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Create a Custom Package: Your Italy Honeymoon Itinerary

Explore the enchanting allure of Italy with this captivating honeymoon itinerary. Discover the most romantic destinations and create unforgettable memories on your trip.

By Enrique Aguilar

When stepping into the beautiful country of Italy, you’ll notice how time seems to move slower. The culture is laid back and the pace of life moves at a relaxed rate. This lifestyle is embraced throughout the country and can be seen in the daily culture and local communities.

Being that you and your partner may want to get away and escape the construct of time all together, we figure that spending a honeymoon in Italy is the ideal place to do just that. With so much history and places to see, you’ll find planning the perfect trip easy to do. So join us as we share a taste of la dolce vita with you.

Best Places To Honeymoon in Italy

Photo Credit: Unsplash

  • Rome
  • Venice
  • Positano
  • Lake Como

When is the Best Time to Visit Italy

Deciding the proper time to visit Italy may depend on which region or province you’re going to. For the most part, many popular cities can be visited with no problem throughout the year.

Ideally, traveling during the spring months of April or May will bring forth just enough sunshine to make your travels more enjoyable. When visiting during the fall months between September and early November, you’ll see lower temperatures and far less crowds of tourists.

Though Italy is a fantastic place to travel all year long, we recommend staying clear of booking during the summer, as temperatures soar and many travelers tend to visit during this time of year. So if you’re looking for smaller crowds or ideal weather, you’ll want to be sure to plan ahead and find what options will work best for you and your partner.

Visiting Rome

One of the more iconic and historic cities, Rome, has a long-lasting and enduring impact that can still be felt today. Witness thousands of years of history and culture.

Here, you’ll get sent back to the time of the renaissance. Every street is filled with restaurants and boutique shops to look at. Discover something new everyday as you walk the historic alleys and cobblestoned streets throughout your stay. With ancient architecture and museums showcasing an array of art, Rome is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

Photo Credit : Context Travel

Things to Do:

From the Colosseum to the Vatican museum, Rome is home to legendary works of art. If you plan on sightseeing, group tours during the day can call for larger crowds and busier wait times.

For a more romantic and intimate moment, try going on a night tour. It is one of the finest ways to experience Rome. Being able to witness the Eternal City illuminated under the night sky is a sight that one cannot miss. If you’re looking for some insta-worthy content, we also recommend heading over to see the Trevi Fountain. Other than its beauty, the fountain is famously known as a “wish granter.'' Head over and toss your coins in, while also grabbing some delicious gelato at one of the local stands.

Visiting Venice

Be prepared to experience romance like never before. The bustling town of Venice is everything that you can imagine for a perfect honeymoon. Find yourselves enticed by the unique ambiance and eye-catching panoramas. There are hidden gems everywhere that you won’t want to miss. With fantasy-like canals, you’ll create many romantic moments with your love.

Photo Credit: CNTraveler

Things to Do:

There are several well-known and beautiful sites to explore in Venice. To get the best look, make sure to hop on a gondola and sail through the famous canals. You can book a private ride to ensure a lovely romantic moment together. You’ll also get a chance to sail under the well known Rialto Bridge, or Ponte di Rialto. Once you finish up your ride, you may be in the mood for some local cuisine.

To elevate your experience, grab a bite at one of the many authentic restaurants situated right by the canals. This way, you can dine on some savory pasta while also viewing boats sail right by. With so much beauty all around, your honeymoon in Venice will be sure to be remembered for years to come.

Visiting Positano

Positano is the ideal location for a romantic getaway. With breathtaking vistas of the Tyrrhenian Sea and spectacular sights of the city, this destination will have you thinking twice about leaving. Indulge in all the romantic offerings that Positano has and witness the beauty of Italian culture to the fullest. Grab a glass of aperol spritz and leave all your worries behind. This Italy honeymoon destination was made for true romantics and couples alike.

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Things To Do:

No trip to Positano is complete without heading over to their famous beaches. Surrounded by colorful umbrellas that stretch along the coast, you and your partner can lay up together as you watch the waves crash alongside you.

Sunbathe all day long as you enjoy the warm, relaxing atmosphere. If you decide to venture out one of the days, you can take a hike over to Valle Delle Ferriere in Amalfi. An easy, straightforward hike that many local residents take pleasure in doing. You’ll be strolling by lovely lemon trees and end at a wonderland of waterfalls.

You can finish your day off by heading back over to the water and booking a private sunset boat ride. See the breath-taking backdrop of Positano in the distance as you sail away into a fantasy. Snap a photo and savor the magical moments you will cherish with your love.

Visiting Lake Como

Spending your honeymoon in a location like Lake Como has a certain allure. Since the 19th century, it has been an ideal Italy honeymoon destination for couples to spend their time at this lovely seaside escape. Its appeal has persisted, as couples seek to immerse themselves in a world of fairytale.

Get lost in the gorgeous blue waters and the stunning landscapes. As you and your love get captivated by its beauty, you’ll understand why this location has been so popular for decades.

Lake Como.jpeg
Photo Credit: Galerie Magazine

Things to Do:

Stroll around this elegant lake and witness true beauty. At Lake Como, couples can find historic villas to tour, such as the Villa Balbianello. See the amazing gardens that surround the landscape and get a glimpse at true luxury. You and your partner can also try taking a private cooking class and learn the secrets of Italian cooking. For some extra fun, try taking a sailing tour across the lake and take a swim. You’ll sense the true charm of European culture during your trip here, as you both will be enchanted by the peaceful surroundings.

Start Planning Your Italian Honeymoon Now!

There really is no better place to spend your honeymoon than a country like Italy. You will be able to enjoy stunning views, try fresh, local food, and be offered a wide range of activities in all of its regions. If you are looking to escape from everyday life, or you want to create everlasting memories with your special someone, then plan a romantic honeymoon in Italy with us over at Celebration Wishes.

When you book with Celebration Wishes Travel you can rest easy knowing that every single detail of your trip will be handled with care. Fill out our interest form to get started on planning your dream vacation today!

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