Bonita’s 50th Getaway!
Bonita’s 50th Getaway!

Shhhhhh It’s a Surprise!

You’re invited to the best present she could ask for!
February 21st 2024
New Orleans Louisiana
55 Days Ago

Bonita has always wanted to go to Hawaii but something has always gotten in the way. We all know she is fun, loving, hardworking, independent, and will always tell you how it is. We all love her, so let's give her the vacation she has been dreaming of!

There will be a series of birthday day events that you are invited to, that leads up to her 50th Birthday. The only thing you will need to bring is a single yellow rose or a tulip (the real gift is of course her trip).  She knows about the parties but she does not know about the trip, remember to not spill the beans. She won't know until her 50th! 

To see the registry click "Registry" then click "Celebration Wishes". (If you are on the phone, click on the three bars on the top right)