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Unique 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Partner

Wondering what special gift to get your spouse on your first wedding anniversary? Discover ideas to honor your special day.

By Hannah Purvis

If you're reading this, then you're likely about to celebrate your first-year anniversary with your partner. We are pumped for you and want to say a big congratulations on this exciting milestone together!

Even after a year of marriage, it can be hard to come up with gift ideas for your partner for your anniversary that will surprise them. Paper is typically traditionally gifted as a one-year wedding anniversary gift. But should you lean more traditional or maybe you want to find a customized gift that is unique to the two of you. Either way, we've picked out some thoughtful gift ideas that will surely make your loved one smile.

Personalized First Anniversary Gift Ideas That Your Partner Will Love

1. Tickets to a Theater Show

Surprise your partner with tickets to see a play or musical performance. You can often find traveling Broadway shows at theaters in larger cities near you! This makes a great gift because it's a chance for an intimate experience that you can get dressed up for and enjoy together.

theater seats
Photo by Paolo Chiabrando on Unsplash

2. A Scrapbook

If you find yourself aiming for a more traditional approach to gifting, a scrapbook is the perfect paper anniversary gift idea. Collect ticket stubs, postcards, and other keepsakes from your first year together and combine them with photos of the two of you. You can easily get your photos printed at CVS the same day!

Having made this gift myself for my partner, I can say with the utmost certainty that they will love it and appreciate the time and love that was put into making it.

But, if you aren't crafty, there's also a quick shortcut you can take that will make for an equally meaningful gift! Visit Shutterfly and build a photo book that will be sent right to your home! Add a clear pocket in the back of the book to house any paper mementos you may want to keep.

Photo by free stocks on Unsplash

3. Star-Map of Your Anniversary Date

If you're searching for a personalized gift, it doesn't get more unique than a map of the stars. Visit The Night Sky's website and input the date and time of your anniversary, then watch as they calculate the exact position of the night sky on your special day.

This gift is easy to make and can get delivered right to your door. Every time you look at it together, you'll remember exactly where you were when the stars aligned for the two of you. 💫

star map
Photo by Lucas Marconnet on Unsplash

4. A Polaroid Camera

A Polaroid camera is a great first anniversary gift because it’s a way to create new memories together during your second year. Accompany this gift with a photo album and plan to fill it with memories from the next year, so you can reminisce on the photos for years to come.

mix of polaroid photos
Photo by Rirri on Unsplash

5. Adventure Challenge Kit

When searching for anniversary gift ideas, you've likely come across The Adventure Challenge books. Created for couples, families, friends, and more, these books are filled with activities, challenges, and unique date ideas. This makes for the perfect gift because it does keep on giving. Use The Adventure Challenge for couples to set yourself up for multiple date nights to come!

couple sitting at sunset with lanterns
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

6. Paint Night Date

Another activity-based gift idea is to sign up for a paint night together! These classes are typically upbeat and a lot of fun, as you play into the collective energy of everyone who is there to drink, paint, and have a good time.

If your area doesn't have any wine and painting studios, get creative and set up a 'Bob Ross' paint night at home. Buy your partner's favorite wine and shop online for paint supplies, canvases, and aprons.

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash

7. A Custom Drawing of You and Your Partner

Search Instagram or Etsy to find a small business or an independent artist to hire for a custom drawing. Send the artist your favorite photo of you and your partner and let them draw, paint, or digitally render you as a cartoony version of yourself. Frame the drawing and write a note on the back of the frame detailing the day it was taken.

custom couple art
Art By: RiaDesignStore

8. A Couples Cooking Class to Make Your Favorite Meal

Do you and your partner have a favorite meal or food that you enjoy eating, but don't know how to make yourselves? Sign up for a cooking class and spend the evening bonding over a tasty homemade meal! Some fun class ideas are sushi making or making pasta from scratch! Google your local cooking studios and see what fun you can find.

couple taking a cooking class together.
Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

9. A Photo Collage Blanket

I think I speak for everyone when I say a cozy 1st-anniversary gift is always a great idea. Gather up a folder of your favorite photos together from your first year and visit Shutterfly, to turn them into a fleece collage blanket.

Put the gift into action once opened and have a movie night snuggled up together in your cozy new throw.

woman drinking coffee on blanket
Photo by Amin Hasani on Unsplash

10. A Year of Date Nights in a Jar

We love a good date night. This gift shows how much you look forward to more quality time together in the future and will make your partner feel extra loved. Get a glass jar and either use paper, popsicle sticks, or small wooden hearts to write out date ideas tailored to what you both enjoy doing. Get outside of your comfort zones and add in some dates with a little flair, like taking a dancing class together or going on a weekend trip away.

date night jar

11. Matching Sweatshirts

If you and your partner prefer a night in to a wild night on the town, then you probably appreciate feeling cozy. Gift your person a pair of matching sweatshirts for you to wear on your next at-home date night! Pick a color and style you both like and pay to embroider them so they’re customized with something meaningful to your relationship.

An example could be your Hogwarts House if you’re both fans of Harry Potter or a picture depicting a pet you share. Maybe you’d prefer something even more personal and want to embroider the date of your anniversary on them. If your partner enjoys comfort clothes, this gift will be a hit!

Photo Credit: Amazon

12. Tickets to Your Favorite Musical Artist

Do you and your partner have a song together? Something that makes you smile whenever it comes on your playlist? Or maybe you both have a band that you absolutely love to bond over. Surprise them with tickets to see the band live! If they aren’t coming to your town, turn it into a mini anniversary getaway and book an airbnb or hotel for the weekend in their nearest tour town! With a shared love of music and a staycation with it, this will definitely be an anniversary to remember.

Photo by Brandon Erlinger-Ford on Unsplash

13. A Viewfinder of Photos From the Year

Remember the viewfinder you used to have as a kid? Well – they’re making a comeback! With the help of new technology, you can turn some of your favorite photos into a quirky keepsake that your partner will want to hold onto forever. This unique gift will have them not only reminiscing on the last year of your relationship but on the fun of being a kid again. You truly can’t beat the classics!

Photo By: Amazon

14. A Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Does your partner have an artistic side? This gift will not only make for a great date activity that you can both enjoy together, but will turn into a beautiful keepsake that you can frame for your wall. Turn your favorite photo together into a custom paint by numbers kit and spend time talking about the day it was taken while you work to bring the painting to life.

paint by numbers
Photo By: Amazon

15. A Couples Memory Journal

A memory journal geared towards couples is a modern gift that resembles old-fashioned love letters. Here, you’ll have a place to answer prompts about one another, reflect on meaningful experiences in your relationship thus far, build out bucket list items you want to complete together and more. It’s a great opportunity for you and your partner to bond and build up your love and communication along the way.

couples memory journal
Photo By: Amazon

Good Ideas, Am I Right?

We think so! These are all very unique and personal ways to say ‘I love you’ to your special someone. We know that no matter what gift you choose, they will feel love. Are you more of a couple that caters to each other’s love language? Take a look at our anniversary gift guide based on love languages.

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