweet ending is a fun thing to think about and can lighten the mood a bit. You can have a candy-themed party filled with all of the sinful treats that you love to eat.

14. Las Vegas Theme

Some divorcees go to Vegas and throw their divorce parties. If you can’t do this, you may want to consider creating your own Vegas theme. You can have games, food, drinks and even have your own “mini-casino” as you bet on yourself going forward in life.

Cheers to You

Adapt and adjust any of these divorce themed party ideas to create one that is the perfect way for you to celebrate your next chapter of life. You owe it to yourself to finally build the life that you envisioned before your marriage started to go the wrong way. A party will definitely help.

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