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Mother’s Day Traditions, From the Celebration Wishes Team

Discover some of the best Mother's Day traditions brought to you by the Celebration Wishes team. Explore insights and memories that will last a lifetime.

By Sarena Macias

Flowers, meals, and gifts may be a few things that come to mind when pondering how to celebrate Mother’s Day. Maybe her wish this year is a home cooked meal from family. Or her ideal day could be one she gets to spend being pampered by herself.

If you’re looking for things to do or places to go for Mother’s Day, here are a few Mother’s Day traditions from the Celebration Wishes team to help make this special day memorable for everyone involved.

When is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

Mother’s Day is celebrated by a majority of countries on the second Sunday of the month of May. While the date changes every year, the focus on moms, maternal bonds, and nurturing figures remains the same.

In the UK, the holiday (often referred to as Mothering Day) is also connected to Easter so the date will vary as well. However, in other countries around the world the date is set to a calendar day and celebrated regardless of the day of the week that it lands on.

5 Mother’s Day Traditions

There are so many ways to celebrate mom or the motherly figure in your life. What’s most important is the quality of time and effort that goes into making them feel special on this day. But, if you’re not sure where to start, the Celebration Wishes team has put together a few ideas to help get your Mother’s Day planning going.

1. Brunch & Bouquets

In the US Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, which also happens to line up quite nicely with weekend brunch opportunities. Pick mom’s favorite restaurant for Sunday brunch or casually ask her if there’s any new spots she has her eyes on.

Brunch with mimosas

Because of the holiday, we’d highly suggest picking a restaurant that takes reservations. Or, if someone in your party doesn’t mind taking one for the team, they can arrive early to put a name down and wait it out while the rest of your group arrives.

"Mother’s Day - I typically celebrate with a nice brunch or early dinner with my mom and our entire family. Sometimes we combine with my mother-in-law. Typically we will gift flowers, pay for the event & have a nice card with a special handwritten message about how much we appreciate them. Before having kids we would also go to a movie often if she wanted to be low key. Really all about celebrating mom & giving her our TIME."

Austin Lahr, CRO

2. Family Day

If mom’s love language is quality time, having a day dedicated to sharing moments and creating new memories as a family is a great way to spend Mother’s Day. What’s key about making a family day special for Mother’s Day is the little ways you’re able to show, and not just tell her that you care.

Does she have a green thumb? Check out a terrarium building workshop.
Is your motherly figure the outdoorsy type? A beginner friendly hike will get everyone moving.
Or maybe mom’s a bit of a shopaholic? Take a day trip to the nearest outlets for the best deals.

Mom and dad helping daughter climb a latter at the beach

Planning something out of the box but personalized to her taste and unique style will show her how much thought went into planning a day just for her.

"Mother's Day for my wife was always about me helping the kids make something for her (drawing, photos, etc), which changed as they got older. Also we always make breakfast and dinner, the kids have helped a lot more as they got older. However, my wife's favorite all time Mother's Day was when I booked a Disney Princess brunch up at Disneyland. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and during the brunch all the princesses came around and even Prince Charming. My wife actually blushed. Hilarious."

James Earwicker, CEO

3. Beach Day & Takeout

Sometimes the best way to celebrate with loved ones is staying in and enjoying the comfort of home. If you’re one of the lucky ones living in a coastal city, take the day to slow down a bit and relax with mom.

Treat her to a full beach day if the weather’s right or share an evening stroll along the water’s edge together. Wrap the day with her favorite food to-go and end the night with a delicious meal and heartwarming movie that everyone can enjoy.

older couple standing next to car

“Us kids visit my mom, we walk out to the beach and enjoy the day, order take out and watch a movie of mom’s choice (movie always ends up being terrible haha)”

Tyler Cornwell, VP Operations

4. At-Home Craft Party

A great reason to reunite with your loved ones is to bond over your shared love of your maternal figure. A sweet way to commemorate the occasion, especially if you have a creative crew, is over an at-home craft party.

A few craft party ideas are:

  • Knitting party
  • Pottery making
  • Paint by numbers
  • At-home photo shoot

girl crocheting

“My sister and I typically drive home from out of town and do a crafty activity with my parents like we did when we were kids! My mom is really into arts and crafts, so it's fun to continue bonding over things like pottery, painting and more as adults!”

Hannah Purvis, Content Strategist

5. Comfort Foods

Another great way to celebrate your mother and your family ancestry is by sharing a comfort meal of your favorite culturally specific foods. This is a great way to not just connect with mom, but also all the aunts, grandmas and great-grandmothers that paved the way to get your family where it is today.

gourmet food

“No matter the occasion or who will be involved at the gathering, one thing I can almost always guarantee is that food will be involved on Mother’s Day. Coming from a matriarchal family, the presence of the women in my family and my own mother has been felt my entire life. It just so happens that a common thread we share is our appreciation of good comfort food and expressing our love for each other through shared meals and meaningful conversations.”

Sarena Macias, Marketing Manager

Cheers to Mom!

Sometimes Moms just need a day to relax. After a family outing treat her to a nice relaxing spa day! No matter how you decide to spend this occasion, just make sure to show mom a little extra love for all of the sacrifices and commitment she’s made to help make you, you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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