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Traditional Anniversary Gifting

Looking for a timeless anniversary gift? Check out our 50 ideas to give you inspiration on finding the perfect traditional anniversary gift for every year together.


Every relationship is different. While some couples prefer to pave a new way and kick tradition to the curb, others still cherish the “old days.” One unique tradition that has stood the test of time in many relationships is the gifting themes for each anniversary year. You may be familiar with this, but for those who are new to it, we’ve got you covered.

The History of Anniversary Gifting

This tradition dates back to medieval times with gifts of silver and gold between partners and was more recently discussed in the 1922 Blue Book of Social Usage, by Emily Post. This book on etiquette and taste listed milestone wedding anniversaries and gift themes to accompany them.

In 1937 the list of anniversary gifts was updated and expanded to include more years and more modern items. Now, you’ll commonly see 2 very different themes to choose from each year. The 8th year is a great example of this, offering a choice between pottery ideas or bronze anniversary gifts.

wine glasses
Photo by Anton Mislawsky on Unsplash

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Here we’ve listed out all of the traditional anniversary gifts for years ranging from one to fifty!

  1. Paper
  2. China or Cotton
  3. Leather
  4. Fruit/Flowers
  5. Wood
  6. Candy or Iron
  7. Wool or Copper
  8. Pottery or Bronze
  9. Willow or Pottery
  10. Tin or Aluminum
  11. Steel
  12. Silk or Linen
  13. Lace
  14. Gold Jewelry
  15. Crystal
  16. Coffee or Tea
  17. Wine or Spirits
  18. Appliances
  19. Jade
  20. China
  21. Fire
  22. Water
  23. Air
  24. Stone
  25. Silver

    a blanked wrapped in a bow
    Photo by Wedding Dreamz on Unsplash

  26. Art
  27. Music
  28. Linens
  29. Tools
  30. Pearls
  31. Travel
  32. Bronze
  33. Iron
  34. Food
  35. Coral
  36. Antiques
  37. Books
  38. Luck
  39. Laughter
  40. Ruby
  41. Office or Desk Decor
  42. Clocks & Watches
  43. Entertainment
  44. Electronics
  45. Sapphire
  46. Games
  47. Garden or Plants
  48. Home Improvement
  49. Copper
  50. Gold

Where to Shop for Unique Anniversary Gifts

While some of these anniversary themes are straightforward, others may leave you wondering where to start. We’ve searched around and compiled a list of our favorite websites to source unique gifts for each and every one of the traditional anniversary themes mentioned above!


When you shop on Etsy, you are supporting small craftsmen and artists all around the world! This means no matter what you find, you can feel good about your purchase, knowing you are supporting someone’s small business.

Homemade scrapbook for a 1 year anniversary
Photo Credit: MCLeatherzone

Uncommon Goods

The first time I stumbled upon Uncommon Goods, I knew I had found the answer to all of my gifting needs for years to come. From themed drink making sets to customizable wall art, there is truly something unique to be found no matter what anniversary you’re celebrating!

assortment of different style gifts
Photo Credit: Uncommon Goods

Things Remembered

Specializing in personalized and custom-made gifts, Things Remembered is perfect to source something meaningful for your loved one. For over 50 years they have worked to engrave and embroider countless items fit for your special day.

Cocktail glasses customized with names
Photo Credit: Things Remembered


Another great place for personalized gifts is Shutterfly! Here you can order gifts centered around your most precious photographs. With items ranging from carefully crafted paper products to warm blankets and mugs, you’re able to keep the photos you cherish most, close at hand.

Collage of a couple for their 50th anniversary
Photo Credit: Shutterfly

We Know You'll Find the Perfect Gift

Whether it be a traditional gift or something that’s more meaningful to just the two of you, we have no doubt that your loved one will love whatever you find. Check out our blog for more anniversary gift ideas and tips on how to celebrate your special day!

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