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Tropical Honeymoon Destinations for Winter Escapes

Embark on a tropical honeymoon to escape the winter blues with this enticing travel guide. Find the perfect sun-soaked destinations and activities to make your winter honeymoon a warm and unforgettable experience.

By Enrique Aguilar

As temperatures start heading down and snow begins to pile up on the driveway, there's no better time to get away. When celebrating something as wonderful as your honeymoon, it’s important to start planning ahead to ensure you find your perfect itinerary.

In case you may not know, winter is actually one of the greatest seasons to travel. You and your partner can create the most adventurous memories during the “off-season.” You might also find that you may want to get away more often during this time. Keep reading to learn about our best tropical honeymoon destinations for winter escapes.

Reasons to Travel During Winter

  • Enjoy Smaller Crowds: During this time, you’ll often see many travel destinations become less busy, as many people prefer to travel during the summer. With fewer tourists, you and your partner can enjoy a more peaceful and intimate time with each other. You may even find higher quality rooms, as bookings tend to slow down during the winter months.
  • Find the Best Travel Deals: Save some money and find great deals on travel bookings during the winter. With cheaper flights and more affordable accommodations, traveling off-peak can be financially advantageous. For destinations that may be beyond your budget during the summer, this can be the perfect chance for you and your partner to take a dream trip for a fraction of the price.
  • Enjoy Holiday Festivities: If you and your partner enjoy the holidays, you may experience the romantic holiday festivities your destination can offer. These opportunities include holiday parades, festivals, and even seasonal events that occur during the winter months. Witness different cultural celebrations while on your once in a lifetime trip.

7 Tropical Honeymoon Destinations

1. The Bahamas

Fly into one of the Caribbean's most romantic destinations. Home of pristine, white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters, the Bahamas is the perfect spot to escape to during the winter. Having reasonably priced accommodations, this destination caters to couples who want to experience a luxurious atmosphere without breaking the bank.

When planning in advance, you’ll be able to discover all sorts of unique activities to enjoy during your stay. Famously known for their swimming with pigs experience, you and your partner will easily find joy in all aspects. Get greeted by the warm sun and enjoy the delightfully warm seas offered at this lovely destination.

Photo Credit: Nassau Paradise Island

2. Dominican Republic

Both historic and grand, the Dominican Republic is full of history and adventure waiting to be discovered. Not to mention you’ll be able to find glorious beaches on this lovely island. One of the more affordable places to visit on our list, you and your partner will be able to enjoy an array of excursions.

Notable activities include snorkeling the clear waters of Bayahibe and hiking to find the magnificent waterfalls in Canon de Arroyo Frio. With these options, you’re bound to be amazed by the adventures the Dominican Republic has to offer.

Photo Credit: Punta Cana Hero

3. Grenada

Make memories over on the island of Grenada. Also known as Spice Island, you and your partner can wind down and discover paradise at this charming destination. Perfect for a winter getaway, you’ll find making intimate moments easy, as this hidden gem is not well known to many. This means you and your partner get to enjoy the crystal-clear seas without the noise of other travelers.

Grab a blanket and head over to Anse La Roche Beach to find the perfect spot for a romantic picnic. For a more adventurous activity, take an excursion over to Annandale Falls and see the beauty of a 30-foot waterfall.

Photo Credit: Flytographer

4. Jamaica

It's little wonder that so many couples visit this island paradise in quest of a romantic getaway. With its quiet beaches and ideal weather year-round, Jamaica might be just the place to spend your honeymoon this winter. Unwind at this tropical destination and discover pure relaxation.

As you’re planning, make sure to book a chance to enjoy a candlelit dinner inside the Caves of Negril. You can indulge in the unique experience of a wonderful five-course meal surrounded by flower petals and the sound of the sea.

Photo Credit: Sandals

5. Puerto Rico

If you and your partner are fans of delicious food and rich Latin culture, then Puerto Rico may be the perfect honeymoon destination to visit this winter. Get swept into a romantic paradise with the laid-back atmosphere that you find on this island. As you and your partner enjoy a relaxing drink by the beach, you’ll also witness the beautiful sunsets that stretch out into the horizon.

Later at night, put on your dancing shoes and sign up for some exciting salsa classes to get your groove on. With a vast amount of activities to choose from, there are endless possibilities to create memories during your stay.

Photo Credit: Meet Over Drinks

6. Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a great place to go on a romantic trip if you're searching for closeness and romance. These offshore islands are the exact definition of a tropical paradise, with infinite lengths of silky white beaches and azure oceans. Make sure to take a cruise during the early evening to catch stunning orange and crimson sunsets. Available activities include scuba diving and seaplane rides, so you don’t need to go far to enjoy a memorable honeymoon this winter.

Photo Credit: Idit Sharoni

7. Tulum

Get ready to be sent into a world of astonishing beaches and otherworldly excursions. Tulum is a wonderful location to spend a honeymoon trip this winter. Located on the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula, this Mexican destination combines relaxation and adventure perfectly.

With exciting trips to the jungle and tours of their famous caves, you’ll find it easy to stay busy during your trip. However, if you’re looking to slow down and enjoy the beach, Tulum’s stunning waters and beaches provide just what you’re looking for.

Photo Credit: Vanessa Aguirre

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Recently, the cost of travel is rising as more countries loosen their restrictions. That said, it’s important to start planning your tropical honeymoon ideas as early as you can in order to enjoy the full experience. Traveling during the off-season is a smart way to not only save money, but also enjoy your ideal destination in a whole new way.

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