Here are some helpful tips the help you prepare for our best, most glamorous party yet! #abadamsturn50

What is the dress code?

Since this is a milestone birthday, we encourage everyone to come in white, gold, black, or a combination of those colors. From beach wear to ball gowns - come in whatever makes you feel glamorous in those colors! As an option for ladies who want to amplify their glam, visit Ron at our makeup station for a quick buff. Send me a message if you would like to be added to our "glam me up" list.

Are kids allowed to attend party?

Does cheeseburgers have cheese?  Absolutely yes!  There is so much fun planned for them as much as there are for adults.  We highly encourage you to bring your kids.

What is a Bubble House?

If you can imagine a life size snow globe, that's exactly what it look like.  It is a transparent dome with colorful balloons flying around inside of the dome and powered by a blower. Curious? You'll have to come see it for yourself.

Should I hold off eating until the party?

We are serving finger foods in the day party and not a full lunch.  If you need to nourish your body before the party we highly encourage you to eat something to stay satiated since we don't plan on serving a full course meal. The food preference in the RSVP page is to gauge what we need to consider serving our guests.

What is a jam session?

It is a gathering or performance in which musicians play together informally without any preparation; it's a session in which musicians jam with each other.  If you own any musical instruments, bring them along and join in on the fun.  Any vocalists? We'd love for you to join in too!

What should we get as a gift?

No gifts needed, but if you must you can send a monetary gift via Venmo or click on the "Registry" tab above to contribute to their next family trip.

When do you need to know if we're attending?

We ask that guests RSVP by May 31st so that we can plan for the appropriate headcount accordingly. Click on the RSVP button when you're ready.