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25 Top Prom Theme Ideas

Need a prom theme? Here are some top prom themes that never disappoint. From The Great Gatsby to a Masquerade Ball, each theme brings its own flare.

Going to prom is a milestone in a high schooler’s life. One minute, they're dancing, laughing, and having fun with friends, and the next, they're graduating and going on to the next stage in their lives. If you’ve been asked to help with this magical night, the prom theme ideas below are sure to provide a lifetime of memories for all who attend.

Select One of the Top Prom Themes for Your Upcoming Prom

1. Great Gatsby Theme

Great Gatsby is all about the 20s, and it’s one of the hottest themes for prom night. Many proms in 2014 had this theme because of the movie that came out the year prior, and you can gain a bit of inspiration from this pin on Pinterest. Elegant dresses, black tuxedos, and the right décor will make this theme one to remember.

woman dressed in flapper attire
Photo by Carrie Borden on Unsplash

2. Starry Night Prom Theme

Celestial prom themes are a popular choice. Simple yet elegant and dreamy, opt to decorate the space with lights, moons, stars and, of course, inspo from Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. You'll find a lot of décor ideas that match Van Gogh’s vision perfectly.

3. Black and White Theme

Ready for a spectacular night? A black-and-white theme is all about contrast. You can have black and white balloons mark the entryway, take black and white photos, and have a checkerboard dance floor. Many schools go the extra mile with dresses in this color scheme.

balloon covered in black tulle
Photo by Hipster Mum on Unsplash

4. Phantom of the Opera

A timeless prom option is the Phantom of the Opera. Men can wear a mask, but you can create the perfect space with:

If there’s room in the budget, the dance floor can be transformed into the Phantom’s lair.

5. Paris Theme

Paris, or any destination, such as Rome or Greece, can be recreated for a prom theme. This theme revolves around decorating the backdrop, and what better than the Eiffel Tower to fill the backdrop of the space?

String lights, gold accents, and the right music will help bring this theme to life.

6. Enchanted Forest Prom Theme

An enchanted forest adds a lot of green and plants, vines hanging from the ceiling, and soft lighting to the space to make it magical. This theme can really come to life if you have the opportunity to host the prom at an outdoor venue, by lighting up trees and having a dance floor under the stars.

tree with lights covering branches
Photo by Jari Hytönen on Unsplash

7. Ocean Theme

You'll find the ocean theme is a common choice in movies. This theme transforms the space to make it feel like students are underwater. Blue lighting, student-made starfish, fish décor, and more should fill the room to transform it into an underwater world.

8. Indoor/Outdoor Carnival Theme

A night at the carnival? This is one of the prom theme ideas we wish that we had at our school. You have so many options here:

  • Games for non-dancers
  • Cotton candy stands
  • Popcorn
  • Carnival music

9. Mascarade Prom Theme

A masked ball is always a major hit among students, and there are so many options to choose from with this theme. You can transform the space into an 18th-century mansion with:

masquerade masks
Photo by Llanydd Lloyd on Unsplash

10. Country Theme

Country themes are definitely location-specific, but they’re also a ton of fun and perfect for a night of dancing and fun. You can choose a rustic venue (barn if available), add hanging lights and lanterns, wildflowers, hay bales, and more.

11. Decades of Prom Theme Ideas

Poll the students and see what decade they like best. A lot of schools have proms that use vintage décor and mimic a time period, such as the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. This is a great way to get the class involved and feel like they have a say in how they’ll get to celebrate the occasion together!

12. World Traveler Theme

Traveling the world during prom is as magical as it sounds. Different rooms can be decorated like a certain destination, or you can decorate each wall of the venue to match a location, such as:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Caribbean
  • Greece
  • Germany
  • Anywhere you choose

13. Cosmic Theme

Cosmic or “out of this world” themes are also great options. You can use stars, planets and lots of hanging lights to create this theme. Bright-colored lights and accents work exceptionally well here.

disco balls hanging from ceiling
Photo by Fidel Fernando on Unsplash

14. Retro Diner Theme

Diner themes and retro proms are in style, and Riverdale can be credited for this. You can have:

  • Checkered flooring
  • Booths to sit in
  • Diner food

Be sure to include neon lights and milkshakes to bring the theme together.

15. Night in the Clouds Theme

Sky-related décor items, like hanging clouds and blue moonlight, are perfect for this theme. You can have sun and moon rooms if you want to create the day and night feel.

16. Fairytale Experience

The fairytale theme is a lot like the enchanted forest, but you can add a variety of colors. Blues, purples and pinks are the main color choices for this theme. Add beautiful lighted archways, enchanting music, and a themed photo booth for an extra bit of fun.

woman sitting with gown and crown on
Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

17. Superhero Theme

Some schools opt for comic book themes and others love superheroes. If a superhero movie came out recently, this may be a fun option. Decorate the walls to look like Gotham, have Superman fly through the room in another area, the Hulk in another and don’t forget about the countless other superheroes including:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Lantern
  • Batman
  • Wolverine

18. Bohemian Theme

Do the students at your school love funky décor and styles? Boho chic or free spirit themes are great choices. Wooden décor, flowers, and a specially curated playlist will help you get into the vibe of this theme.

19. Night at Hollywood Theme

Students will want to feel like the center of attention on this special night. An evening in Hollywood is a theme with red carpets, paparazzi (or photographers), spotlights, and even a “Walk of Fame” with student photos and names.

man sitting in leather chair
Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

20. Big City Theme

The big city theme is an easy one to create. You can transform walls into any major city skyline with uptown and downtown sections, “bridges” on the floor for kids to walk over, the Statue of Liberty, and more.

21. Disney Movie Theme

Depending on the year, you may or may not have a great Disney movie to use as inspiration for prom. When Frozen was released, many prom decorations included:

  • Blue dresses
  • Blue and white balloons
  • Flooring that looked like ice
  • Snowmen
  • Icy light fixtures

22. Night at the Museum Theme

A fun choice for prom is to have a night at the museum theme. Famous pictures and paintings with cutouts for kids to put their heads in, fake marble statues, checkered floors, and artwork can turn the venue into a fun museum.

23. Classic Theme

The classic theme can include old cars, fancy dresses, neon lights, and a period feel with disco lights and great music.

vintage yellow car
Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

24. Royal Theme

Princes, princesses, and jesters? Oh my. This is a theme that is elegant and timeless. You can opt to have crowns, tiaras, and carriages outside to greet the royal court.

This theme is perfect for schools that name a “king and queen” at prom because the attendees are all members of the court.

25. Western Theme

Western themes work better in some locations than others. Cowboy boots, old tavern-style décor, and country music will make this the perfect night for everyone who attends.

Make Prom Night One to Remember

The prom theme ideas above are sure to help you come up with a night filled with magical memories that will stay with attendees for the rest of their lives.

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