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The Evolution of the Wedding Registry

Thinking about a traditional wedding registry? Consider creating a honeymoon registry instead and forgoing “stuff” for unforgettable experiences with your partner.

Fine china had a good, long run in traditional wedding registries. In fact, giving physical wedding gifts has been a tradition for thousands of years and the formal wedding registry is nearly a century old. Nowadays, however, the most popular items in wedding registries can’t be wrapped. They revolve around experiences instead. None more popular than the honeymoon experience, which can include airfare, accommodations, private tours, massages and more.

It’s not all that surprising. Modern couples typically live together before they tie the knot and already own many of the household items they need. Research suggests that these couples prefer a minimalist lifestyle as well. In short, less “stuff” is better.

It all points to the advent of the honeymoon registry. With the right online registry platform, couples can turn their dream getaways into reality and even expand their horizons in terms of what it includes. And if that’s not enough, the memories they make will be forever shared in a uniquely intimate way with the family and friends that made them possible.

Couples have a wide variety of options, but few honeymoon registries check all the boxes. The best of them streamline the process with versatile sets of tools, deep libraries of resources and dedicated customer service.

Celebration Wishes is America’s Most Trusted

Since its founding, Celebration Wishes has partnered with major hotels, resorts, cruise lines and travel brands like Fairmont and Carnival to offer exclusive experiences tied to a variety of destinations. It’s also the only registry service that sends funds directly to partners, resulting in an unparalleled level of convenience and security while traveling. Add an unwavering commitment to customer service to the mix and it’s no wonder that more than 830,000 happy couples have chosen America’s most trusted honeymoon registry.

After signing up with Celebration Wishes, couples gain access to an extensive list of hotel perks, excursions, romantic packages and more along with the tools and resources they need to curate perfect registries. Once finalized, their friends and family can contribute as little or as much as they like. It’s an easy and fun way to make sure their honeymoons are unforgettable. Best of all, the features are 100% free!

  • More than 850 travel destinations
  • More than 50,000 travel agents, resorts and cruise lines
  • Unlimited direct transfer of funds
  • Personal wedding websites
  • RSVP tool
  • Online thank you tracker

There’s a time and place for a traditional wedding registry. For some couples, they’re very useful. But honeymoon registries like those offered by Celebration Wishes will likely continue to grow in popularity for decades to come as the desire for experiences over fine china deepens.

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