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Tips on How to Plan a Honeymoon

After years of helping couples plan their perfect honeymoons, Celebration Wishes has some useful tips on how to best plan the trip of a lifetime.

Planning your honeymoon can be intimidating—choosing one perfect destination out of thousands, making sure to see the most beautiful landmarks, visit the top-rated restaurants, take as many photos as possible and all while staying within your budget.

To help the process, we’ve come up with five important areas to consider that are oftentimes overlooked.

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When traveling outside of the United States, think about your honeymoon destination’s currency. Carrying a small amount of cash is a good idea, especially if you’re in an area where credit or debit cards aren’t accepted.

While some credit and debit cards are ideal for traveling abroad, even offering rewards for using them internationally, it’s important to note that others charge fees for withdrawing cash. They might even tack on an extra charge to all purchases made outside of the US.

If you decide to bring cash, make sure your money goes far. The best place for exchanges is your bank where you can often avoid conversion fees. Note that not all banks carry every type of currency, so be sure to check before you visit a branch.

All-Inclusive Honeymoons

Some people love the convenience of all-inclusive resorts. Others not so much. It’s important to calculate the monetary benefits of both options as you plan your honeymoon. One of the biggest selling points of an all-inclusive resort is the quality and quantity of food, but they can vary from superb to subpar. Do your research, read reviews and ask around before finalizing your itinerary. It’s the months leading up to your departure when the majority of the money-saving happens.

if you prefer to avoid the all-inclusive route, you may pay out of pocket for every meal. It will also require more effort to search for notable restaurants, bars and beyond. The upside is that you’ll have opportunities to experience more of the cuisine, culture, and people in and around your destination.

Travel Agent

The Internet didn’t take the place of travel agents. In fact, most newlyweds opt to use one as they plan their honeymoon, benefitting from the expert advice they provide. With a travel agent, you’ll access insider information on deals and discounts that aren’t available to the general public, as well as relationships with hoteliers. For example, they might ask for rooms at special rates at an otherwise sold out hotel because of their working relationship with the staff.

Travel agents are also a great resource for research. They can help save you time by creating daily itinerary options and offer advice on how to make your trip the getaway of a lifetime.

Marriage License and Passports

If you’re considering eloping or getting married abroad, double-check that your marriage license is valid in the location of the ceremony. In many cases, specific paperwork is necessary and may require you to take care of it before traveling. It’s also common for the location to require a valid US passport be presented and sometimes even a birth certificate to prove nationality.

Of course, going anywhere outside of the US requires a passport, so make sure it’s valid. If you need to renew, apply well in advance of your departure date. It can take up to 8 weeks, or 2-3 weeks with a $60 rush fee. If you don’t have a passport and are applying for the first time, it’s best to apply as soon as possible as delays are common.


Your honeymoon is bound to be a trip-of-a-lifetime and investing in a great camera to cherish the memories is a must. While iPhones are getting plenty of attention lately with their camera’s capabilities, you may want an alternative. Point-and-shoot cameras are constantly being updated and released with the latest technology. If you’re a moderately experienced photographer, a DSLR camera is another great option for more professional photos.

You might also want to consider hiring a photographer to commemorate your honeymoon. Couples who visit exotic locations are taking advantage of the beautiful backdrops and scheduling photoshoots that are all unsurpassed in quality.

Honeymoon planning can be intimidating with so much to consider. But Celebration Wishes offers the tools and insight to make planning as easy and smooth as possible.

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