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How to Use the Celebration Wishes Registry

Explore the variety of capabilities that Celebration Wishes can offer with our comprehensive guide on using the registry. Start your event registry today.

By Hannah Purvis

When you think of a gift registry, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

If you’re anything like me, you probably think of a newly engaged couple walking through a department store. Equipped with a hand scanner, they meticulously select the perfect set of dishes, hand towels, and the shiny new appliance of the season.

But what happens if you already live with your soon-to-be spouse and already have accumulated all of the household goods that you need?

Maybe a wedding is the furthest thing from your mind and instead, you’re planning a birthday party or graduation celebration. Have you ever considered a registry for these types of registered events? This is exactly what sets Celebration Wishes apart!

white bow on gift

A Registry for Gifts, Experiences, Travel, and More!

While you can still event register for the typical items, Celebration Wishes offers a unique registry tool that can also be tied to incredible world-renowned travel destinations. With gift items tailored to each type of vacation and destination, you'll be able to build your dream experience from the ground up!

Plus, the friends and family contributing to your registry will feel excited to handpick specific items to fund, such as a dinner for two for the newlyweds or airfare assistance for the recent grad planning an adventure!

Follow These Steps to Get Started

Step 1.
Create a Celebration Wishes account and click the ‘My Events’ tab at the top of the page.

my events tab on celebration wishes account

Step 2.
Navigate to the left-hand menu and click ‘Registry.’

navigating to your registry

Step 3.
Click the button that says ‘Add Gifts’ and use the search bar to browse gifts based on category.

 adding gifts to your registry

Step 4.
When you see an item you’d like to add to the registry, select it to personalize the contribution amount.

You can also add an item description, change the name of the item, as well as the quantity and amount you’d like to request.

You can also mark it as purchased if you get a contribution to your registry that’s received directly. For example, if a grandparent gives you cash for that birthday massage you’ve been waiting for.

personalizing your registry

Pro-Tip: Consider adding in a personalized description so your friends and family will understand why the gift would be meaningful to you.

Step 5.
Once you finish adding registry items, hover back over the ‘Registry’ button on the left-hand side and select ‘Gift List.’ From here, you’ll be able to see your full gift registry.

how to see your full gift registry

You can now track funds raised by clicking into your dashboard or visiting the ‘My Funds’ tab!

Let's Get Gifting!

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to create your own gift registry, get started today! Visit our homepage to set up your free account and how to set up your registry for all of your 2024 celebrations.

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