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Oh, Baby!

25 DIY Baby Shower Gifts That Will Be a Hit

Diaper cakes are the most common DIY baby shower gift. Find out other unique ways you can create a special gift if you are attending a baby shower.

Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift? Why not make one yourself? Handmade gifts are treasured by families because of the love and energy put into them. If you want to give a DIY gift but aren’t sure where to start, here are 25 homemade baby shower gift ideas for inspiration.

Learn How to Bring the Best Homemade Baby Shower Gifts – 25 DIY Gift Ideas

1. Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are the most popular and common DIY baby shower gift because they’re so fun to make and they’re useful.
You can find so many creative diaper cake ideas on social media, including:

  • Beehives
  • Trains
  • Snails
  • Baths

diaper cake with pink lace

2. Crocheted Booties

If you’re a skilled crocheter, a pair of crocheted booties would make a thoughtful DIY baby shower gift. Baby booties are a quick project, so this is something that you can tackle, even if you’re a beginner. Find a pattern, some soft baby-friendly yarn and get to work.

pink yarn booties
Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

3. DIY Baby Wardrobe

When you’re a new parent, there are two things you can never have enough of: diapers and clothes. A DIY baby wardrobe loaded with both of these things will make the perfect gift. Fill a wooden crate with diapers, hang clothes on a handmade rack, and add any other little extras you may want.

Check out this great example of how to bring this gift idea to life.

4. Lollipop Washcloths

Washcloths are another thoughtful and useful gift, but who says this gift has to be boring? Instead of packing them into a box or tucking them into a gift basket, transform your washcloths into lollipops.

5. DIY Baby Shower Gift Basket

white basket filled with blue baby items make great baby shower gifts because you can customize them however you want and fill them with whatever items you think the parents and baby will need. First, find a beautiful basket to put everything in. Choose something that can be reused after the baby is born.

You can fill the basket with whatever you want, including:

  • Baby wipes
  • Baby shoes
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Slippers
  • Stuffed animals

white basket filled with blue baby items

6. Handmade Wooden Ring Teether

Before you know it, the new baby will be teething and growing like crazy. Instead of buying teething toys, make one. You only need a few items (wood rings, organic fabric, organic wool felt and crinkle fabric) to make this gift.

Here’s a great tutorial to follow.

wooden teething toy for babies

7. Mommy Survival Kit

Baby shower gifts don’t always have to be about the baby. Putting together a mommy (or parent) survival kit will be much appreciated by the new parents. You can fill the jar or kit with whatever you want, including:

  • Tissues
  • Lip balm
  • Wipes
  • Aspirin
  • Mints
  • Granola bars
  • Chocolates

8. Sleeping Baby Door Hanger

Quiet moments will be far and few between once the little one arrives. Creating a DIY “sleeping baby” door hanger will help mom and dad make the most of nap time.

If you have a Silhouette machine, this is a quick and easy project. All you need is a plaque and a pretty ribbon to hang the sign on the door. If you’re crafty, you can paint the sign by hand.

9. Newborn Mobile

Mobiles are a thoughtful and welcome gift for any baby. Why not make your own? If you have a sewing machine, you can make a mobile like the one below with just a few supplies.

baby mobile with sheep
Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

You can choose any theme you want for your mobile. Ask about their nursery’s theme to get some ideas.

10. No Scratch Baby Mittens

Newborn nails can be extra-sharp, and they grow so fast. No scratch mittens will help protect against scratches and injuries, and they’re so easy to make if you have a sewing machine. Find a soft and cute fabric, and get to work.

11. DIY Baby Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are a must-have for parents, and you can easily make them yourself if you have a sewing machine and a few basic supplies. You can make two burp cloths with just 1/3-yard of fabric.

Check out this fun and simple tutorial on how to make burp cloths.

12. Waterproof Diaper Changing Mat

A diaper-changing mat is another must-have item for outings, and the new parents will need quite a few of them. Luckily, this is a gift that’s easy to make yourself with a sewing machine and just a little bit of time.

13. DIY Pacifier Clips

Useful DIY baby shower gifts are the best kind to give, and pacifier clips definitely belong on that list. Now, mom and dad won’t have to worry about their little one losing their pacifier.

blue pacifier with clip

14. No-Sew Door Latch Cover

The sound of a door closing is enough to wake a newborn. Door latch covers are popular baby shower gifts because they help new parents enjoy more quiet time when the baby is sleeping. You don’t need a sewing machine to make this gift.

Follow a great tutorial for this DIY gift.

15. Handmade Fabric Alphabet

Why not make a gift that the baby and new parents will use in the future? If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can make fabric letters that can be used to teach the alphabet when the baby is older.

16. Bapron

Let’s face it – babies are messy. A bapron is designed to cover, well, everything. These adorable baby aprons are so easy to make. All you need is a pattern, some fabric and a sewing machine.
Follow a tutorial to see how to get the pattern.

17. DIY Swaddle Wrap

Swaddle wraps are another thoughtful and must-have gift for newborns. With a little time, some fabric and a sewing machine, you can make your own wraps.

baby smiling in swaddle

18. No-Sew Fleece Car Seat Cover

Car seat covers are a useful gift that new parents will appreciate when they’re out and about with the baby. You don’t even need a sewing machine to make this gift – just some fleece fabric.

19. DIY Growth Chart

A growth chart is a fun baby shower gift idea that you can make yourself. All you need to get started is:

  • A wooden board
  • White paint
  • Chalk
  • Printed numbers
  • A tape measure

20. Onesie Cupcake

Onesie cupcakes make an adorable gift, and they’re easy to make. All you need is a onesie and a matching pair of socks. Roll them up together, and you have a cute little onesie cupcake. Create four or more and pack them up in a cupcake box for an adorable presentation.

21. Baby Beanies

Baby beanies are a useful gift that new parents can never have enough of. To make these yourself, you only need some fabric and a sewing machine. Use stretchy fabric for this one. The knotted design allows the beanie to grow with the baby.

knitted baby clothes

22. Diaper and Wipes Case

For short outings, a diaper and wipes case will make it easy to grab everything you need without having to carry a big bag. If you have a sewing machine and some fabric, you can make a case for the new parents.

23. No-Sew Baby Blanket

You don’t have to know how to knit, crochet or sew to make a baby blanket. Here’s a fun and easy tutorial for a baby blanket made with minky fabric.

24. Cute Headband

A headband is such a cute accessory for new babies, and this is a gift that you can easily DIY – even without a sewing machine. Grab some fabric you love, and start making your own today.

baby sleeping with large flower bow on head
Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

25. Crinkle Toys

Babies love toys, but who says they have to be bought in the store? With just a few supplies, you can make your own baby crinkle toy that the new baby will love playing with.

Final Thoughts

These 25 DIY baby shower gifts are thoughtful and easy to make. No matter which one you choose, the new parents and baby are sure to appreciate it.

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