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Honeymoon Registry 101: What to Put on Your Registry

Considering a honeymoon registry, or having trouble putting one together? Read these tips on how to make the most of your honeymoon registry.

Honeymoons are meant to be the trip of a lifetime and an unforgettable start to a new chapter in life. With the average price of a wedding skyrocketing, honeymoon registries are becoming increasingly popular among newlyweds to help offset some of the associated costs. Opting for the less traditional route and registering for a honeymoon registry instead, they’re choosing wanderlust, experiences and adventure over oven mitts, pots and pans.

Registering with Celebration Wishes is the first step. From there, it’s important to make the most out of your registry. Below are a few simple tips on fully utilizing America’s most trusted honeymoon registry to create a trip you’ll never forget.

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Registry

1. Add Variation To Your Honeymoon Registry

You and your spouse have finalized a destination and dates. Now the real fun begins! Celebration Wishes makes registration a smooth and easy process, so you can focus on creating the trip of a lifetime.

Making sure to build variety into your honeymoon registry is key, especially when it comes to adding items at different price points.

  • Add Activities: For example, excursions like snorkeling or helicopter tours are amazing but tend to be more expensive.
  • Experiences: Your honeymoon experience is entirely up to you and your spouse and a moment to spend quality time together. Take the opportunity to include the experiences you will be sharing during your honeymoon on your registry to give it an even more personalized feel. Some items could include spa packages, romantic dinners, private tours, or local escapes.
  • Honeymoon Fund: Including options such as “general trip contributions” with a $20 starting point gives wedding guests with all budget levels opportunities to contribute. Celebration Wishes gift amounts start at $10 and go up to as much as $1,000, with quantities ranging from 1 to 100, making gift giving easier and more flexible than ever. With more variety and price points, you and your spouse are more likely to receive everything you want.
  • Traditional Registry: While honeymoon registries are great, it's common for couples to still have traditional registries for household items. If you and your partner decide to also create a traditional registry, be sure to include it somewhere in your honeymoon registry to give people an added option of gifts to give.

2. How To Share Your Honeymoon Registry

Once you’ve completed your registry, it’s time to share it! Adding the link to your save the date card, social media and wedding website are all simple ways to connect with your guests.

Celebration Wishes offers free customizable wedding website templates, enabling couples to add photos, wedding date and time, and hotel information all tied together in a seamless transition between website and registry.

Don’t forget to add your honeymoon registry link to your social media profiles, too. It’s yet another easy way to make sure guests can access it. Instagram is an especially useful platform to share engagement photos leading up to the big day. Consider using a unique hashtag as well to catalog the biggest moments leading up to the big day—dress fitting, rehearsal dinner and more—and through your honeymoon. By taking advantage of the tools and reach of social media during your trip, most guests can see how you used their gift from the registry. It’s a touching and an unexpected way to say thank you!

You’ve taken the time to create your perfect honeymoon. Making sure every guest can access it is as important as ever, and that begins with spreading the word.

3. Add A Personal Story

Adding the story on how you and your spouse met and why your honeymoon will be special to the both of you is even better. Perhaps most importantly, with a personalized wedding website, you’ll have one virtual access point to all of your guests and be able to effortlessly notify them of any changes or updates.

4. Airfare, Hotels and Photo Packages

When piecing together your dream honeymoon, think carefully about the names on your guest list. Who’s coming to the wedding? Who’s more likely to gift an excursion or a keepsake? While other honeymoon registries don’t offer the opportunity to add flight upgrades, hotel upgrades or photo albums, Celebration Wishes makes it possible. We work directly with world renowned resorts, hotels and cruise lines so your family or friends can easily upgrade your travel options.

Some friends or family may not be the adventurous type and feel more comfortable gifting a romantic dinner or a keepsake like a honeymoon journal. Make sure they have the option by adding more than excursions to registry. When everyone has the opportunity to contribute, your honeymoon is more likely to be the trip of a lifetime you’ve been dreaming about.

5. Include A Memory In A Thank You Card

After you have returned from your travels, it's an excellent idea to send thank you cards to everyone that contributed to the honeymoon registry. We'd also suggest including a photo of couples taking part in the item that was gifted as an extra sign of gratitude.

Begin setting up your Celebration Wishes registry for free today!

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