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12 Gift Ideas for the Dad That Has Everything And Wants Nothing

What do you get your dad who seems to have everything? Think outside the box and gift something unique & special. Here are some great ideas to consider.

By Hannah Purvis

Does anyone else have a dad who always claims he wants “nothing” for his birthday or the holidays? Or have you discovered a past gift for dad that somehow found its way into the donation bin. Sometimes it seems that no matter what we think of, we just can’t nail that perfect gift for dad.

We’ve done a little digging and discussed with our own dads to craft the perfect list of 12 birthday gifts for the dad who has everything and wants nothing. We guarantee one of these is sure to be a home run!

Father and son laughing
Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

Thinking Outside of the Box

1. Coffee Subscription

If your dad is a coffee drinker, he’ll love being part of a coffee subscription club. Our favorite is the Atlas Coffee Club, which delivers 12 ounces of freshly roasted coffee from various growers around the world right to your door. Each month, your dad will receive a new coffee blend with a unique postcard and tips for brewing the perfect cup of coffee!

coffee subscription

Photo Credit: Atlas Coffee Club

2. Distillery Tour

A distillery tour is a fun outing that is not only informative but can leave the man of the hour with a fresh bottle of his favorite drink! Many distillery tours walk guests through the history of the distillery while also giving samples of the different spirits throughout. Depending on the location, you can pair this activity with a nice dinner afterward for a well-rounded evening and a memorable experience!

distillery barrels
Photo Credit: Katherine Conrad

3. Book of The Month

If you have a dad who enjoys a good book, another subscription service that we love is the Book of the Month Club! Choose from a handful of carefully selected reads that are sure to leave you eagerly awaiting the next delivery! If you decide you’d prefer to skip a month or cancel, they make it easy. You can even choose more than 1 of the month picks if your interest is peaked. This is a great gift for those looking to broaden their horizons with reading!

book of the month club
Photo Credit: Book of the Month Club

4. A Local Foodie Tour

A lot of cities offer local foodie tours which is a unique gift for someone who enjoys trying a variety of good foods and supporting local businesses! Search your area for a tour you can join or create your own foodie tour by getting gift certificates to your favorite local places, allowing your dad to try an app, main, drink, and dessert from different places by the end of the night!

food at fine dining restaurant
Photo Credit: Jay Wennington

5. Home Brewery Kit

Uncommon Goods is one of our favorite sites for quirky gifts that you can’t find just anywhere. One thing that immediately jumped out at us is a home beer brewing kit. Packaged in a neat little box, this gift includes everything needed to make a West Coast-Style IPA right at home. We don’t think it’ll get much better than this for the beer-loving dad.

home brewery kit
Photo Credit: Uncommon Goods

6. Yeti Coffee Tumbler

We know, we know – dad already has a coffee cup. While many might roll their eyes at the simplicity of gifting yet another tumbler, we’re here to tell you that this one is different! Yeti cups are durable and have a proven track record of being the go-to coffee cup for all occasions. From personal experience I can tell you they’re worth the hype (and dad approved) for keeping your coffee hot and handy all day long!

Photo Credit: Yeti

7. Darn Tough Socks

Socks may seem to be a standard and tired gift idea for the dad who is hard to shop for. But Darn Tough Socks come with a promise of lifetime use. Yes, you heard that right – socks for a lifetime! Any natural wear over time is considered a part of their warranty program and results in a free replacement. So think of it this way, you’re gifting dad socks for the rest of his life. We think that’s a pretty good gift!

tough socks
Photo Credit: Darn Tough Socks

8. Tickets to a Game or Show

Whether your dad enjoys a laugh at the touring broadway show or is more interested in following along with his favorite sports team, tickets make a great gift! Consider getting two tickets so you can enjoy some quality bonding time and spend the day together! We’re sure dad will be grateful for the time with you doing something he loves.

Kentucky football game
Photo Credit: Nik Shuliahin

9. A Photo Album

Even dads with a tough exterior will love to see meaningful family photos bound neatly in a book for them to treasure for life. Some may not realize they have certain photos saved digitally and by gifting an album, you can tell the story of a beloved family trip or memories. We recommend using Shutterfly, as their platform is easy to navigate and their delivery is quick!

photo album
Photo Credit: Laura Fuhrman

10. Monthly Bacon Subscription

Who doesn’t love bacon? If your dad does, then this 3-6 month subscription will make him smile. When considering signing up, you may wonder what variety of bacon he can expect (trust us, we wondered too), but the Bacon Monthly Subscription Box by Goldbelly includes spiced, chocolate dipped, smoked, and more. Each month will be something completely different, thus something fun to look forward to!

Photo Credit: Goldbelly

11. Remake Childhood Photos

This one can be a lot of fun, especially if you have siblings and want to get them involved. Pick one or two childhood photos that are either really meaningful or really cringy and find similar outfits to those you wore in the photo. Gather up the crew and stage a photoshoot, framing the winners and presenting them to your dad. He’s sure to get a kick out of this silly gift and it will create fun new memories for everyone involved.

picture of three girls
Photo Credit: Charlein Gracia

12. Hot Sauce Multi-Pack

Does your dad like to cook? Mine does! That’s why I consider a hot-sauce multi-pack to be a great gift for dad that he’ll actually use. You don’t have to worry about it sitting in a closet until he inevitably decides to pitch it. Hot sauce or spice packs are something that can lead to him experimenting with meals in the kitchen and can be a reward for you too if you get to enjoy his cooking!

hot sauce multi pack
Photo Credit: Heatonist

Even the Pickiest Dad Will Love These

From subscription boxes stuffed with bacon, to a few more practical gifts that dad can use daily, we think that at least one of these unique ideas is sure to be a hit with your dad. For more gift inspiration or Father’s Day celebration ideas, follow along with our blog and social pages!

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