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10 Baby's 1st Birthday Party Themes

Explore fun themes to choose from when planning your baby's first birthday party. Discover ideas ranging from animals to books and movies. Learn more.

By Hannah Purvis

Happy happy birthday to your little one! Here at Celebration Wishes, we know the joy and mixed emotions that can come with your baby reaching new milestones. That said, celebrating the first year of laughter, tears, and incredible growth during their 1st birthday party will make for a beautiful core memory.

Whether you want a small gathering alongside family to ring in their next year or if you opt to throw a Kardashian-style bash, choosing a theme can feel like a big deal. We’ve got you covered with the birthday themes, so you can focus on celebrating this happy day!

1st Birthday Party Ideas

1. Wizard of Oz

Lions and tigers and BABIES, oh my! Yep, you guessed it.We’re kicking off our party themes with a Hollywood classic! Make your own yellow brick road and dress your baby as one of the infamous characters, like the lion or Glinda the Good Witch.

Get hands-on and make some background decor inspired by Oz, using cardboard boxes, paint, and a whole lot of glitter! Order a cake shaped like ruby red slippers and put mini bottles of bubbles in your goodie bags! Transforming your party space into the immersive world of Oz will keep young party goers entertained and leave guests exclaiming, “we’re not in Kansas anymore!”

Food Idea: Yellow brick road cheese board

Drink Idea: Green glitter Oz-mopolitan cocktail

Decor: Cardboard painted yellow brick road

wizard of oz themed dessert table
Photo Credit:

2. Bee-autiful Day

A bumblebee themed birthday party lends itself to bright colorful decor. Hang yellow balloons and streamers and fill the room with sunflowers. Making the space feel on theme will be easy, just source plates, cups, paper florals and anything else you can find in yellow and black!

Hang a bumble-bee pinata for any older kids (or even parents) in attendance, and head to Pinterest to find honey-flavored recipes to incorporate into the day. Hiring a sugar cookie artist to make bumblebee cookies can be great favors for your guests, both kids and grown-ups alike!

Food Idea: Bumble Bee Cake Pops

Drink Idea: Honey Mead

Decor: Yellow balloons and black streamers

dessert table with yellow cake
Photo Credit:

3. Baby in One-derland

There is so much you can do with an Alice in Wonderland themed party. From whimsical decor to wacky games, the possibilities are endless with a little imagination! Host this 1st birthday party in your backyard and play croquet with your guests like the Queen of Hearts.

Set up finger foods and other tea party snacks to create a full lunch spread fit for Alice herself! Print out movie-inspired coloring sheets for any kids in attendance or set up a wonderland craft table, such as painting wooden roses (but they don’t have to be red).

Food Idea: Eat Me, Drink Me tea party finger foods

Drink Idea: Earl Grey Tea Cocktail

Decor: Whimsical Colored balloon arch and florals

"we're all mad here" dessert table
Photo Credit:

4. Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

To know this classic Dr. Suess story is to love it. Its heartwarming message of growing up and going your own way has resonated with audiences of all ages, making it the perfect party theme to celebrate your little one. Use the whimsical story art to inspire colorful decor, such as:

Print Dr. Suess coloring sheets for the kids, and frame pages of the book on the drink and snack table for easy decor! Head to Etsy for handmade items, such as a high-chair banner for your little one, that will make for adorable photo ops during their cake smash!

Food Idea: Rainbow marble pretzels

Drink Idea: Colorful, fruity party punch

Decor: Whimsical pastel tissue paper flowers

"oh, the places you'll go" banner
Photo Credit: Amazon

5. Rainbow Fish

There are certain childhood books that absolutely ooze nostalgia and will melt the hearts of even the most macho adults. One of which is the visually stunning book The Rainbow Fish. Under-the-sea themes are always fun to decorate for, but with the iridescent shine of the popular Rainbow Fish, this party will leave your guests feeling mesmerized.

Food Idea: Rainbow rice crispy treats

Drink Idea: Fishbowl tropical punch with gummy sharks and Swedish fish

Decor: Rainbow cardstock scales background

cupcakes with fish fondant
Photo Credit:

6. Roar, Roar, Dinosaur

Travel to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth and have a Mesozoic era roar, roar, dinosaur party! Make it more family-facing and theme the party around The Flintstones, and have your guests come in costume! Create a scavenger hunt game for adults and kids alike, hiding small plastic dinosaurs around the party space.

Create price packages ranging from toys for the kids to giftcards for the parents who win! Set up a prehistoric photo op with cheesy dino-cardboard cutouts, that are sure to get a few laughs from your guests!

Food Idea: Dino fruit skewers

Drink Idea: Fruity Pebbles Flinstones Margarita

Decor: Balloon arch with various shades of green and neutral colors

dino decor for party
Photo Credit: Amazon

7. First Trip Around the Sun

Who doesn’t love a space-themed party? You can take a more scientific approach and focus on elements of the solar system and astronaut exploration. Another option is to lean into the weird and quirky with alien-themed decor!

No matter which direction you choose to take your interplanetary travels, make sure everyone is considered when deciding on snacks! Moon juice for kids and planetary punch for grown ups are simple but fun ways to bring this theme to life.

Food Idea: Extra Terrestrial jello cups & rocket inspired fruit skewers

Drink Idea: Planetary Punch

Decor: Planet & star garland

space themed dessert table
Photo Credit: Amazon

8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Another nostalgic childhood story is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Following a snack-loving caterpillar making his way through the early stages of life, his time in a cocoon, and eventually emerging as a beautiful butterfly, this story references growth.

This symbolic theme, paired with the endless easy-to-make party snacks that tie into the story, will make for an easily accomplished theme that will bring a smile to each and every guest’s face.

Food Idea: A fruit and charcuterie board made to look like the caterpillar

Drink Idea: Watermelon punch

Decor: Rainbow decor and paper lanterns made to resemble the caterpillar

three infants sitting at dining table eating cupcakes
Photo Credit: Pottery Barn Kids

9. 1-00 Acre Woods

You can’t go wrong with a Winnie the Pooh themed party, as it’s a classic story that has warmed the hearts of millions. As with the bee-themed party mentioned earlier, this theme also lends itself to honey accents and cozy comfort food. Host a backyard party and mirror the classic Winnie the Pooh birthday party shown in the movie with hats, balloons, and tasty treats!

Food Idea: Winnie the Pooh-themed donuts

Drink Idea: Whiskey, Honey and Peaches, Winnie the Pooh Cocktail

Decor: Pastels and florals in a picnic layout

winnie the pooh themed backyard party setup
Photo Credit:

10. Baby’s 1st Rodeo

Yee-haw! It’s the baby’s 1st rodeo! Western-themed parties are easy to accomplish, due to a wide variety of affordable decor pieces. Step things up a notch, and hire a local petting zoo to bring a few small animals, such as goats or a baby pony, to your backyard.

Food Idea: Classic BBQ

Drink Idea: Rodeo Jalapeno Lemonade cocktail

Decor: Cow Print garland and banners

western themed dessert table
Photo Credit:

A Baby Party, but Mostly for You

Let’s face it – while this party is all about celebrating the first year of your baby’s life, it’s also about celebrating you and all of the challenges and sleepless nights you’ve overcome while adjusting to your new normal.

We hope these party ideas encourage you to make more special memories with your baby, while toasting all of the amazing highs and tearful moments that got you to this happy day. Invite your friends, family, and loved ones to share fruity drinks and good laughs, and know that you’ve done a great job. Cheers to many more happy celebrations ahead!

Consider setting up an online registry for yourself (or setting one up for the parents) and contribute to a relaxing overnight spa getaway for them. The parents have had a rewarding but exhausting year and they deserve to get pampered!

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