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Planning a Purr-fect Pet Birthday Party

Discover many fun themes and ideas to use while planning your pet's birthday party! Find the best way to honor your furry friend's special day.

By Hannah Purvis

I know a lot of people will roll their eyes at the idea of planning a birthday party for their pets. But let’s face it, if you’ve found this page you’re likely one of the many pet owners out there who love to shower their little fur babies with affection. As a new puppy mom myself, I’ve immediately bought into the hype and can’t wait to celebrate every holiday and birthday milestone with my little companion.

If this is your first time planning a pet party, you’re in good hands. I’ve been part of birthday festivities for our family pets since I was just learning how to read and write, so trust me, I know what I’m doing!

dog smiling
Photo by Marliese Streefland

A Day Honoring Your Furry Friend

Start the Day With an Activity They Love

Whether this is a morning swim in the lake, running on the beach, or sticking their head out the window on a car ride around the block, get your pet’s day going on a positive note. Just be sure to start the day off doing something they love, so they feel excited from the moment they wake up!

2 dogs swimming
Photo by Gayatri Malhotra

Let Them Pick out a New Toy

Take them for a spin to the local pet shop, and let them pick out a new toy or bone. While we obviously want to spoil them with more presents later, letting them choose something for themselves will be a nice treat!

black dog playing with chew toys
Photo by Mathew Coulton

Take Them to Hang out With Their Friends

If your dog is social, spend some time at the dog park letting them play around with their furry friends in a known environment. This will also help them get some of their energy out from their earlier excitement.

dogs and owners gathering at park
Photo by MChe Lee

Organize a Gathering for Their Human Friends to Enjoy

When it comes time for their party, be sure to only invite human friends that they enjoy being around. Don’t invite anyone who makes them feel uneasy or aggressive. If you want to open the party to other puppies, consider throwing a backyard BBQ, and have your guests bring their dogs to run around and play outside together!

dinner table set for backyard party
Photo by Lee Myungseong

Make Them a Pet-Friendly Cake

Here at Celebration Wishes, we love our pets! That’s why we’ve spent time researching some pet-friendly birthday treats so you know exactly what to make.

If you don’t want to prepare the treats yourself, look for a local pet bakery or take your puppy to Starbucks to get a birthday ‘pup cup’ (AKA whipped cream). If you want to lean into the experience, you can even get anyone in attendance to sing to your puppy and pet them while they enjoy their birthday treat. While they may not understand exactly what’s going on, they will still feel special receiving all of the love and attention.

dog with birthday hat and bandana on
Photo by Laula Co

Wrap Some Presents for Them to Open

Speaking from experience, my family dog loves to open gifts! If she sees a gift bag any time of the year, you better believe she’ll make a beeline for it, thinking it's for her. Get a few gift bags and place their new presents in the bag to make them ‘unwrap’ their gifts, which may include:

dog head-first in a gift bag
Photo by freestocks

Party Favors For Other Pups

If there are other puppy pals in attendance, create little ‘treat bags’ for their parents to take home with them as a thank-you for coming to your party!

dog bones
Photo by okeykat

Celebrating With a Day of Play

Overall, planning a party for your puppy is just an excuse to shower your fur baby with even more love and attention than they get on a regular day. Let them know that they’re extra special and tailor the day to match their personality and interests.

If they’re shy, opt for a quiet gathering more focused on snuggles and treats. If they’re social, surround them with friends and loved ones who will bring energy and excitement to the party. There is no wrong way to plan a pet party, but there are a million right ways to make them feel the love!

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