Vicky & Dave's 20th Anniversary
Vicky & Dave's 20th Anniversary


Why Dublin, Ireland?

Dave and I first met in the Emerald Isle during a guided tour of Kilkenny Castle. We hit it off right away, but neither of us thought too much of it. The following day, we ran into each other again on the street by happenstance! We had a good laugh at how the universe works sometimes and decided to grab a pint. It didn’t take long to feel like there was something between us and the rest, as they say, is history.

What’s in your registry?

We want to make the most of our time in Ireland, so we’ve packed our itinerary full of fun. Click "Registry" to see the full list.

How can I contribute?

First, look through the items on the registry. If you decide to contribute, follow the simple check out procedure. We’ll receive a gift certificate, credit on our room folio or funds will be sent directly to us. Thank you in advance!

Where do I go for assistance?

The people at Celebration Wishes offer amazing customer support. Email them by clicking here, or call (800) 801-3493.