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12 Upbeat Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Celebrating your birthday as an adult can be fun. Here is a list of unique and fun ideas to celebrate your upcoming birthday with your friends and family.


Celebrating birthdays as an adult can be tricky. Some people don’t like to think about the fact that they are aging another year or would rather not make a big fuss about things, the older they get.

Here at Celebration Wishes, birthday parties are the name of the game and we truly believe that everyone deserves to celebrate these exciting milestones. So instead of thinking about your birthday as just another day, think of it as a chance to celebrate how far you’ve come in life and what you’re looking forward to in this new chapter with your closest friends and family!

Best Party Ideas for Adults that are Full of Fun

1. Axe Throwing

Growing in popularity, axe-throwing bars and arenas seem to be popping up everywhere! Gather a group of friends and test your target-striking skills. Most axe-throwing establishments have instructors who will teach you the fundamentals and form best for nailing the target, so don’t worry if you don’t have any experience. Who knows, you may end up loving it and wanting to join a local league to start this new year of life!

axe on wooden stump
Photo Credit: Tyler Lastovich

2. Pints & Pedals

Have you ever heard of Pints & Pedals? A new and trendy take on a traditional pub crawl – this activity has your group pedaling a mobile bar between popular local spots. Alcohol can be brought on board and most tours stop at 2-3 bars throughout the duration. While this particular company is based in Tennessee, many cities have similar offerings that you can book for your party!

pub crawl with Pints & Pedals
Photo Credit: Pints & Pedals

3. Paintball

Nothing compares to the thrill of a fast-paced game of paintball. Start by letting your group of friends do a schoolyard pick for teams and at the end of the game, have the losing team buy the winning team a round of drinks. Turning the game into a competition will up the stakes and bring out the silly and competitive sides of your favorite people!

Photo Credit: Pengyi zhang

4. Camping Trip

Do you and your friends have an appreciation for the great outdoors? Rent some camping gear and head to your local campground for an evening of grilling, hiking, board games, and good old s’more making. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, pack some equipment and set up a campsite off the grid. However, we only recommend doing this if you have previous experience!

camping trip
Photo Credit: Tegan Mierle

5. Mixology Class

Sign up for a mixology class at a local bar or cooking school. You and your friends will end the night with a little buzz and a new skill. Some mixologists will even come on location with their own utensils and equipment if you provide the required spirits and mixers.

mix of drinks
Photo Credit: M.S. Meeuwesen

6. Wine Tasting

Spend the day at a local vineyard or winery sipping on different flights and enjoying a laid-back day of wine tasting. Book a local Airbnb if you’re visiting with a large group or see if your vineyard offers on-site lodging, so the party doesn’t have to end early.

wine tasting
Photo Credit: CA Creative

7. Retro Backyard Movie Night

If you and your circle prefer a more cozy night vs a traditional evening of partying, then a retro-backyard movie night may be right up your alley. You can easily purchase a projector and set it up to stream an old-school movie of your choice onto a sheet or the side of your house. Gather cozy blankets, and beanbag chairs and create a custom menu of snacks and candies for your guests to enjoy. Have everyone arrive in their pajamas and to save money, ask everyone to BYOB for drinks!

Outdoor movie night
Photo Credit: Derek Sutton

8. Pool Party

Throwing a pool party is a classic and simple to pull off event that everyone will love! Serve up some burgers and hotdogs on the grill with freshly sliced watermelon and you’ll quickly transport everyone back to the nostalgia of childhood summers. Pair that with a classic upbeat playlist and boozy warm-weather drinks and you’ll have the perfect laid back, yet upbeat birthday celebration!

girl on pool floatie
Photo by Arturo Rivera on Unsplash

9. Wine and Paint

Wine and paint parties are completely underrated! Not only do you leave the event with a custom masterpiece, but the structured painting is typically more lively than you’d expect. Most wine and paint studios offer attendees bar access with snacks, cocktails, wine and pair them with an upbeat playlist and live painting demonstration. By the end of the night, guests can get pretty rowdy and it's fun to see how everyone's art ends up totally different when given the same prompt and instruction!

Photo by Alice Dietrich on Unsplash

10. Murder Mystery Dinner

This themed game night feels as if you and your friends are stepping into a live game of CLUE. Depending on the kit you choose and the theme, the night can end up totally different, with each guest getting a unique persona and backstory. These dinner parties are most fun when played with a group who is willing to go all-in on the experience. We encourage you to dress to your character and lean into the cheesiness that may ensue as you work together to catch the killer!

Photo by Alexander Lyashkov on Unsplash

11. Croquet Garden Party

Having hosted a croquet-inspired birthday garden party in the past, I can easily say that this party idea is a hit! We thrifted a vintage croquet set, but you can find affordable options online as well. Pair the game with a whimsical outdoor table setup of florals, light bites and brightly colored cocktails and encourage guests to arrive in classic style! We leaned into florals and pastels and everyone showed up looking sharp and ready for a competitive match of croquet. Though it may seem a bit drab, throw in a cocktail or two and this party idea can get downright rowdy. You’re sure to have a great time!

croquet set
Photo by Troy Taylor on Unsplash

12. Bar Crawl

We have to end our list of upbeat adult birthday ideas with a tried and true classic – a birthday bar crawl. You can’t go wrong with a group of friends and a map of your favorite local dives just waiting for you to visit.

The Temple Bar
Photo Credit: Viola Kovács

Celebration Wishes Is Here to Help

No matter which party idea you go with, our registry tool could be a great way to fund this celebration. Use it for gifts, pooling funds for group bookings, or generating gift money for drinks on that all-night bar crawl!

Plus, we're here to help you plan! When you book with Celebration Wishes Travel, you can rest assured that every single detail of your trip will be handled with care. Fill out our interest form to learn more today!

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