Groomsmen Gifts: What to Know

What is a good groomsman gift that makes sense and might be able to be used again? Here is a list of common gifts for your groomsman & the average cost.

By Hannah Purvis

Your closest friends and your biggest day deserves a little gifting! It can be hard to know what to give your friends to thank them for being a part of this special moment. You could lean towards gifting something humorous, or in the other direction, something practical. Maybe a good gift is just something they can wear on the big day!

We have all sorts of ideas for you that you can buy directly from this list, so you can focus on celebrating. Read on for a healthy dose of shopping inspo!

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What Are Good Groomsmen Gifts?

How Much Should I Spend on Groomsmen Gifts? Wondering how much to spend on groomsmen gifts? This can vary, and it’s also helpful to keep in mind how many people you’re buying for! If you have a larger wedding party, it may be more financially responsible to stick to a smaller gift or a box with a few simple items. If you have a smaller group of really tight-knit friends, maybe a larger splurge on something that will be extra meaningful.

The average range is between $30-$100 per groomsman, but with that being said, there are some really unique gifts you can find on the lower end of that! So don’t feel any pressure to overspend in this area.

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When Should I Give Out Groomsman Gifts?

There are two good times to consider gifting your groomsmen, but I recommend choosing this time based on the gift itself. If you’re putting together a mini ‘whiskey kit’ or gifting custom cufflinks, these thoughtful gifts may be better given during the moment when you’re asking your friend to be a part of your big day.

If your groomsmen’s gifts consist of sunglasses, wacky socks, and ‘groom squad’ baseball hats, then you may want to gift them all at once during your bachelor party, as that’s most likely where most of the items will be used.

four men wearing hawaiian shirts Credit: Unsplash

Our Favorite Groomsman Gift Ideas

1. Whiskey Glass

Amazon has a great assortment of affordable whiskey glasses that range in style from classic patterns to crisp modern carvings. Pair this glass with a mini shot of each friend’s favorite liquor, sparkling water in a glass bottle, and add in a single silicone ice mold to create a takeaway cocktail kit!

whiskey glass filled halfway Photo Credit: Amazon

2. Personalized Cufflinks

Order personalized cufflinks, engraved with the groomsmen’s initials or the date of the wedding for them to wear during the ceremony. This will be a special keepsake and, depending on the style of engraving, will be something they can wear again for other occasions.

cuff links with customizable text option Photo Credit: Amazon

3. A Compass

If you and your friends are the outdoorsy types, maybe your perfect bachelor party is one spent together camping in the wilderness. A compass fits the theme and can be of use in other situations for those who enjoy spending time hiking or exploring national parks.

wooden compass with case Photo Credit: Amazon

4. Credit Card Sleeve Bottle Openers

This is a gift that is both affordable and practical. In fact, for the beer drinkers in your life, this gift will likely get a lot of use! These slender bottle openers can be personalized and will easily slide into a wallet sleeve, making them portable and good for drinks out and about!

customizable bottle opener Photo Credit: Amazon

5. Flasks

When planning groomsmen gifts, it’s important to think about your friends and the types of activities you all enjoy doing together. If you’re planning a bachelor party complete with live music and bar crawling, gifting flasks to each party member is a great way to keep the party going all night long while potentially saving some money!

six customizable brown flasks Photo Credit: Amazon

6. Funny Socks

While silly socks may not be what you think of as a great groomsmen gift by themselves, try adding them to a small curated gift box! Plus, shop a huge variety of themed socks on Sockologie and pick out a different pair that matches the energy and personality of each different person in your wedding party!

black socks with champagne bottles on them Photo Credit: Sockologie

7. Travel Coffee Tumbler

Another gift that your friends will get great use out of, give the gift of practicality with a Stanley stainless steel coffee tumbler. These travel mugs are great for serving up a nice cup of joe after a long night out on the bachelor getaway and are guaranteed to keep your coffee nice and hot all day long.

dark green stanley mug Photo Credit: Stanley

8. Magnetic money clip wallet

A magnetic money clip is another simple gift that will get a lot of daily use. These mini wallets can range from very utilitarian to luxury leather goods, depending on the style you’re looking for. Get their name or a small note engraved on the side, and know that your friends will carry this gift close to them each and every day.

brown leather money clip with fifty dollar bill inside Photo Credit: Amazon

9. Matching button-downs

Order matching button downs for the whole group to wear during the bachelor party festivities! You can opt for more tame styles or go all-out-bachelor and order shirts covered in the happy couple’s faces! That’s sure to get a lot of laughs from the group and a lot of applause from other bar patrons!

customized button-down hawaiian shirts Photo Credit: Etsy

10. Hats

Gifting silly coordinated hats to your groomsmen is a playful way to get the party started! Pass these out at the start of the bachelor party, by themselves, or in gift bags of other small items such as:

  • Matching socks
  • Mini liquor shooters
  • Flasks

three customizable hats for groomsmen Photo Credit: Amazon

11. Personalized whiskey

You can’t go wrong with a bottle of nice whiskey Take the extra step of making it meaningful by ordering these Groomsman proposal stickers to re-wrap the bottles in. Your friends will definitely get a kick out of this ask!

customized liquor bottles for groomsmen proposals Photo Credit: Amazon

12. Custom 6-pack

Drinking a nice cold beer can be a highly personal experience because of everyone’s vastly different preferences on taste. Order custom 6-pack holders themed to your friends’ interests or bachelor party location and assemble them with beers that you know each friend will love!

four examples of custom beer six packs Photo Credit: Labels On The Fly

It's Really the Thought That Counts

I know, I know – it’s a common cliche. We hear it all the time, but it’s true! Your closest friends won’t care what you choose to gift them with. In fact, many of them probably won’t even be expecting a gift!

The fact that you’re choosing them to stand beside you as you step into a new chapter is a gift in itself and they’re likely pretty grateful for the friendship that has led to this point. So just choose something that speaks to you and your friendship and go from there!

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