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6 Honeymoon Gifts for Couples Traveling

For couples that love to travel, the perfect honeymoon gift can be anything from luggage to a personalized passport. Consider these ideas for the newlyweds.

By Annabel Hartigan

Coming up with the perfect honeymoon gift for an adventurous, jet-setting couple can be challenging. If they prioritize experiences over material possessions, it’s hard to know what to buy. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at some of our favorite honeymoon gifts for your favorite thrill-seeking couple.

Are Honeymoon Gifts a Thing?

Yes! Honeymoon gifts are absolutely “a thing,” and people regularly give these unique but memorable items to newlyweds. As the number of couples living together before marriage increases, more and more friends and family members are contributing to their honeymoons than ever before. It’s a fun and memorable way for both the couples and gift givers to make an impact on a milestone moment in their lives.

Best Travel-Related Gifts for Newlywed Couples

1. Suitcases with Matching Carry On

A reliable suitcase that won’t get swapped in baggage claim? Yes please! Gift a coordinated luggage set that makes both short and long getaways easy for newlyweds. Luxury suitcases are equal parts trendy and durable, perfect for newlyweds looking to build new memories. Check out this set we found on Mark and Graham for personalized monogrammed luggage. Don’t forget your luggage tags! It’s a small detail that makes for a thoughtful finishing touch.

monogrammed luggage
Photo Credit: Mark and Graham

2. Bose Soundlink Wireless Audio Sunglasses

Sunglasses that play music? Sounds good to us. Bose soundlink wireless sunglasses are a unique gift that will make the newlywed’s excursion even better. They come in a variety of designs, and will certainly be a gift your friends can use for years to come.

Bose soundlink wireless sunglasses
Photo Credit: Best Buy

3. Polaroid Camera

Everyone has a smartphone to capture wonderful memories nowadays, but you just can’t beat the nostalgia of an instant-photo from a polaroid. The memories captured during their adventurous honeymoon will be a keepsake from their trip forever. And once they come home, couples can easily share the snapshots with all of their family and friends who contributed to making their honeymoon adventures come true!

polaroid camera
Photo Credit: Amazon

4. Candle-Lit Dinner for Two

Being able to wine and dine in a new location is something special to share during a honeymoon. With your generosity, this gift from the couples’ honeymoon fund will surely spark romance as they spend time dining underneath the stars. An intimate experience like this will truly capture the amazing culture and scenery of their destination. Dining by candlelight ups the ante and makes an already romantic experience even better.

candle lit dinner

5. Snorkeling Trip

A once in a lifetime snorkeling excursion is the perfect opportunity for your loved ones to get a glimpse of life under the sea. Exploring fluorescent coral reefs and the natural beauty of wildlife will create a lifetime of memories they’ll reminisce on for years to come. It’s equal parts adventurous, beautiful, and unforgettable.

go snorkeling on your honeymoon
Photo Credit: Unsplash

6. Day Trip to a Private Island

Having an island all to yourself is a honeymooner’s paradise. With so many activities to be shared, this gift will be an incomparable way to celebrate eternal love. Most resorts will provide guests beach towels, chaise lounge chairs, an umbrella, and an assortment of refreshments, so all they have to do is show up ready for some sun! Whether they want to catch waves or simply recline in the sun, the newlyweds will be so thrilled with the endless opportunities the island has to offer.

relax by the beach on your honeymoon

Adventurous activities and romantic accommodations during your honeymoon are things couples enjoy for a variety of reasons. A Honeymoon Adventures registry opens the door for couples to receive unique and life-changing gifts. Whether they want something for their travels or an excursion to add to their itinerary, Honeymoon Adventures has it all.

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