Johanna's Retirement Gift
Johanna's Retirement Gift

Johanna's Retirement!

After 38 years, she is getting ready to travel the world

February 22nd 2023
365 Days Ago

Johanna is getting ready to leave SCE after so many wonderful years here with us. We will all miss her dearly as she has impacted so many lives and outcomes here at SCE.

She is looking forward to many wonderful experiences in this next chapter of her life, one of them is to travel and the see the world with her family.   If you would like to contribute to the purchase of a special experience on her first trip (completely voluntary), we are collecting funds through this site.   Please click on the gift registry on the top right to select a pre-established denomination and all the funds collected will be presented to her before she leaves on March 1st. 

For any questions, please contact Rosita Augistine ( 


Thank you