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How to Create Your Guest List & Send Invites

See custom instructions on how to create your event registry guest list. After your guest list is finalized, see how to send invites for your celebration.

By Hannah Purvis

Want your event planning to be a piece of cake?

No matter what you're celebrating?

That's exactly why we've expanded our celebration toolkit to offer users everything needed to easily facilitate an event, all in one place.

One of our most useful tools is the guest management feature! With this, easily create or import a party guest list for any event and track RSVPs right from your Celebration Wishes dashboard.

Why send out paperless invites?

  • Avoid invitations getting lost in the mail
  • Instant RSVP’s in an easily trackable place
  • You’ll save money on paper invites and postage
  • Guests are more likely to shop from your event registry thanks to an easy-to-find link included in the invite

wedding flowers and candles on a table
Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

What makes our invite system so awesome?

Not only can you include the usual details typically found in physical event invites, but our paperless invites allow you as an event host to also link to your gift registry and event website. This gives your event guests an easy opportunity to shop the registry from the get-go, and access FAQs, and other details from the event website!

As someone who plans many events myself, I can vouch for how helpful this is. It keeps people from asking the same questions repetitively, and will make you feel more organized knowing that your guests have what they need for things to run smoothly the day of!

two people saying their vows at their wedding
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Plus, you can add specific questions related to meal preferences or allergies for guests who may prefer a vegan or vegetarian dish, for example. When it comes time to plan any event catering, you’ll be able to access this information without sifting through a stack of invites (or text threads) and your guests will be grateful for the consideration.

Create Your Guest List & Send Invites

Step 1. Once you log into your Celebration Wishes account, navigate to the ‘My Events’ tab from the top right corner of the page. Select or create the event you wish to add guests to. Click ‘Guests’ on the left-hand menu to get started.

Step 2. You have the option to either upload a spreadsheet with guest information in a CSV file or manually input guests one by one.

searching guests on celebration wishes site

Step 3. If you choose to manually enter your guests, click ‘Add Guest’ and enter contact information such as their full name, email, phone number, and more. You can decide here if you’d like to allow them a plus one for the event as well.

Step 4. Once you’ve input all guests for your event, you can move forward to creating an invitation to send out!

adding a guest to the guest list

How to send an invitation on Celebration Wishes

Step 1. Select ‘Invitations’ on the left-hand menu to get started.

Step 2. Click ‘New Invitation’ and enter the following details about your celebration:

starting a new invitation on celebration wishes site

  • Invitation Name
  • Event Date
  • Start and End Time
  • Event Location/ Location Name
  • Respond By Date
  • Host Name

Step 3. Once you’ve finished filling out the event details, you’ll have the option to add a registry or site link. Be sure to set these up before making your invites, if you’d like to include them, for ease.

adding a registry or website link to your event invitation

Step 4. Add in spaces for meal preferences if you’d like to give your guests the option to share dietary restrictions or share what they’re bringing to the potluck! Once these steps are complete, your invitation will show up on the invitations page.

adding preferences on your invitation

Step 5. Lastly, click on your invite and add guests by searching in the left-hand search bar. Include a subject line and message, so your guests know more about the occasion before opening their invitation, then hit send!

 including more information for your guests on the invitation

The best part of celebrating is the people you're with!

Here at Celebration Wishes, we truly value connection and people first. That's why we wanted to make an easy-to-use tool that helps you connect with those you love most. Head to our homepage today to get started creating your own free account.

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