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Top 20 Places To Visit For A Graduation Trip

Are you or is someone you know graduating soon and looking to take a celebratory trip? Explore twenty of the best destinations to visit for the occasion.

By Enrique Aguilar

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally come! After much hard work and determination, you deserve to celebrate by taking that dream graduation vacation. With so many places in the world to visit, we decided it would be helpful to give you a list of the best places to travel to for a graduation trip.

What is a Grad Trip?

A grad trip is a cherished tradition among students celebrating their high school or college graduation. It gives students a chance to explore new destinations and create experiences they may have missed out during their scholarly career. Typically taken during the summer, grad trips often involve traveling to exciting destinations. Whether it's exploring exotic locations, partying on a tropical beach, or diving into new cultural experiences, graduation trips offer a well-deserved break for students. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the achievement of finishing school and gives an insight of what else is out there in the world.

20 Graduation Trip Ideas


Greece Coastline

If you’re looking for the perfect graduation trip, you’ll find that Greece delivers in every way. With their pristine beaches, delicious food, and historic presence, you’ll find yourself swimming in paradise. Plan an island hopping tour and experience a memorable adventure.


Umbrellas in Bali
Photo Credit: Lonely Planet

Affordable and welcoming, Bali is one of our top choices for a graduation trip. On top of near-perfect weather, Bali is known for incredible beach resorts and extravagant island activities. If you’re traveling with friends, make sure to get the crew together to explore the many hiking trails throughout the island or simply relax and watch the sunset at the colorful umbrella beaches.


Boating in Croatia
Photo Credit: Yacht Week

Known for a variety of beaches, charming villages, and breathtaking landscapes, Croatia is the ideal vacation destination for a graduation celebration. If you intend to celebrate during the summer, you’ll be just in time for festival season. Ultra Europe is known for bringing out Europe’s top DJs and artists. Bring a few friends with you and make endless memories!


Photo Credit: TimeOut

Come and see firsthand why Barcelona is a top-choice for a graduation trip. Fall in love with the friendliness of the locals, lively nightlife, and overall relaxing atmosphere. This coastal beach town is not only popular for tourism, but also has a large population of students studying abroad.


Museum in Tokyo
Photo Credit: Living Nomads

There is so much to experience when traveling to Tokyo, Japan. There are countless activities that spread across the country. From traditional tours that focus on the history of Japan, to the modern, bustling streets within Shibuya crossing. You’ll be sure to find something new around every corner!


The Louvre in Paris France

Paris is a hot-spot for many recent grads due to its artistic culture and gorgeous setting. You’ll find museums spread across the city that are rich with history. The streets are lined with cafés and restaurants serving authentic French cuisine. On top of that, every time you catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower, you will be taken aback by its beauty.

Costa Rica

Zip lining in Costa Rica
Photo Credit: World Travel Guide

In many ways, Costa Rica is the natural paradise that you've been dreaming about. With nearly 300 beaches across the country, it is a surfer’s dream destination. You can also find a wide array of hiking tours, wellness activities, and much more.


London Bridge
Photo Credit: Visit London

London is a city that provides everything you could want for a perfect graduation trip. It is one of the largest and most famous cities in the world. Known for being the capital of England, their incredible food, music scene, and range of activities. If you’re a fan of football (or soccer as we call it in America), catch a game to witness some of the most passionate sports fans in the world.



It's easy to see why Amsterdam has been a popular vacation destination for so long.The city is home to stunning buildings, breathtaking landscapes, and a rich and intriguing history. Grab a bike and ride along the canals as you discover all the different neighborhoods, nightlife, and culinary experiences this city has to offer.

Mexico City

Mexico City
Photo Credit: Tourlane

For a legendary cuisine experience, Mexico City is a must-visit. Home to some of the most incredible food, your taste buds will thank you immensely. The city is also a great place to learn about the vibrant Mexican culture. You’ll find stunning art exhibits and get to hear some incredible music.


Surfing in Hawaii

Hawaii is the ultimate location to unwind and enjoy a graduation vacation. Spend your time exploring the island's abundant wildlife and swimming in the crystal blue water. With food galore and endless activities, there is always something new to explore.


The Bean in Chicago
Photo Credit:

If you love deep dish pizza, a graduation trip to Chicago is definitely in order. So many amazing landmarks and historic buildings can be found in this city, along with a fantastic nightlife.

New York

New York
Photo Credit: Loving New York

New York will always be a top pick for any occasion. This iconic city is teeming with things to see and do, not to mention it’s home to hundreds of restaurants and cuisines. It's true that New York offers something for everyone, from strolls in Central Park to shopping in SoHo, you’ll never be left with an empty itinerary.

San Francisco

San Francisco China Town
Photo Credit: Viator

Celebrate your accomplishment with a ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco has so much to offer, especially when it comes to celebrating. Spend a day at Dolores Park and relax under the sun, explore the art district in Haight-Ashbury, or catch a Golden State Warriors game. San Francisco is a city for everyone.

Los Angeles

Griffth Observatory in Los Angeles.
Photo Credit: Enrique

The City of Angels is known for its exciting neighborhoods and outstanding nightlife. There never is a dull moment when you’re among the stars and world-class food options. Whether you’re in the mood for seeing the lovely beaches near Santa Monica or dressing up for dinner at Catch LA, you’ll be sure to have an incredible time.


Beach in Orlando, Florida
Photo Credit:

You’re bound to have a magical time down in Orlando, Florida. Spend your days relaxing in the warm weather on the sandy shores or plan a trip to visit Disney World Resort. With so many theme parks and outdoor activities to choose from, your graduation celebration is bound to be a trip to remember.


Portland, Oregon
Photo Credit: Afar

For those who want to get in touch with nature and art, Portland is a great place to visit. Filled with unique culture and food carts galore, you can find many ways to celebrate your grand accomplishment in Rip City.

San Diego

Petco Park in San Diego
Photo Credit: Enrique

Fly down to San Diego and explore the wonderful offerings that this city has. There's always something exciting to do and delicious food to try at this coastal destination. Take some surf lessons over at Ocean Beach or try your hand at winning some prizes while visiting Mission Beach Boardwalk.


Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas
Photo Credit: Austonia

Austin, Texas is one of the most exciting places to visit in the U.S. Enjoy the city's many offerings and sample some of the greatest cuisine including top-notch BBQ and Tex-Mex inspired dishes. Go to one of Austin's many music venues to hear some live music or take a dip at Hamilton Pool if you’re looking for something more adventurous.

Washington, D.C.

Lincoln Monument in Washington Dc
Photo Credit: Sarena

Head over to this culturally rich city and witness a superb selection of attractions and culinary experiences. As the nation's capital, you’re bound to find many historical landmarks and exciting museums. If you plan on going in the springtime, you will be able to catch the Cherry Blossoms bloom and witness the city come alive.

Celebrate your graduation in style!

After putting so much effort into your academic career, you deserve to celebrate the fruits of your labor. After all, there's a whole world out there to discover. Now is the time to get out there and try some exciting new things. Seek out new adventures that you haven’t experienced yet. There is no better chance than now to take the grad trip of your dreams!

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