Theo's 40th Birthday!
Theo's 40th Birthday!

Theo's 40th Birthday!

Traveling to the United Kingdom

Our loving & silly Theo is turning 40! Let's make 1 of his dreams come true
September 29th 2023
London United Kingdom
146 Days Ago

Theo has such a huge generous, loving, and humble heart, so creating an opportunity for his Loved Ones to contribute to a trip to England (where he tells me he's dreamt of going since childhood) seemed to be the perfect way to kick of his 40th year of life. Thanks for stopping by his Birthday trip registry! Any birthday wishes and any amount of gift is deeply appreciated. I broke down the pricing for 1 ticket, for 1 person to offer more affordable options for gifts.

We both plan to travel together to the UK from 9/29/23 to 10/9/23. We hope to start with exploring the city of London, take a train ride into Bath, head back to London to rent a car and explore Canterbury, the White Cliffs of Dover and along the Southwest coast to Rye and back into the city.  

We have most plans set, but not completely. We're in the midst of planning and leave in a little over 2 weeks! Any/all contributions will go to Theo!