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Outdoor Date Ideas for After the Honeymoon

Recently married & just get back from your honeymoon? Try some of these outdoor date ideas to stay connected and keep the adventure going.

By Enrique Aguilar

Who said the honeymoon phase has to end? Soak up some sun and embrace the outside world while keeping the spark of your everlasting love alive. Although staying in can be relaxing and comfortable, there are many other ways to spend your time after a honeymoon. Take a look at some of our favorite fun outdoor date ideas.

12 Fun Outdoor Activities for Couples

1. Farmers Market

Support your local businesses and take a nice Sunday stroll through a farmers market near you. Find delicious local eats and fresh produce to take back home for a home-cooked meal. Many small businesses also set up shops and offer unique household items, vegan skincare products, and art pieces for everyone.

Organic cherry tomatoes at a farmer's market
Photo Credit: Unsplash

2. Hiking

Want to get some fresh air? Search for hiking trails near you that fit your level of fitness. Or go the extra mile and reach for something more challenging and motivate each other during the trek! In the end, you both will be feeling energized and accomplished! Remember to pack good hiking snacks and lots of water to stay fueled while you’re out.

couple taking a hike together
Photo Credit: Unsplash

3. Snorkeling

Make sure to pack a swimsuit for this outdoor date idea! Get your sandals and head over to the beach for an underwater adventure. Rent some snorkeling gear to view the ocean in a whole new way. With plenty to explore, this date idea gives you an opportunity to soak up some sun and showcase your adventurous side!

woman snorkeling in the ocean
Photo Credit: Unsplash

4. Winery

Red or white? You choose! For our next date idea, you and your partner can indulge in different options of decadent wine at your local winery. Grab a tasting card, order a charcuterie board, and relax while you both share a glass. Cheers to forever 🥂

enjoy a glass of wine with your significant other at a winery
Photo Credit: Unsplash

5. Skydive

Want to find some extra thrill? Take a leap off a plane and unleash your inner thrill seeker. Add this to your list of next date ideas if you and your partner are risk-takers looking for the next adrenaline rush.

sky diving date
Photo Credit: Unsplash

6. Picnic

Nothing beats the simplicity of just sitting on a blanket with your partner while you share snacks and laughs on a sunny afternoon. Grab a basket and head over to your favorite park, beach, or viewpoint. Make sure to pack all the essentials like napkins, plates, utensils, and of course your favorite foods! If you want to make your picnic extra special, we recommend booking with a boutique picnic company to enhance your intimate experience. No need to deal with the hassle of packing and setting up, as they can provide food for you, along with charming decorations.

having a picnic date with your partner
Photo Credit: Unsplash

7. Plant Shopping

You can never have too many plants. Take a day to go find each other a new plant to bring back home. There are many outdoor nurseries and local plant shops that you can visit that are filled with several options depending on your plant parenting experience. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, many shops offer easy-to-take care plants, such as succulents and snake plants.

couple looking for plants
Photo Credit: City Signal

8. Music Festival

Dance the night away and find yourself having the time of your life! Get a chance to see your favorite artist and discover the beauty of the festival life. With so many festivals throughout the year, you can find one that fits both your likings of music. Make sure to check out any local listings to see if you can find outdoor concerts near you.

woman at a music festival on a date
Photo Credit: Unsplash

9. Roasting S'mores at a Beach Bonfire

Get cozy and bring some blankets! A perfect way to end the day is to hit up the beach, get some marshmallows and toast up some delicious s’mores. It doesn’t get more romantic than sharing a fun treat under the stars. And sometimes the simplest things can make for lifelong memories. It does get chilly after sunset, so make sure to pack a sweater just in case!

roasting marshmallows on a beach bonfire at sunset
Photo Credit: Ask for Adventure

10. Rooftop Bar with a View

Happy hour is even better with a view! Enjoy a cocktail or two while overlooking the city landscape. For this date night, you can expect tons of great viewing opportunities for you and your partner to share.

date night on a rooftop bar with a view
Photo Credit: TimeOut

11. Silent Disco

Party it up with this funky date idea! Grab a pair of headphones and start a dance party with your partner. Not only do you get a chance to groove with your partner, you also get to enjoy music in a whole different way. Give SharePlay a go and sync up with the beat of your dance partner for life.

silent disco date night
Photo Credit: Miami Today

12. Outdoor Yoga

Unwind at this unique yoga experience. There are free yoga classes you can take that offer outdoor sessions. This is a perfect way to get closer with nature while also getting a nice workout. Stretch and relax your body as you and your partner practice some yoga poses. Maybe even grab a smoothie after for the perfect post-work out treat!

outdoor yoga
Photo Credit: Unsplash

As you and your partner continue making memories with each other, it's great to take a step out of the norm and be creative with your next date idea. There are so many options that you can try out which can ignite some excitement for your new journey together. Have some fun and try out any of these outdoor activities for your next date.

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