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Create a Wedding Website in 7 Simple Steps

Create your wedding website in 7 simple steps. Customize your website & share your story, registry, photos as well as wedding information with your guests.

A wedding website serves as an online “hub” for all things related to the event, helping inform your guests of important details and update them as needed. You can also take advantage of features like a gallery where you can post photos of the engagement shoot or a blog where you can share anecdotes about you and your partner.

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Celebration Wishes is free to use and offers many customizable wedding website options so you can be sure it’s unique. Follow the seven steps below to make the most of your wedding website!


Often an overlooked detail, the best wedding website URLs are personalized and simple. After you sign up on Celebration Wishes, all of your customization options will be available under “Website.” Here, you can come up with a custom URL.

Ensure your URL is both easy to type as well as verbally communicate to guests. Avoid including random numbers and symbols, which are often more confusing than creative. Instead, prioritize simple wedding details such as the date after your names.

Following are simple yet personalized examples of wedding website URLs:

  • NicoleAndMikeNewYork (this includes the location of wedding)
  • NicoleAndMike2019 (this includes the year of the wedding)
  • NicoleMandMikeM (this includes the first letter of the couple’s shared last name)

While URLs are not case sensitive, you can make it easier to read by capitalizing the first letter of each word. This is especially helpful when creating save the date cards and invitations.


Utilizing the “People” section is an easy way to personalize your wedding website. Most of your guests will likely know you and your spouse, but adding your story is still a touching way to share how you met, the engagement and more. These kinds of details will help everyone get excited for the big day.

This section is also ideal for people you don’t keep in touch with more regularly. For example, extended family, friends of friends and acquaintances. Consider sharing what you do for a living, hobbies and your favorite photos of you and your partner. People enjoy browsing galleries that showcase major milestones, accomplishments, the engagement and more.

With a Celebration Wishes website, you’ll have plenty of room to include every single detail. But we recommend keeping the ‘People’ sections to fewer than 300 words, breaking up sentences when possible to make it easy to read.

Following are topics to consider when writing your story:

  • Where and when you met
  • Your first date
  • What you both enjoy doing
  • Milestones you both have reached
  • Memories from traveling
  • Things you love about one another
  • How he or she proposed
  • Your plans for the future

Browse the Celebration Wishes wedding website templates for more examples.


If bridesmaids and groomsmen are part of the big day, consider introducing them to guests! This simple feature on Celebration Wishes allows you to give them the shout outs they deserve. You can include short bios, how you know them and express gratitude for their participation.

Following are topics to consider for wedding party bios:

  • When you met and how you’ve remained friends over time
  • Some favorite memories you wouldn’t mind sharing with friends and family
  • A fun fact or something silly that could be an icebreaker among guests
  • Your favorite trait(s) about them

Each person standing next to you and your partner is there for good reason. Shining the spotlight on them is the perfect way to make sure they know they’re truly loved and appreciated!


Your wedding website is much more than an ‘People’ section. It’s also a go-to resource for guests to find useful information about the event.

Travel Information & Accommodations

Consider including the event’s location and driving directions. Parking tips, the fastest routes and what to look for upon arrival might also be helpful. Waze and Google Maps can be great for out-of-towners who may be unfamiliar with the area. Adding photos of locations and landmarks can make directions foolproof.

It’s better to over communicate, offering extensive details, when it comes to directions, parking and related information. This is especially important in highly populated areas where way finding can be difficult. These details also ensure guests arrive on time!
If the ceremony is being held in a hotel or similar, employees will be able to assist with any directions. Provide them with details to avoid mishaps. If you’re offering a room block, let your guests know what they need to book. The hotel might even offer a discount, which should also be noted on your website.

Finally, if the reception is taking place away from the ceremony, let guests know early on how long it takes to get there and include similar tips to those described above.


The best wedding websites offer guests the ability to RSVP to the wedding directly. Celebration Wishes includes this handy tool to makes planning easier. Guests can type in their names and how many people they’re bringing. They’re also able to add in a comment in the note section. For example, they could give a song request for the reception or tell a funny story about you.


Guests love to hear why you chose your honeymoon destination and all the adventures you have planned. With Celebration Wishes you’ll enjoy both a registry and wedding website, which makes linking the two easy.

Be as detailed as possible as you write, including travel dates and stops along the way. The more you share, the more your guests will enjoy. It’s also a good opportunity to explain why you’ve chosen to use Celebration Wishes registry versus a traditional option. More specifically, you can explain how their gifts will help make your getaway unforgettable.

Don’t forget to include photos! When explaining why you chose the location you did, adding visual references is key.


Take your time to customize your wedding website, using these helpful tips to make it an accurate and inspiring reflection of you both.

Things to include on your website:

  • Schedule of Events
  • FAQs
  • Sightseeing Suggestions
  • Photos
  • Custom Wedding Hashtag
  • Password protect your website

Once it’s up and running the countdown to the big day will have officially started! Celebration Wishes has everything you need to get there.

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