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Celebration Wishes Overview: How to Get Started

Welcome to Celebration Wishes! Explore our one stop shop for event planning, registry signups, and more. Get started planning your custom celebration today.

By Hannah Purvis

When life gives you a reason to celebrate, we'll give you the tools to plan the perfect celebration! Celebration Wishes’ extensive online event management platform houses various tools to make the planning process simplified and organized.

We also want the ease of gathering to extend not only to those who are planning the party, but to any guests attending an in-person (or virtual) event. With an easy-to-navigate gift registry to simplify gifting, and a guest portal to note any dietary restrictions, RSVPs, and more – we want you to focus on fun and leave the pesky details for us to handle.

Occasions to Celebrate

Gone are the days when an online registry and invite portal were reserved strictly for a wedding or wedding-related activities. Our toolkit is for all of the special moments in life. From baby showers, to Quinceañeras, and even celebration of life gatherings, we have inspiration to help you along the way. Below are just a few of the celebration types that you can use our tool kit to plan:

couple kissing under veil

  • Birthday
  • Baby shower
  • Babymoon
  • Anniversary
  • Wedding
  • Honeymoon
  • Bachelorette party
  • Bachelor party
  • Pet party
  • Celebration of life
  • Family reunion
  • Girls trip
  • Study abroad
  • Prom
  • Divorce parties
  • And more

Tools to Help Plan With Ease

From the moment you first ideate the celebration to the very end of the event, when you're cashing in your registry fund – we have tools to cater to all of the planning needs in between.

sugar cookies with baby frosting decorations

Our event dashboard allows you to locate all of the pertinent information for your event in one glance, including:

  • An eye-catching visual countdown to the day,
  • A chart counting your registry and funds raised
  • An RSVP tracker

Guest Management

The guest management feature allows you to create a guest list for your event that can be manually entered or uploaded via spreadsheet. Once your guest list is set, you can begin sending out online invites using the invitation tool. This allows you to collect a variety of details from those attending your celebration, such as:

  • Meal preferences
  • Any +1s
  • Including links to your celebration registry and website

Your guests will be happy that they can easily access everything in one place.

three women smiling and hugging

Event Website

Speaking of celebration websites, our toolkit offers a variety of colorful themed website designs handcrafted to compliment a wide range of occasions. Use these websites to share personal details, such as how you met for a wedding, or charity details if you're hosting a fundraiser.


Our event agnostic registry tool offers users the ability to not only create a typical registry of day-to-day household items, but also can serve as a travel registry based on world-class travel destinations. Users can include registry items such as dinner for two, paddle boarding lessons, and other unique amenities tailored to their specific location of choice.

How to Set up a Free Account

Wondering how to sign up for your next big event? Getting started as a matter of a few simple steps, which we’ll outline for you below.

Step 1.
Visit the Celebration Wishes website and click ‘Get Started.’

get started section on celebration wishes website

Step 2.
You'll be prompted to select an event type and a date, but you can always change it or complete these later if you don't have all the details yet.
To create an account, you'll simply need a first and last name, email and password.

screenshot of question boxes on celebration wishes website asking what the celebration is for and when the event will take place

Step 3.
Once you’re in the ‘My Events’ page, navigate to the top right corner, and select ‘Create Event!’
When you're in your events page, you can create multiple events with various timelines as well as access past events!

screenshot of the create new event section on the celebration wishes website

Step 4.
Once you've created your first event, simply navigate down the left-hand side of the menu to start adding guests and sending out invites!

screenshot of event dashboard on celebration wishes website

We Want to Celebrate You

Here at Celebration Wishes we pride ourselves on being a team committed to the people at the heart of every event. We truly value connection and want your celebration to be exactly what you're hoping for. Be sure to visit our blog for tips, tricks, and inspiration to get the planning process started!

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