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Japan Travel Guide

Japan Graduation Vacation

This registry has allowed me to really think about the activities I want to do in Japan and hopefully this helps all my friends and family when trying to figure out what to get me for a graduation present! I love you all and if anyone wants to come with me just give me a call...

  • 0/1
    Total Amount $55.00
    Akan National Park
  • purchased
    Total Amount $180.00
    Full Day Kamakura & Hakone with Lunch
    2 purchased
  • 0/1
    Total Amount $75.00
    Hutong Tour
  • purchased
    Total Amount $200.00
    Kyoto and Nara Tour
    1 purchased
  • 0/1
    Total Amount $180.00
    Miyajima Island Tour
  • 4/10
    Total Amount $350.00
    Japan Rail Pass
  • 0/5
    Total Amount $500.00
    A Night in a Ryokan
  • 1/5
    Total Amount $500.00
    Kyoto Traditional Living
  • 5/10
    Total Amount $200.00
    Dining Contribution
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