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12 Anniversary Travel Gift Registry Ideas

Do your friends love to travel and have an anniversary coming up? Use our helpful guide to get them a gift they will love and use!

By Hannah Purvis

If you’re planning a getaway for your anniversary, creating a travel registry can be a great way for your loved ones to help you celebrate! We’ve created a list of registry ideas ranging from inexpensive gifts that will aid in your trip to experiences!

For the Couple Who Loves Adventure

1. Monogrammed Luggage Tags

Good-quality, monogrammed luggage tags will be a nice addition to the bags of a seasoned traveler. Consider asking for a new matching pair! You could also register for air tags to keep inside your luggage. These help you track your bags along every leg of your journey and can help you locate them if they end up getting lost.

luggage tag.jpg
Photo Credit: Amazon

2. Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Some people prefer the ease of gifting money or gift cards. Add a Barnes & Noble gift card to your registry and unlock a world of entertainment opportunities for your trip. Use it to buy that new adventure novel that’s been on your Goodreads list, or get an activity book like drawing or sudoku to help you pass the time while waiting for your flight.

a person holding a stack of books
Photo Credit: Thought Catalog

3. Collapsible Drink Containers

You may have your favorite mug or glass at home, but when traveling you may be at the mercy of plastic throwaway cups or spending lots of money on bottled drinks. Register for a nice set of collapsible drink containers that will easily store in your carry-on. Make sure to find a color/style that you really like, so you can have a new favorite cup specifically dedicated to your travels.

Photo Credit: Amazon

4. Travel Journal

Do you and your partner like to document your adventures together? Register for a good quality travel journal with room for photos and keepsakes such as ticket stubs, stickers, and postcards. You can both bond over filling out your journal with your favorite memories on the flight home.

travel journal.jpg
Photo Credit: Amazon

5. Neck Pillow and Blanket Set

Everyone’s broken down before and bought that overpriced airport pillow simply because it’s the only option. If you and your partner are frequent fliers, registering for a high-quality, comfortable pillow, and blanket set can be the gift that keeps on giving. Investing in something that provides warmth, comfort and good support can be the difference between a good and bad flight!

Photo Credit: Amazon

6. Shutterfly Gift Card

Give the gift of memories in the form of a photo keepsake. Shutterfly can turn your travel photos into a carefully curated album, blanket, calendar and so much more. Either assemble a photo gift yourself or give the couple a gift card so they can reminisce on their adventures together for years to come.

Photo Credit: Shutterfly

7. Excursion/Activity Contribution

If you know exactly what activities you want to do on your trip, consider registering for those individually on your celebration registry. However, if you and your partner are more on the spontaneous side and prefer to go with the flow on your vacations, consider adding a more general excursion contribution. Use the description to list a few things that you’re both interested in doing or activities that the area is known for. This way people have an idea of what their contribution may go towards.

Two people kayaking
Photo Credit: Adam Navarro

8. Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed when they’re on vacation? Imagine waking up to piping hot breakfast delivered via room service, then enjoying a cup of coffee out on your balcony with a view. Sounds nice, huh? Be sure to add this item to your registry so you feel free to indulge in a little luxury during your stay.

breakfast in bed
Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska

9. A Round of Drinks

Vacations can get expensive, which is why a travel gift registry can be so beneficial to your trip. Add a registry item to cover a round of drinks! Think about it, if you were celebrating with your loved ones in person, they’d likely buy you a drink to cheers your relationship. But if you and your loved one are choosing to celebrate on your own, let them contribute to a fruity poolside one instead!

Two people cheersing with their drinks
Photo Credit: Ishan @seefromthesky

10. Dinner for Two

Similar to a round of drinks, add a “dinner for two” item to your registry. If your hotel has a nice restaurant or you know of somewhere the two of you want to dine in particular, add that as a specific item. Use the description box to talk about the type of food they serve and why it would make for a memorable anniversary dinner for the two of you!

A dinner table with wine and food
Photo Credit: Stefan Johnson

11. Spa Contribution

Picture you and your partner getting a couples massage or enjoying a facial together on your next vacation. Indulge in a little pampering on your trip by adding a spa contribution to your registry. Have your loved ones contribute to something you’ll really enjoy!

A table with flowers, a candle, lotion and a towel
Photo Credit: Camille Brodard

12. Hotel Contribution

If your loved ones don't know what to give you for your anniversary celebration, why not have them help you with something more memorable and less tangible? Adding a hotel contribution to your registry will allow people the chance to help you book the anniversary trip of your dreams. Lodging can be expensive, but every contribution will help!

hotel room bed and side table
Photo Credit: Rhema Kallianpur

Giving the Gift of Memories Made

Contributing to a loved one’s celebration by gifting experiences for them to enjoy together is a meaningful way to show your love. While traditional gifting is nice, helping them make special memories together is something they will remember for years to come.

For help planning the perfect anniversary getaway, book with Celebration Wishes Travel. You can rest assured that every single detail of your trip will be handled with care. Fill out our interest form to learn more today!

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