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Best High School Fundraiser Ideas

Need to raise money for a school event? Discover some of the top ways to help raise money for your school. No idea is too small.

By Enrique Aguilar

High school is a time of growth, learning, and building memories that last a lifetime. It's also a time when many students, teachers, and parents come together to support their school and community through fundraising efforts.

Whether you're raising money for a special project, a school trip, or to support a local charity, finding the best high school fundraiser ideas can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. In this blog, we'll explore some creative and effective fundraising ideas that not only boost school spirit but also generate the funds you need.

The Best High School Fundraiser Ideas to Boost Spirits and Funds

1. Bake Sales

People grabbing sweets from a bake sale

Traditional bake sales are always a hit. Host a bake sale where students and parents contribute homemade goodies from decadent chocolate chip cookies to gourmet cupcakes. It’s a delicious way to raise funds with success!

2. Art Auction

Showcase the artistic talents of your school community by organizing an art auction. Students can create and donate artwork, while parents and local artists can also contribute pieces. Invite friends and family to bid on the artwork in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

3. Car Wash

A dirty car with "wash me" written on it

A classic high school fundraiser that never goes out of style. Host a car wash day at your school or a local business. Encourage students to advertise the event beforehand, and make sure to spread the word to the local community.

4. Community Yard Sale Fundraiser

A community yard sale fundraiser not only generates funds but also brings together the school community and the neighborhood, creating a sense of unity and collaboration. It's a great way to declutter homes, find unique treasures, and support a worthy cause all in one event.

5. Trivia Night

Hosting a trivia night can be a fun and creative way to raise funds for your high school. Create teams and charge an entry fee for those who want to participate. Prepare unique questions on a wide range of topics and offer prizes to the winning team. It's a great way to bring the school community together for some friendly competition.

6. Student Talent Show

Highlight the incredible talents of your students by organizing a talent show. Encourage students to showcase their skills, whether it's singing, dancing, comedy, or magic. Make sure to charge for tickets and spread the word to your whole community. You might discover some hidden talents within your school!

7. Sports Tournament

People playing flag football

Host a sports tournament with teams made up of students, teachers, and parents. Consider doing a basketball tournament, soccer matches, or even a friendly game of kickball. To gather funds, set a price for participants to join in the tournament. Additionally, you can set up concession stands to sell snacks and school merchandise.

8. Auction Off Unique Experiences

Reach out to your school community and local businesses to donate unique experiences or items. These can include personalized cooking classes, behind-the-scenes tours of local attractions, or anything else that can attract people to participate. Auction off these experiences at a school event and see the funds come flying in!

9. Fundraising Walk or Run

A group of women getting ready for a race

Organize a walkathon or a fun run for students and the community. Participants can gather pledges or sponsors for every mile they complete. It's a healthy and active way to raise funds.You can also create a friendly competition to see who can gather the most sponsors.

10. Pet Parade and Show

Organize a pet parade where students and their families can showcase their beloved pets. Include categories like "Best Dressed Pet,"or "Most Unique Pet." Charge an entry fee for participants and spectators. Not only will this help your cause, you’ll also be surrounded by all the adorable pets!

11. Say Cheese for a Cause

Capture heartwarming moments with a Family Photo Day fundraiser. Partner with a local professional photographer or a talented volunteer photographer from your school community to offer beautiful photos to families. This not only raises funds but also creates lasting memories for everyone!

12. School Merchandise Sales

Design and sell school merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, or custom-made accessories featuring your school's logo or mascot. You can even organize special sales events during sports games or school rallies to help.

13. Dine-Out Nights

Partner with local restaurants to host "Dine-Out Nights." On designated evenings, a percentage of the restaurant's profits go toward your fundraising cause. Promote these events within the school community and encourage participation.

14. Recycling Drive

wo people sorting through recyclable items

Promote environmental awareness while fundraising. Organize a recycling drive where students and families can collect recyclables like paper, glass, and aluminum. Turn them in for recycling and earn money based on the weight of materials collected.

15. Online Crowdfunding

Leverage the power of the internet with online crowdfunding platforms. Create a compelling campaign explaining your fundraising cause and share it with friends, family, and social media networks. Using platforms like Celebration Wishes can help speed up the process by offering free website templates and online gift registry tools.

16. Charity Auction

Collaborate with local charities or nonprofits and host a charity auction. Invite community members to donate items, services, or experiences, and all proceeds can go to the chosen charity. It's a fantastic way to give back while raising funds.

17. Movie Night Under the Stars

A person eating popcorn and watching a movie.

Set up an outdoor movie screening in your school's courtyard or field. Charge admission for students, parents, and community members to enjoy a classic movie under the night sky. Don't forget the popcorn and blankets!

18. Holiday Gift Wrapping Service

Plan a holiday gift wrapping station at a local mall or community center during the holiday season. Set up shop with all the wrapping paper, ribbons and charge a fee for gift wrapping services. It's the perfect opportunity to showcase your school spirit and drum up support for your cause.

19. Karaoke Night

Host a karaoke night where students and teachers can showcase their singing talents. Charge admission fees for attendees and even offer opportunities for the audience to vote for their favorite performances. You can also include a panel of judges for added excitement.

20. Pie Your Teachers

A person who just got a pie thrown in their face

Get ready for a hilarious and memorable fundraising event where students have the chance to pie their teachers in the face – all in the name of charity!

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