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Love in Fiji: Our Dream Honeymoon at COMO Laucala

As we start this new chapter, we've chosen to celebrate our forever love story in Fiji, at the breathtaking COMO Laucala Island resort. Your contributions will help us create unforgettable moments in this beautiful paradise! With love, Gina and Aslan

  • 0/20
    Total Amount $10,000.00
    Enchanting Nights: Plateau Bliss at COMO Contribution
  • 0/10
    Total Amount $500.00
    Morning Bliss: Breakfast in Bed
  • 0/10
    Total Amount $800.00
    Beach Bar BBQ Delight
  • 0/10
    Total Amount $600.00
    Sunset Bliss: 'The Lookout' Experience
  • 0/20
    Total Amount $1,000.00
    Cheers to Love: Mixology Experience
  • 0/2
    Total Amount $220.00
    Horseback Riding Adventure
  • 0/2
    Total Amount $240.00
    Golfing in Paradise
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