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How to Throw an 'I Don't' Divorce Party

Discover how to throw an ‘I Don't' divorce party and create new memories with your close friends and family.

By Hannah Purvis

When the divorce papers are served and you're wondering what to do next…it’s time to celebrate your divorce! Grab a cake, round up your loved ones and take some time to observe and reflect on this experience. We want you to feel supported to celebrate the start of this new chapter of your life in a lighthearted way!

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Symbolism Behind a Divorce Party

Some may wonder -- why a divorce party? While the answer to this question varies based on the person, there's one thing we can say for sure. Going through a divorce or separation can be incredibly challenging. However, it can also be a positive start to a new season of life and for some, this milestone warrants celebration!

In fact, in recent years parties geared towards 'celebrating the split' have risen in popularity as people now are choosing to take an empowered stance on this big life change.

How to Plan a Meaningful Party

For those who are looking for divorce party ideas, we've got some inspo for you.

Step 1. Decide Who’s Coming

Start your planning process by deciding on a guest list. It may feel challenging if you have a lot of shared friends with your ex-spouse, but remember this is a chance to highlight the start of a new chapter. It’s important to have your close friends and loved ones around to provide comfort and encouragement! Keep the party light and make sure your shared friends know that they don’t have to choose sides.

On the flip side, some people who divorce choose to remain friends with their ex-spouse, whether that be due to shared child custody, joint pets, or a long-term friendship, remember these goodbyes can also have happy endings. This may mean planning a joint divorce party as a show of goodwill to your children, family, and friends, as you leap into this new life phase.

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Step 2. Plan Food/Drinks

This party is meant to honor your new life. Therefore, it should be filled with things that you love! When planning food and drinks for your party menu, focus on your favorite meals, drinks, desserts, etc. Was your ex a health nut? Cater the night with your favorite junk food. Was there something they were allergic to that you couldn’t have? Cover the table in the food you’ve been missing.

Also, don’t forget to order a divorce party cake in your favorite flavor to commemorate the night. You can forgo the singing, but still make a wish for your future when you blow out the candle. End the night with a champagne toast from your loved ones in honor of being newly single!

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Step 3. Create Lighthearted Games

If you want structured activities for your party, be sure to focus on lighthearted things that aren't about tearing down your former partner, but rather building yourself up! This is especially important if kids are involved, as you don't want to create any discomfort or ill feelings for them about either parent.

Some fun ideas for your celebration are:

  • Planning a wreck-the-dress bonfire or paint fight
  • Planting succulents or building out terrariums to symbolize planting seeds for a new life ahead
  • Hanging up a Pinata to get out some strong feelings in a fun atmosphere
  • Or better yet, visit a local 'rage cage' establishment -- a safe place to break dishes and electronics -- as another fun activity to let out any built-up tension
  • Host a movie night celebration and watch empowering films with your favorite comfort foods
  • Have a guys or girls trip and have a night out on the town!

These are just a few of the endless divorce party activities that could make for a memorable night!

Step 4. Leave Time For Heartfelt Conversations

If your event is limited to your closest friends and loved ones, it can be comforting to leave some time for open conversation and advice on moving forward.

As a unique keepsake, have your friends fill out notecards with words of encouragement to open each week for the next few months or use the time to talk about your goals moving forward.

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Ultimately, This Event Is up to You

It can be as intimate or rowdy as you prefer! Just make sure that at the end of it, you feel uplifted and encouraged moving forward. You want this day to be something meaningful to propel you into your new season with grace.

If you're starting fresh in a new home or space, consider setting up a registry and having your friends help you start over with some basic household necessities. You can create a registry for any occasion, even when you are starting fresh after a divorce.

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