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Where to Host a Dog Birthday Party

Our pups deserve to celebrate their birthday too! Find out the best locations to host your dog's next birthday party.

By Hannah Purvis

As with any party, choosing the perfect location to host a birthday party for your dog is one of the first steps. This is no different when planning a party for your pet! While it’s easy to assume that there aren't many venues that would cater to pets, you'd be surprised by how many places not only allow, but encourage you to bring your furry friends.

Below, we've highlighted some familiar places where you can celebrate alongside your pups, and your friends for a memorable party that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone!

dog with a party hat
Photo by Delaney Dawson on Unsplash

For Pups & Their People

1. Brewery or Vineyard

Most breweries and some vineyards allow dogs to accompany their humans for a beverage. Gather up a group of your close friends and have everybody bring their pups for a pint and some apps. It can be an excellent opportunity for them to socialize alongside you and you may even find the venue has treats and water bowls so your puppy feels at home. Your pups will surely enjoy a chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air on a beautiful day!

guy pouring a beer ar a bar
Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

2. Local Puppy Play Studio

Host a party at a local pet play studio and invite your friends with puppies to join in on the celebration! Typically the layout of these spaces can be changed around depending on the activity or how many animals are coming. Talk to your local studio and see if you can set up obstacle courses and games for your pups as a way to challenge them and burn some energy!

Keep in mind that some of these studios have vaccine requirements such as the Canine Influenza vaccine and rabies shot and will require a copy of their records to make sure their spaces stay clean and safe for all puppies on the property!

dog chewing on pig toy
Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash

3. Dog Bar

Upon visiting St. Petersburg in Florida, I came across a dog bar where guests could let their furry friends off leash to play with other pups! The space was enclosed with a double layer fence and swing gate, so the dogs were free to run and play happily without any worry of getting lost. It’s great for pets and their humans, as I saw many groups of friends gathering to chat over a drink.

While similar to a brewery or vineyard, these spaces differ in that their main focus is building a space specifically around your pups. Search local offerings for similar types of establishments.

dog sitting at a bar with their owner
Photo by James Lacy on Unsplash

4. Pet-Friendly Campground

If your dog enjoys the great outdoors, find a pet-friendly campground with hiking trails nearby. Gather your friends and stay the night, enjoying some fresh air and exercise. Your puppy is sure to love the adventure!

If you are a worried pet-parent, not sure how they’ll react to so much open space, buy an Apple Airtag and clip it to their collar for peace of mind knowing you can track their moves if they wander a little further than you’d like!

Dog owner hugging their pup outdoors
Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

5. Dog Beach

A lot of coastal areas have specifically designated dog beaches where pups are welcome to visit and run around off-leash enjoying some fun in the sun. Pack a picnic and head down to your local dog beach for a day of lively play!

dog at a beach running and playing
Photo by Tom Hills on Unsplash

Fun For Everyone

Finding places you can bring your puppy outside of the home is always exciting. The chance for them to run around and get some worry-free play is priceless and we hope this has helped inspire you to seek out some local dog-friendly spots to celebrate their special day. Stay tuned for more furr-tastic pet content on our blog!

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