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Oh, Baby!

25 Items to Put on Your Baby Registry for 2023

Creating a baby registry can be overwhelming. To eliminate some of that stress, we have compiled a 2023 must-have list to help you get started.

By Hannah Purvis

There are endless possibilities when buying gifts for first time parents. Whether you are looking to add big ticket items or just the essential baby gear, nothing is too small or big.

What is a baby registry?
We’ve rounded up some of the more popular baby registry items that are being added to registry in 2023 to make it easy for you to create a baby registry without the hassle.
Below are some of our favorite gift options for both baby and parents, to make the transition easier for the whole family.

Below are some of our favorite gift options for both baby and parents, to make the transition easier for the whole family.

Gifting Made Easy: Things to Put on Baby Registry

1. The Ollie World Swaddle

Swaddling is an effective method to help calm a nervous baby. It can imitate parental touch and help babies self-soothe when they’re feeling upset without the risk of them scratching their faces. The Ollie World Swaddle is nice because it offers moisture-wicking materials so the baby doesn’t risk overheating.

The Ollie World Swaddle
Photo Credit: Target

2. Frida Baby Baby Basics Kit

Frida Baby, a popular product line for new parents, offers this all-in-one Baby Basics Kit to help new parents with some of the daily maintenance items that their baby needs. The kit includes items to help with nails, skin, gas, and more.

Frida Baby Baby Basics Kit
Photo Credit: Target

3. Chicco Duo Hybrid Bottles

These BPA-free Chicco Duo Hybrid Bottles are made of both glass and plastic, which offer durability and protective layers that won’t easily break. They have an anti-colic valve and offer the ease of being dishwasher and bottle-warmer safe.

Chicco Duo Hybrid Bottles
Photo Credit: Target

4. The Play Gym

This Play Gym is great for babies between the ages of newborns to toddlers. It incorporates play zones that help foster growth and development including activity toys and card sets.

Lovery The Play Gym
Photo Credit: Lovevery

5. Miku Pro Baby Monitor

The Miku Pro Baby Monitor is a smart device that goes as far as monitoring your baby’s breathing in real-time on your smart device. It not only provides a live visual feed to your sleeping baby, but also offers a wellness dashboard for parents to monitor daily and nightly routines.

Miku Pro Baby Monitor
Photo Credit: Target

6. Bella Tunno Wonder Plate

These Bella Tunno Wonder Plates are great for babies and toddlers moving towards more solid foods. The silicone materials are easy to clean and microwave friendly and their suction capabilities keep them in place.

Bella Tunno Wonder Plate
Photo Credit: Amazon

7. HATCH Rest Baby Night Light

The Hatch Baby Light has multiple amazing features for new parents waking up for night feedings. It offers a soft night light, sound machine, and morning alarm, all of which can be controlled from a smartphone. You can even choose from pre-set sound and color combinations created by experts that will aid in your sleep during restless nights with the baby.

HATCH Rest Baby Night Light
Photo Credit: Walmart

8. The Honest Company Baby Arrival Gift Set

This baby arrival gift set from The Honest Company is the perfect gift for new parents. The gift set includes wipes, diapers, and various hypoallergenic bath products. All products are plant-based, paraben free, and gentle for use by the whole family.

Honest baby arrival gift set
Photo Credit: Amazon

9. Doona Convertible Car Seat & Stroller

Though on the pricier side, this combination Doona Car Seat and Stroller is worth the hype! The seat is created with a latch in and out base which makes converting from a car seat, to a stroller quick and easy. It’s also a rear-facing seat, meaning no additional seat adapters are required.

Doona car seat and stroller
Photo Credit: Nordstrom

10. Mam Comfort Pacifier

These Mam Comfort Pacifiers come in a pack of two and are designed with lightweight silicone that allows babies to keep them in their mouths more easily. These pacifiers are designed specifically for newborns and work easily for up to four months.

Mam Comfort Pacifier
Photo Credit: BuyBuyBaby

11. Meal-Delivery Gift card

While not directly related to newborns, a gift card for a meal delivery service can be one of the most helpful gifts you can give. Taking away the task of having to grocery shop and prepare meals for the first few days or weeks can be a big help for new parents. Popular services are Grubhub, Seamless, and Doordash. If you’d prefer to give the couple something slightly more hands-on, but healthier, consider a meal kit box like EveryPlate.

gift cards for meal delivery
Photo Credit: Seamless

12. Portable Diaper Changing Pad

A portable diaper changing pad can offer ease to new parents trying to readjust to spending time in public with their new baby. The reassurance that they’ll have a clean and comfortable place to change their baby can be exactly what they need to take the step to get out of the house!

portable diaper changing pad
Photo Credit: Amazon

13. Frida Soft Sink Baby Bath

The Frida Soft Sink Baby Bath is flexible and compact which allows it to bend to fit almost any sink. The comfortable material and cradling shape make it supportive for the baby and easy to clean and dry quickly.

Frida Soft Sink Baby Bath
Photo Credit: Frida

14. Girlfriend Collective Nursing Bra

The Girlfriend Collective Nursing Bra is incredibly popular among new moms thanks to its comfortable and flexible design. Its stretchy fabric which is both moisture-wicking and breathable is made of mostly recycled material and fits a wide range of cup sizes.

nursing bra
Photo Credit: Girlfriend

15. Baby’s First Year Memory Book

There are many different scrapbooks and memory books on the market that make for good gifts, but our favorite is the ‘Baby’s First Year’ book by Lucy Darling. This album is made in the USA with high-quality materials and pages to document the growth of the baby up until their fifth birthday.

Mom showing baby first memory book
Photo Credit: Nordstrom

16. Frida 3-in-1 Baby Thermometer

It’s inevitable that the baby will get sick at some point, so having the Frida 3-in-1 baby thermometer on hand will be a big help! It allows new parents to check their baby’s temperature three different ways and automatically double-checks itself!

Frida baby thermometer
Photo Credit: Frida

17. Johnson's Bath Discovery Gift Set

Help the new parents with their baby’s first bath at home with the Johnson’s Bath Discovery Set. This set includes body wash, shampoo, baby wipes, lotion, rash cream, and more items all geared toward a happy, clean baby!

Johnson bath baby gift set
Photo Credit: Amazon

18. Beis Diaper Bag

Beis travel bags are taking the internet by storm and this high-quality diaper bag by the trending brand is no different. Offered in 3 neutral colors, this bag is soil and stain-resistant, odor-proof, and spacious enough to fit anything you need to take care of your baby on the go!

Beis diaper bag
Photo Credit: Beis

19. Luxe Cable-Knit Sherpa Baby Blanket

These luxuriously soft sherpa baby blankets from Pottery Barn Kids are perfect for the new baby! Offered in a variety of playful colors, these blankets are also machine washable and easy to clean.

sherpa baby blankets
Photo Credit: Pottery Barn Kids

20. Hushh White Noise Machine

Similar in features to the Hatch Noise Machine, the Hushh multi-sound machine offers more convenience in its portability. Meant to create relaxing sleep sounds on the move, this machine can even hook onto your baby carrier or stroller to soothe the baby on the go.

portable white noise machine
Photo Credit: Yoga Sleep

21. Halo Sleepsack

This sleepsack allows babies the warmth of a blanket without it being loose or easily able to be kicked off. It’s roomy, yet swaddling and will help them sleep peacefully and comfortably all night long.

halo sleepsack.jpg
Photo Credit: Amazon

22. 3-in-1 Baby Bassinet

This 3 -in-1 baby bassinet is a perfect gift because of its flexibility! It can be used as a standalone bassinet, easily portable to wherever you travel or any room of the house. It can also be converted into a bedside sleeper by lowering one side, so you can be within an arm's reach of your little one at night!

baby bassinet.jpg
Photo Credit: Amazon

23. Inglesina My Time High Chair

Although they may not be using it right away, a comfortable high chair is a great gift that the new parents and baby will get quite a bit of use out of. The safety harness will put parents at ease when their baby is in the chair and the flexibility of size will allow it to be used safely all the way up to 3 years old. It’s also easily foldable, storable and cleanable – thanks to its dishwasher safe tray. Messes are no match for the Inglesina My Time High Chair!

high chair.jpg
Photo Credit: Amazon

24. No-Scratch Baby Mittens

Mittens designed for newborns are helpful in keeping baby from accidentally scratching themselves. These particular mittens fit newborns to 1 year olds and are made of a breathable cotton material that will keep babies warm in the winter months, but wont be too hot in the summer. They also come in a variety of fun colors!

baby mittens.jpg
Photo Credit: Amazon

25. Infantino 4-in-1 Baby Carrier

The highly rated Infantino 4-in-1 baby carrier can hold up to 32 pounds and provides a unique design that can be converted in a multitude of ways. The carrier can be worn facing both in and out and is adjustable for maximum comfort to both baby and parent!

baby carrier.jpg
Photo Credit: Amazon

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